12 September 2021

10 things both tall and petite women can wear … you might be surprised!

Reformation blouse | Paige Cindy jeans | Sandals | Denim jacket | Pendant longer necklace | Gucci bag

10 things both tall and petite women can wear … you might be surprised!

Many of you likely know that I’m only 5’1″ — and while I’ve heard that I look taller in photos (hah!), the truth of the matter is, I have my own clothing woes. We all do! I’ve been blogging for three years this month, and as the website continues to grow, I receive lots of feedback and comments (most of which is helpful and kind). This is what I love the most about this journey — connecting with all of you!

But lately there’s an issue that has been coming up over and over again, and it’s along the lines of “you’re short/petite and I can’t wear what you wear because I’m [fill-in-height-here]!” So, here’s the deal: after helping thousands of women in the dressing room over the years, and over a decade of being a buyer, I have a very good idea of what works for the majority of us. I try really hard to select items for the blog that are not only top sellers, but that I’m confident you’ll love.

Of course, there are exceptions, which is why I decided to ask my dear friend Danielle (aka @DG_Stylist) t0 weigh in. She’s 5’9″ (size 31) and is my go-to when someone asks about longer lengths (I don’t know everything!). She’s lucky and usually doesn’t need alterations, and I on the other hand, at 5’1″ (size 27) have to have most everything altered. The funny thing is there are still MANY items from size inclusive brands that work for both of us, so I’m sharing them with you below. Keep reading to see the 10 things both tall and petite people can wear … you might be surprised!


Danielle – 5’9″  Susie – 5’1″

Danielle: Lafayette 148 blazer | Paige Cindy | Fendi tote |Fendi belt | Susie: Veronica Beard blazer | L’Agence cami | Mother denim | Sandals | Balenciaga tote


#1 Denim

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

We both LOVE our denim, and have several styles in common that work for both of us!

Paige Cindy – A slim, straight leg that runs true to size. We both own and love — great selections here and here Frame Le One skinny – These jeans come in two sizes (!) and we both wore them in this photo. Trust me on this one — and they’re flying out the door! Frame also introduced the Le One Flare. We both tried them on, and talk about feeling extra tall and slim! They’re great.

Fidelity Cher – Another slim straight leg jean that works for both of us. The Fidelity Gwen is a skinny that’s long enough for Danielle, and we both own and love

AG denimWe love AG (Danielle said most every style works for her — and the same goes for me)! The Mari is a great slim straight leg, and the Ex-Boyfriend is another favorite. Danielle is wearing them in this photo



#2 Blazers

Blazers can be tricky for both of us. Many are way too long for me and too short for Danielle! Here are three styles we know work for both of us: Veronica Beard Scuba jacket, Veronica Beard Miller jacket and Cinq a Sept Khloe blazer (also available here).



#3 Shoes

Sometimes shorter girls like me prefer to wear heels, and taller gals like flats. But Danielle and I both agree, no matter what your size is, wear whatever you like, whenever you like 🙂 Height doesn’t matter. Here are some current favorites:



#4 Dresses

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

When it comes to dresses, I have everything altered, and Danielle walks right out the door! The Vince slipdress is a Nordstrom6 favorite and many of us own it. This Eliza J dress is SO good, and well-priced (Danielle is wearing it in this photo). We both love (and can wear) anything by Paige, including this dress and this one too.



#5 Blouses/shirts

Paige and Frame are two of our favorites brands for blouses. Several weeks ago, while visiting Danielle in the Fashion Valley store, the Nordstrom6 did lots of try-ons and this Halogen blouse was the clear winner for all of us! See Danielle’s reels video here. This Frame leopard blouse is a total favorite, and it’s also available in ivory and black. We also love the Paige blouses below. I had the Abriana style majorly shortened in the sleeves 🙂



#6 Coats

1 | | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Coats can be a bit more difficult for me, since I need to get them all altered. Danielle can get away with any length coat (lucky)! Here are some we both love: trench coats, especially Burberry, this one and this one. Harris Wharf is a favorite brand of mine, and we’re convinced this style would work for Danielle. And of course Moncler, we both LOVE, and this one works for both of us!



#7 Jackets

We’re huge jacket fans, and we both have several favorite brands, including Fidelity, Madewell and Sanctuary. I have my sleeves shortened, Danielle doesn’t (again, lucky!). Some other faves are below.





#8 T-shirts

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

It’s pretty unanimous, the Nordstrom6 LOVES the ATM Schoolboy t-shirt. We’re all different sizes and it works for all of us. Here are a few options: Frame v-nk, and this embellished tee – Danielle wore it here, and I wore it here. Anine Bing is another graphic tee we LOVE! They run big, so size down.


#9 Crossbody bags

Everyone can wear a crossbody bag, no matter how tall or petite you are! This is the most versatile style of bag, and whether it’s a splurge or an affordable purchase, it will complete your outfit and your look.






#10 Rails

Rails is one of our top brands, and this past spring we both purchased this cami and skirt (see my photo here and Danielle’s here). Right now there’s a new collection, and we’ve both tried on a handful of things including this blue check jacket and this shacket, this gauze shirt and this super cute sweatshirt. Don’t wait, because Rails quickly sells out!


Thank you for reading! xx