25 May 2020

The one color to add now!

The one color that always works

Z Supply dress or here | Gucci sunglasses | Poppy Finch necklace | Bony Levy necklace | Denim jacket

The one color to add now!

This past weekend, my #Nordstrom6 friends and I shared how we use color in our own wardrobes. I must admit, when I started thinking what I would present — nothing came to me. I mean, color is kind of personal. But as I thought about it all week (we plan ahead!), it finally dawned on me to talk about the one color that always works. After helping thousands of women in the dressing room for over a decade, I’ve learned a few lessons over the years, and one of them is this: owning several saddle brown pieces is really important!

This one color makes all your outfits complete. The one color that always works for ALL seasons, and compliments ALL other colors: black, white, gray, navy, chambray, pink, bright pink, tan, green … I think you get the idea 🙂 Saddle brown, cognac or caramel (whatever you want to call it) is sophisticated, elegant and timeless — a true classic. I’m even going to add leopard to this list since it’s in the same color family and works just as easily with all the other colors. Talk about versatile!

I promise, if you invest in several pieces, you will be very happy with your updated wardrobe — and it will make it incredibly easy to get dressed. So now the question is: which pieces should you invest in? Keep reading and I’ll give you my best suggestions!

SIDE NOTE: Be sure and check out the Instagram post here, and swipe left to see the videos. Many of you messaged me asking for specifics on the pieces I wore, so keep reading for those as well. And lastly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, commenting, and sharing with your friends. It really, really means so much! xxx


Style Inspo

Caramel is the one color that always worksThe one color that always works 

@Damselindior | Loewe Puzzle bag | Images via Pinterest


First, invest in a bag

This is probably the most important caramel-colored piece to own. Find one you love at a price that works, and then make the investment. Look at this Loewe Puzzle bag; the color is perfect, and the quality is impeccable. If I could, I’d also get this Instagram favorite straw bag. After completing these videos, I realized I too needed to add to my collection, and landed on this one!

Splurge picks


Affordable picks



Make sure you are covered re: shoes

Since we’re heading into summer, I suggest making sure you have a great everyday sandal. It could be simple like this one I’ve worn everywhere for the last several years, or it could be a splurge-worthy one like this. Even an animal print like this brand new Vince style works amazingly well too. Just choose one that’s versatile, and it will go with every single thing you own! Again, it’s the one color that always works.


Accessories are the finishing touch

Definitely add a belt! This affordable one from the videos is by Madewell. It’s a great color, and everyone loves it. For a designer splurge, try this one or this one. I’d also add a leopard belt, because you’ll have it for years to come. Michele watches are another big splurge, and the best part is you can switch out the band for the saddle brown one – like I did. Lastly, a scarf to tie on your bag isn’t necessary, but so fun if you find one you love!



Summer outfit combos


Left – ATM dress | Sam Edelman sandals | Poppy Finch necklace | Bony Levy necklace | Fendi 3Jours tote | Madewell denim jacket | Michele watch Right – Anthropologie dress | Sam Edelman sandals | Fendi tote, older, similar here

Saddle brown works with everything, and since we’re almost to summer, I’ll share a few combos you might like. This neutral color looks beautiful with white, denim, chambray, navy and, of course, black. It also works nicely with any brightly colored summer clothes, like the brighter pink dress I’m wearing above. Here are a few additional combo ideas, and ones I wore in the IG video.


Outfit #1 black dress

ATM dress | Sam Edelman sandals | AG denim jacket


Outfit #2 chambray, denim and white

Caslon denim shirt | Levi’s 725, white | Madewell belt



Outfit #3 All white, or white and navy

Rag & Bone navy blazer | Levi’s 724, white | J.Crew logo tee, older | Clare V. pouch, similar


Outfit #4 Charcoal denim and white

White Madewell Tie front shirt | Madewell grey denim | Peepers glasses



Outfit #5 white dress and denim jacket

Theory dress | Madewell denim jacket | Peepers glasses

Thank you for reading! xo