19 July 2021

Your outfits won’t work without these 10 items!

Rails tank | Rails skirt | Jimmy Choo sandals | Fidelity white denim jacket | Pearl necklace | Sunglasses | Gold hoop earrings

Your outfits won’t work without these 10 items!

Do you ever look in your closet, stare at all your clothes and think, “I have nothing to wear?” I hear this ALL THE TIME from my clients and friends! Well, over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of women make sense of their closets, pick pieces they love and help put them all together into wearable, stylish outfits. It takes time, but it’s so worth it! When you have a wardrobe that has the key pieces you need, it’s easy and FUN to get dressed in the morning. BUT … your outfits won’t work without these 10 items!

On a drive home the other day, I looked in the rear view mirror and thought to myself, “what would I do without my favorite sunglasses?” I mean, it probably sounds a little over the top, but it’s true! I’ve worn these sunglasses in almost every photo for the last few years, and they’re a small detail that makes my entire outfit look complete. So … are sunglasses one of the 10 items? Absolutely! Read on to see them all, and if you’re missing any, pick them up now. I’d love to hear what you think, so please message me on Instagram here, or leave a comment on my blog. As always, I’m happy to help 🙂

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#1 Nude shoes

Vince one-shoulder top | Paige Cindy denim | Schutz sandals | Loewe straw tote | Chanel sunglasses

Last count, I was at 10 pairs of wear-with-everything neutral or skin colored shoes. I’ve collected these over time, but it’s safe to say it’s by far the most I have in any one color. The splurge Prada pumps (here and here) are so good, I’m on my second pair — they look great with anything you wear. This spring, I went for these and have been wearing them non-stop. And then there’s the Bottega-inspired Marc Fisher ones that are super cool, and these Vince Camuto dressier strappy ones. You get the idea: make sure you own a handful too so you always have the right shoe!


#2 Vuori joggers

Madewell denim jacket | Everlane cashmere t-shirt | Vuori jogger | Veja sneaker

I’ve been talking about this jogger for over two years, and I used to jokingly say they owe me a lifetime supply! That’s not happening (hah!) but they do make lots and lots of outfits. This is probably the most versatile piece you can own. RUN and get them if you haven’t already! Wear them on the plane or around the house, look cool while running errands, go play pickle ball in them or whatever sport you love, dress them up a bit to meet a friend for lunch, you name it. And … don’t forget your guy. Men love them too!





#3 Poppy Finch necklace

Blue check dress | Sandals | Poppy Finch necklace | Bony Levy chain necklace | Michele watch | Pink beaded bracelet

Another brand I’ve been talking about over and over! This necklace is an all time fave. And while the Poppy Finch is beautiful, so is this one, this one and this one! The point is, layer several necklaces, and have a few go-to pretty gold earrings and a couple of bracelets because these are the pieces that personalize your outfits. The layered necklace look is modern, and super stylish right now 😉




#4 Anine Bing tees

Flowy trench, similar | Anine Bing tee | Mother denim | Black sandals | Balenciaga bag | Sunglasses

I usually don’t buy three of anything … but over the course of a year, I bought this one, this one and this one. They work under blazers, with denim, and with leather skirts — and, they make you look just a little bit cooler. I noticed this one is back in stock, so don’t wait because it’s a good one!



#5 Mother denim

Michael Stars tank | Mother “Weekender” flare | Sandals, similar | Canvas bag, similar

Since I’m on a roll, Mother denim is another favorite denim line — because they’re cool and they fit everyone really well. The other brands I prefer are Paige and Frame … those are my top brands! There are others, but start here first 😉




#6 Crossbody bags

J.Crew trench | ATM tee | Mother denim | Gucci crossbody bag | Prada shoes

There’s nothing better than being hands-free while shopping. Crossbody bags come in all sizes, so they can be larger or smaller (whatever you prefer), but find one you love because not only is it the finishing touch to all your outfits, they’re convenient too. The point is, any cool handbag makes an outfit. Save your money and buy the best you can because you’ll wear it every single day! This wallet on a chain is perfect for an evening event, or for daytime if you just want to carry a few things, and this everyday crossbody holds more than you’d imagine!



#7 Cool jackets

J.Crew Sophie cardigan | T-shirt, similar | Mother denim | Sandals, similar | Givenchy bag

Usually I believe less is more, except when it comes to jackets 🙂 We refer to them as the “third” piece, and it’s truly what makes your outfits complete.  Grab a utility style or a sweater jacket like this and this — SO versatile. Get a denim one of course, and a blazer, and any other one you fall in love with. These don’t need to be boring, just versatile so you’ll wear them a lot.





#8 Golden Goose sneakers

Treasure and Bond sweater | Madewell skinnies | Givenchy bag | Dior bracelets

It took me a long time to fork out $400 for sneakers, and yes there’s still a part of me that thinks it’s a little ridiculous. But then again, they’re the only ones I wear most days. They’re cool and edgy and elevate all your outfits, so they’re worth it (kinda). I get if you want something a little lower in price, in which case I’d look at the brand P448 which I think is GG inspired. There’s also Veja, which I own and love too. It’s just that the GG are the faves 🙂



#9 Glamorous sunglasses

Flowy trench, similar | Mother “Insider” denim | Sunglasses

Someone once told me “who needs an eye job when you can just put on sunglasses?” Haha! Finding cool sunnies that fit your face shape is the key, and then you’ll feel extra glamorous no matter what you’re wearing. Also, they hide the previous night’s makeup … plus you’ll look really really good! My favorites are these new Chanel ones, these Tom Fords and of course Gucci ones I’ve had for 4 years and still love!



#10 White layering pieces

J.Crew cardigan | Michael Stars tank | Mother denim | Schutz sandals | Heart bracelet

I’ve gone on and on about the ATM tee, so I won’t bore you too much except to say it’s pretty much the best t-shirt out there! Or, try the Michael Stars tank that’s shaped but not skin tight, and you’ll be set.

Thank you for reading xx