20 July 2021

The 5 pieces that should go on every vacation!

Velvet gauze dress, Dior slides, Gucci handbag

Velvet dress | Dior sandals , similar | Gucci bag

The 5 pieces that should go on every vacation!

This past week we took a fun and somewhat spontaneous trip to Northern California, and much to my surprise, our first night in Tiburon was a bit chilly! I had been planning for warmer weather, but thank goodness I threw in a black cashmere sweater (meant to be draped over my shoulders as part of an outfit), a black scarf (it goes with me on every trip), and a baseball hat (for bad hair days). Rounding it out with joggers and a cute straw bag made it really easy to get dressed every day. After returning home, it dawned on me that these are the 5 pieces that should go on every vacation!

Next stop: Calistoga! The Bungalows at Calistoga are so cozy and cute, and there is a great coffee shop right across the street — a must in my book. We ate lots of yummy food — our best meal of the trip was at the cool and casual Fleetwood Restaurant. If you’re ever in this part of California, stop at the Farm Shop in Marin or at the Farmstead in St. Helena for an amazing lunch, or drop into Mumm and have a cool glass of bubbly. The best discovery of all? The French Laundry Culinary Garden in Yountville! It’s an “edible garden” full of organic vegetables, herbs and berries, and it’s one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been.

In this post, I’ll tell you about the 5 pieces that should go on every vacation, and a little more about the Bungalows. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to pack a bag and head somewhere fun!

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The Bungalows at Calistoga — inspo


Bungalows at Calistoga

These quaint little bungalows are small and family owned for the perfect stay in downtown Calistoga. There are three individual bungalows — book just one or all three. I’m certain you’ll love it here! It’s a quiet little town with a super chill vibe, and it’s close to everything you would want in California Wine country. Just minutes from St. Helena and Yountville, the location is perfect — and the drive is really beautiful too. Calistoga is famous for its natural hot springs, resorts, and healing mud baths … so relaxing!


Here’s what I packed

Vince slipdress, Vince cashmere sweater, Jimmy Choo sandals, Loewe tote bagVuori jogger, Adidas sneakers, loewe tote, Gucci sunglasses

Mother denim, Cashmere sweater, Valentino sandals, loewe toteTreasure and bond dress, denim jacket, baseball cap, valentino sandals

Top left: Vince slipdress | Cashmere sweater | Loewe tote bagJimmy Choo sandal  Top right: Tank | Sweater | Vuori joggerAdidas sneaker , similar

Botton left: Vince sweater | Mother denim | Valentino flip flop Bottom right: Treasure & Bond dress | Baseball hat | Clare V. bag


One or Two great Dresses

This Velvet dress may not be the most flattering dress I own, but talk about comfy and perfect for hot summer days! The $49 white one is really versatile, and the slipdress doesn’t take up space in your luggage and can easily be made a little more casual. Throw the cashmere sweater over your shoulders on cooler nights!


Must-have staples

The ATM tee is another item that goes on every trip. Same for one pair of jeans, and of course a denim jacket that can be tied around your waist or actually worn over everything: the slipdress, the white dress, shorts … you get the idea!


Stylish but comfy Shoes

These Sam Edelman slides just might be the comfiest pair of sandals ever. These designer-inspired sandals go with everything and aren’t expensive — I’ve had mine for several years. The Gucci rubber slides are surprisingly comfortable as well, and the extra height is always helpful 😉


Cute Bags

While the straw tote wasn’t the easiest thing to lug on the plane, I sure was glad I had it with me because it carries everything and works with every outfit. When I wanted something smaller, the Gucci crossbody is comfy and easy. I also brought a black small crossbody that’s easy to pack!


And finally … the 5 pieces that should go on every vacation!

Vince cashmere sweater, Cashmere scarf, baseball cap, ATM tee, Vuori jogger, Loewe tote, calpak suitcase, calpak packing cubes, golden goose sneakers

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Throw in a black cashmere sweater to wear over your shoulders (kind of like a scarf), or for the plane since it’s always cold!

Vuori joggers are perfect for traveling — dress up or dress down. And they’re made of a performance fabric, so you can actually work out in them too 🙂

This black scarf goes on every trip. It’s perfect for the plane, plus it’s stylish too!

A cute straw bag is perfect for summer and even into fall. It looks nice with everything you wear and carries everything you need!

Lastly, baseball caps are super stylish right now, all the cool girl are wearing them! They’re cute, hide bad hair days and give sun protection at the same time. Trifecta!

Thank you for reading! xx

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