30 May 2020

A message from Susie



Hi Friends,

I’ve missed you. I took a little break because posting about cute outfits just didn’t feel right at a time when we were seeing and listening to story after hard story of gross injustice, having the tough conversations with ourselves and others, quietly reflecting, and deciding on how to make things better – as individuals and as members of the human collective – from now on. And, it still doesn’t feel right.

I’m not demeaning my work, on the contrary — this is my little creative corner of the world, it’s my passion, and it’s what I know. Though to some fashion may seem superficial, I find joy in supporting women, helping them dress well, and giving them confidence. I love my job, and it’s a privilege to get to do it. I recognize that. Respectfully and humbly, I’m going to continue my work — both professionally AND personally.

When I called my dear friend and Nordstrom colleague for advice, she said to me, “Suse, just speak from the heart.” So, here goes: Love first. Stand united. Inspire change. Support each other. Listen. Be kind. Do the very best you can … then do even better.

With love, Susie