19 October 2020

6 basics everyone should own!

Halogen cashmere sweater | Mother denim | Booties | Handbag | Sunglasses | Necklace | Poppy Finch necklace



6 basics everyone should own!

This last week, my Nordstrom 6 friends and I shared our favorite basics. You know, the staples we all believe everyone should own! And let me tell you … it’s difficult to narrow it down!! In an ideal world, I would have chosen at least 10. But since there are 6 of us, I decided to be disciplined and stay with 6 😉  In case you’re wondering who or what in the world is the #Nordstrom6 … click here to see how we came together! To watch the Instagram Reels video and see the 6 basics, click here.

Today’s post is about 6 essential basics and why they are critical pieces in our wardrobes. And if you do already own them all, I’m certain many great outfits easily come together for you, and I bet you feel stylish every day! Keep reading to see the 6, and as always feel free to message me with any questions.

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#1 Cashmere sweaters

Everlane cashmere tee | Vuori Joggers | Gold table | Italy book

Basic cashmere sweaters are one of those timeless staples everyone should own. These days, you can pick up a great quality cashmere sweater for under $100. There are three I would highly recommend based on personal experience: Everlane, Halogen (at Nordstrom), and J.Crew.


The short-sleeved tee is very good quality, and the color options are so pretty!

(Just announced today: all cashmere is on sale for $75!)


Halogen (Nordstrom-Made)

Pick up a sweater, hat or scarf, and you’ll wear it for years to come. I wrote about it in this post!



I recently added the ‘snow’ color to my collection, and this polo style in lilac too. You will love these!



#2 Leather Jacket

Allsaints leather jacket | Vince pant | J.Crew cashmere tee | Boots

Leather jackets are one of the most versatile jacket styles to own, and leather has a way of making everything look just a little bit cooler. My two main go-to’s are by AllSaints and Madewell. Both are around the same price, and the Madewell style is slightly more casual and relaxed. If you want a lower price point, turn to BlankNYC, and if you want a splurge, look at this one by IRO!



#3 Black scarf and hat

I know it sounds really basic, but a black scarf adds elegance and warmth to every outfit. Hands down, my clients’ favorite scarf right now is this cashmere/silk blend one from Nordstrom. It’s lightweight, which means it works all year long, and it’s perfect for layering. Since bucket hats are everywhere this season — thank you, Emily in Paris — I grabbed this super cute pink one. Mainly for saving my hair on a rainy day, it’s really fun, and I’m already looking for my next one! So far I have my eye on this one, this one or this one. Thoughts?



#4 Denim

Blank NYC blazer | Paige denim | Brinker & Eliza bracelet | Frank & Eileen white shirt | Mansur Gavriel bag

Denim is one of those things that has to be just right in order for every single outfit to work. You don’t need a lot of denim, but right now, I’d suggest a straight-leg light to medium wash like this or this, and a good solid black like this. These are just the basics; if you want to add on from here, consider anything that’s washed black, like this.

Lately, many of you have been asking about flare leg denim. At the moment, the only one I’ve found that works for everyone is the Mother “Weekender” fray. At Nordstrom, it is sometimes called high waist flare, but the important detail is the frayed hem. I’ve noticed that the best selection is Mother, Anthropologie or Nordstrom. Trust me on this one, it will add inches to your height!!




#5 Sneakers

Madewell denim jacket | Vuori Jogger | Veja V-10 sneaker | Everlane cashmere tee | Italy book

Sneakers are essential to every casual outfit, and luckily the styles last for years. Lately I’ve been loving the French Girl favorite brand Veja. If you purchase these, I read somewhere that the tongue is long so you should scoot it off to the side when you first start wearing them. I know this sounds strange, but I tried it and it works! I recently decided to splurge on a pair of Golden Goose, and I’m so happy I did. If you’re up for a splurge, I’m sure you’ll love them too1



#6 Blazer

Rag & Bone blazer | Celine sunglasses

If you’ve been following along here for awhile, you know how much I love this blazer. It feels like a sweater but it’s nice and polished like a blazer, and it’s so comfy! Another favorite, worth-every-penny item is the infamous Veronica Beard Scuba jacket, also known as the Dickey jacket. In case you don’t know, there’s a hidden zipper in every blazer, allowing a dickey to be easily zipped in. So so clever, and super stylish! I just picked up this Madewell style. Add a blazer, and wear it as you would a jacket. You’ll look polished and up to date!



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