3 October 2021

Here they are: 12 easy fall outfits!

Cinq a Sept blazer | Cami | Mother denim | Pumps | Dior bag | Sunglasses | Poppy Finch necklace | Bony Levy necklace

Here they are: 12 easy Fall outfits …

… plus a few beauty faves and some home inspo ⭐️

I’m so excited to be taking over the @shop.ltk Instagram account today, including IG stories and a Reels video! Let’s just say I’m incredibly grateful to be included in the fun. In case you’re wondering, LTK is a shopping discovery app where you can shop your screenshots. I have a profile here, and you can also find it on my website here.

This post is a recap of everything I’m sharing on the LTK takeover: some styling tips, my favorite fall fashion and home trends, and what caught my eye from a recent trip to New York City. The post highlights 12 easy fall outfits that you can wear for any occasion, plus a little home décor … I hope you like them!


Since many of you are new around here, I thought I’d do a proper introduction!

I’m Susie, and I’ve been a retail girl since high school, working at Nordstrom in various roles including a decade-long stint as a buyer and another decade as a personal stylist. What I’ve discovered is that we all have the same concerns: does my bra fit properly, should I be using Vitamin C serum, am I too old to wear that, how can I not look tired, can I wear ripped jeans … the list goes ON AND ON! I feel that it’s my duty to share my experiences with you, as well as those of thousands of women I’ve had personal conversations with in the dressing room over the years.

I have a passion for the business of fashion, and for helping women get dressed every day. And, I’ve had many interesting meetings with the creators and founders of worldwide brands who have given me an inside perspective that I LOVE sharing with you through this blog!

When I started my website, it was initially to share street style inspiration so we could all get ideas on how to style cool pieces. But, it has evolved into much more than that. Now I also share the latest trends, the most stylish looks, and the too-good-to-miss items that are bound to sell out … and how to put them all together to make great outfits. Thank you so much for following along, I’m really glad you’re here! 💕🌸



If you’re going out …

Frame blouse | Mother denim | Cinq a Sept blazer | Sandals | Gucci bag

Having a few pieces you can always rely on, like coated denim, a good blazer and strappy sandals, makes going out even that much more fun! I love this Cinq A Sept blazer – it comes in black and ivory – and is perfect for all year round. The sleeves are scrunched and it’s nice and relaxed, making it perfect with denim. Frame coated denim is a favorite — check out the new Le Sylvie Slender and see more options here. The Schutz sandals I’m wearing are really versatile and surprisingly comfortable. Silky blouses work all seasons as well, and this Frame style is available in the leopard print as well as ivory and black. It’s a good one!



Everyday casual outfit

Treasure & Bond sweater | Madewell skinnies | Golden Goose sneakers | Dior bracelets | Sunglasses

The perfect running-around-town-for-errands outfit. This comfy, thermal knit sweater is a good one and it’s only $59!! I’ve worn these Madewell skinny jeans for several seasons, and I still love them — they’re kind of a gray/black ash wash with slight distressing (I sized down in these). Add Golden Goose sneakers; though they’re a big splurge, they truly make every outfit. For an affordable option, these Sam Edelmans are really good too!



Style boards


Left: Theory jacket  | Camel sweater | Burberry scarf | Boot | Balenciaga bag | Signet ring | Denim | Sunglasses| Right: Veronica Beard blazer | Denim | Frame tee | Scarf | Sandal | Handbag | Sunglasses | Earrings

I love making style boards, and they’re an easy way to think about outfits because you can “see” how everything goes together. Remember, any piece can easily be substituted for something you already have hanging in your own closet. Because we have A LOT of style boards, we decided to start keeping them in one spot — check them out here, and refer to them often for all your outfit ideas!



Go-to travel outfit

Moncler jacket | Zella sweatshirt | Rag & Bone sneakers | Vuori joggers | Red crossbody | Baseball hat | Sunglasses

Talk about a comfy and stylish travel outfit! These Vuori joggers are simply THE BEST! Not only are they great for travel, but they’re a go-to all year long. I wore the Moncler sweater jacket the entire time I was in New York, and since I’ve been back in Portland it has been on constant repeat. These Rag & Bone sneakers are a classic, retro style and look great with denim. I also recently added this lightweight long-sleeved Zella tee, which comes in several colors — I highly recommend it!



Home decor inspo

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

I’m always working on my own home, and love adding seasonal finds to share with all of you! Right now, I’m in the mood for cozy throws like these cashmere blankets, and pretty candles like this limited edition Paris by Diptyque. Topiaries look good in any spot, and these pillows are so pretty!



Trench and distressed jeans

J.Crew trench | Agolde denim | Gucci sandals | Dior bag | ATM tee | Gucci sunglasses

Distressed denim is a great way to make a classic coat not so … classic! Trench coats are everywhere lately, and I’m loving the more relaxed styles. Here are a few favorites below.



Reels outfit video

Veronica Beard blazer | Mother denim | Prada pump | Cami | Sunglasses | Pearl necklace

This outfit is probably my all time favorite combo. It always works, and you’ll look polished and put together! This Veronica Beard blazer feels like a designer piece, and the Prada neutral shoes work with everything. If you have questions about how to put together an outfit like this for yourself, DM me!


The pant you’ll want to wear 24/7

Madewell denim jacket | Everlane cashmere tee | Vuori jogger | Veja sneaker

I’ve talked about the Vuori jogger nonstop for the last year. It has pretty much been my go-to comfy pant. You might be thinking “I already have workout pants.” That’s good, but that’s not what these are for! Yes, they’re made from performance fabric, and yes they are sold in the active department. And likely the Vuori brand would tell me I’m wrong, but you probably can work out in them 😂 These joggers are best sellers because you can style them several ways, and look like a cool girl out and about running errands or hanging with friends. They’re also perfect for travel.



3 style tips for easy, everyday outfits

Theory ‘Clairene’ jacket | Shawl version here | Dior shoes Sunglasses | Turtleneck | Jeans

I think it’s safe to say that many of us want easy outfit combos. We want to confidently throw on a great outfit every morning, without having to think too much about it. Accomplishing this can be tricky, especially if you like shopping and get easily sidetracked 😉 Who hasn’t experienced finding a cool new “something” and not really knowing how to wear it — but you buy it anyway? After I wrote about essentials here, many of you wanted to know how to make more outfits with what you already own … so this post has 3 tips for easy, everyday outfits!



Weekend fall outfit

Abercrombie & Fitch fleece | Golden Goose | Denim

Throw on this comfy Abercrombie fleece with some faded denim and Golden Goose sneakers (or any white sneaker you love) and you’ll be ready for a chill weekend!



Beauty products I love

Colleen Rothschild Body Wash | CBD Face oil | Radiance serum | Honeydew pj’s | Baies candle | Slippers

This Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm is like a mini-spa in a jar — it leaves your skin smooth and fresh. The CBD face oil is perfect for when you’re feeling (and looking) a little tired, and the Radiance Serum is a must for brightening and moisturizing. These pj’s are super comfy, and don’t forget to light this candle in the evening — Baies is a favorite scent — and relax before bed.



Reformation blouse & Paige denim

Reformation blouse | Paige Cindy jeans | Sandals | Denim jacket | Pendant longer necklace | Gucci bag

This pretty blouse by Reformation is a good one, and it’s available in several other prints here and here. I’ve paired it with the Paige Cindy, which is an écru color in a high waisted, slim, straight leg. A favorite denim fit, and other washes are available here!



Leather jacket and denim combo

Allsaints leather jacket | White t-shirt | Golden Goose sneakers

You can’t go wrong with a leather jacket and denim. Ever. This combo is so easy and always looks good! AllSaints leather is a favorite, and so is this more relaxed style by Madewell. Both top sellers!


Thank you for reading xo