5 July 2024

15 Absolute Favorites I Highly Recommend!

I recommend: Cinq a Sept Holly jacket | Paige white jeans, petites here | Sandals | Tote, affordable version here

15 Absolute Favorites I Highly Recommend!

Writing this fun little blog is truly a career highlight … and honestly, a bit of a surprise! It started as a place to share style inspo with my friends and clients, but it quickly grew into something much bigger. And I’m loving every single minute of it! THANK YOU for following along and giving me the chance to share what I know. I appreciate you 🥂

Today I’m listing 15 absolute favorites that I highly recommend. This is one of my very favorite posts to write, because I’m excited to recommend items that are tried and true (in my opinion). My goal is to keep you in the know! Of course, I follow my “authenticity promise” whenever I write here on So Susie. I’m always honest, and I only share things that I own, have tried on myself or helped clients purchase. In other words, you can trust my recommendations. 

With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale right around the corner, don’t forget to pick up the basics, even if they’re not on sale. I know, I know … sometimes the best-selling basics aren’t on sale. But, they’re still the building blocks to every outfit. So, even if they’re at regular price, the strategy is: stock up! I wrote about my “Secret Strategy” in this post, you might want to give it a read.

In the meantime, I’ve been making style boards, researching, and picking the very best things for all of you! Follow along here on the website, the ShopLTK app, and Instagram. One little side note, sometimes my emails land in your junk folder, so don’t forget to look there! I’ll be writing a lot next week 🤍

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Susie’s faves


Left: Agolde shirt jacket | Grey Tank | White jeans | Sam Edelman sneakers | Chloe tote | Middle: Vince top | Tank | Jeans | Right: Shirt dress | Sandals | Loewe tote


And now for the 15 absolute favorites …

#1 – The best casual summer dress – If you’re looking for a casual dress that’s incredibly flattering, loose and super comfy, this is it! Hands down, it’s the most worn dress in my closet, and one of my highest recommendations. This classic shirt dress is available in many different colors, including white, the prettiest shade of pink and a light wash.

#2 – This body lotion works magicIt’s hard to imagine that a simple bottle of body lotion could create such a fuss. And, until I tried it, I couldn’t either! Now I literally have a bottle everywhere — in my handbag, travel bag, closet and bathroom. For some reason, it makes your legs glisten – almost as if you applied fake tanner. And, it’ll leave your skin super soft, smooth and beautifully moisturized.

#3 – Travel jeans that are so comfy you won’t believe it –  For super cool airport style, give these jeans a try! Add your favorite blazer, cozy sweater or even a sweatshirt — you’ll thank me later 😉 Oh, and they aren’t just for traveling — you’ll wear them all year long with every shoe in your closet. See all the options here.

#4 – The Fragrance you’ll get compliments on all day longIs there a fragrance that everyone loves? Believe it or not, there is! I first discovered this perfume several years ago, and immediately fell in love. It’s a little sexy, perfect for every day, and it smells sooo good. I can’t tell you the number of times people have stopped me to ask what it is. With a floral, woody aroma, this French-made best-seller is sophisticated but subtle. You’ll love it, trust me.

Keep reading … there’s more!

#5 – The #1 most-worn shoe in my closet – Here’s a shoe that goes with EVERY SINGLE THING in your closet. I’ve recommended these sandals over and over again, and everyone loves them. The heel height is perfect, they work with everything from denim to dresses, and they’re really comfortable. These sandals keep selling out, but as of today, they’re in stock. Don’t wait — grab a pair and you’ll wear them all summer long!  More sizes here and here!

#6 – The Best $80 Sneaker that looks designer – Want a classic white sneaker that you could mistake for a designer one? It’s this one! Not only is it crazy inexpensive, it’s also super comfy and very versatile. You’ll wear these affordable sneaks with everything from dresses to your favorite jeans, shorts, and athleisure. The sole gives you a little lift, and it’s all-around a great shoe that I highly recommend.

#7 – The Mother Jean that fits everyone – These jeans look great with every shoe you own, from a flat sandal to a higher heel shoe to a sneaker and even a boot. Everyone loves these jeans, and now they’re available in petites which is a total game changer if you’re 5’4″ and under.  More sizes here!

#8 – The Top-Seling Strapless Bra in America There’s a reason this strapless bra is everyone’s favorite! For starters, it stays put thanks to the silicone strip at the top of the bra. It’s also surprisingly comfortable, and pretty much perfect for any dress or top that calls for a strapless. The detachable straps allow you to convert the bra for many kinds of tops, including a one shoulder, halter and thinner straps. Super versatile. P.S. If you want to meet the incredible designer behind this bra, click here to see our IG Live together — she’s really fun!

And more …

Left: Frame top | Mother Hustler jeans | The #1 most-worn shoe in my closet | Right: Rails top (similar) | Paige Claudine | Tory Burch bag | Weekender bag

#9 – The Weekender Bag is my #1 travel must-have – You’re going to want this best-selling travel bag every time you travel. It’s at an incredible price for what you get: a good looking bag that holds everything you need, and is also very durable. I often get questions about whether it can fit under the seat. Yes, if you pack it half-full it can go under the seat — even half-full, it still fits a lot! There’s also a mini option if you prefer a slightly smaller size.

#10 – The hat holder you’ll wonder how you lived without – When you bring a hat on your trip, this clever accessory is a must-have. The magnetic closure securely holds any hat. You just hook the ring to anything — your carry-on luggage, a tote, even a luggage tag. I just tested it out while traveling around Europe — works every time.

#11 – The prettiest summer jacket that’s super versatile – When the weather warms up, having a summer weight “third piece” is a key wardrobe staple everyone should own. This jacket comes in several colors, the fabric has a lovely shine, and — seriously — everyone I know who owns it absolutely loves it. It often sells out, but I found a nice selection here and here.

#12 – The best white shirt Hands down, this is the best white shirt on the market. I’ve been recommending this it for years! After all, it’s thin, loose and perfect for warm weather climates. The quality is made of top quality Italian fabric, and it’s really lightweight. Basically, it’s perfect for layering or tying over a dress, wearing open like a jacket or just tucking it in. I can’t say enough good things about this wardrobe staple. It’s incredibly versatile, and everyone should own one 😌

Here are the last three!

#13 – White jeans you’ll love – I know white jeans can be super tricky, and many of us have a hard time finding a pair we love. Since it’s summer, now is the time to grab a pair. There’s a reason that Mother denim continues this exact fabric in the color Fairest Of Them All — because it sells! Some favorite fits include: Hustler, Insider, Weekender and Roller.  Petite sizes available here and here. Fit tip: If you’re between sizes, go up, or stick to your usual size.

#14 – $50 Cashmere sweater – I know I keep talking about this sweater, but hear me out! At first, I was a little skeptical about a $50 cashmere sweater. I thought to myself … there’s no way it could be that good. And then I tried it, and wow have I been impressed! On a recent LA trip, we had cooler weather and I wore it 6 days in a row. To my surprise, it held up beautifully! To see the best cashmere care instructions, make sure to check out the website. And, while you’re at it, I recommend you stock up on ivory, grey, black, and maybe this pink one too.

#15 – The only scarf you’ll ever needHands down, this is the ONLY scarf you’ll ever need! It’s lightweight, perfect for an extra layer when traveling, and it’s not too bulky. I’ve worn this one for years, and it’s the only one I recommend. When traveling, I take this on every single trip. Can’t recommend it enough!


Thank you for reading xx

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