11 September 2021

Loungewear you can actually live in!

NEIWAI robe | NEIWAI pull on pant  | Comfy bra

Loungewear you can actually live in!

You might remember a post from a while back where I talked about tossing half my closet. I know it sounds dramatic (!!), but I really did go through everything, and I finally put aside all the uncomfortable bras and ratty looking pj’s I’d been wearing for years. Then, I set out to find high quality, well-designed replacements — in other words, loungewear you can actually live in!

Fresh, new lingerie and loungewear that you feel (and look) good in makes you happy inside and out, so when I discovered the brand NEIWAI, well … let’s just say I was very intrigued! The items promptly arrived on my doorstep in the prettiest packaging (who doesn’t love that?), and were all beautifully made AND super comfy. Their new Barely Zero lingerie line fits nearly all women and consists of stretchy, breathable, seamless bras that come in one size. The “Your Size Is The Size” Classic Wireless Bra is so good, you won’t believe it! Also, they have something we’ve all been looking for: a clever Spaghetti Strap style (brilliant!) that’s available in soft, pretty colors. Their loungewear is perfect for WFH, so I picked up this cute robe and matching pant, as well as this chemise. So cozy, you’ll be living in these for months to come! NEIWAI has really put research and care into making sure we’re feeling both stylish and comfortable. Why not look cute at home while being comfy too?

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Cozy lingerie you’ll love!


Robe | Chemise | Barely Zero classic wire free bra


Barely Zero — Your Size Is The Size Collection

Barely Zero bra

Spaghetti strap style

Classic Wireless Bra


Be comfy at home in pretty loungewear 🙂

NEIWAI robe | NEIWAI pull on pant  | Comfy bra


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