19 May 2020

5 Summer Staples you’ll wear 24/7

Denim shirt | Hat | Levi’s | Schutz sandals | Gucci sunglasses | Roxanne Assoulin bracelets | Poppy Finch necklace

5 Summer Staples you’ll wear 24/7

Summer is the time to buy wisely, due to a short 12-week timeframe for wear. So, ideally it’s best to add pieces you’ll wear over and over again. I’m currently working on another Who What Wear article, and the request is Summer Staples. I’ve given a great deal of thought to exactly which staples we’ll all wear on repeat, and I know for starters, a hat and sunglasses are at the top of the list! And then of course, white denim:  jeans, shorts, skirts … the list goes on. So, keep reading to see my suggestions on exactly what to consider purchasing when it comes to summer staples!

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#1 Summer hats

Whether you’re going for sun protection or just hiding a bad hair day like I typically am, summer hats are a stylish staple we all need. This year, I’ll be adding a baseball hat or two, since I’m well stocked in the straw hat department! I have my eye on this splurge pink Burberry hat (it’s the pink that’s drawing me in). I also love this patterned one. And if you’re thinking of buying a straw hat, go for this visor style or this one!



#2 Denim Shirt

This star piece can really be for all seasons. I like finding one that’s not too heavy so it can be easily tied. You can wear it over a slip dress, tied higher up, or even over a cami. It kind of acts like a lightweight jacket, but is super stylish and flattering! I love the one I’m wearing — it’s slightly small, so if you’re between sizes, go up. And then make sure to loosely roll or scrunch the sleeves!




#3 White denim: jeans, shorts or even a skirt

As my friend Ashley, the Frame Denim rep, suggested: white is so important this season, it’s time to expand your collection! I recently purchased the Levi’s 724 style I’m wearing in the photo above. They did stretch a bit more than I was used to, so if you’re between sizes, go down. I think the AGOLDE shorts are amazing and receive good reviews, and this skirt would look great paired with all your favorite tops. Favorite white jeans include the Mother Weekender flare (I wrote about them here in a different wash),  Citizen of Humanity “Olivia” and of course my favorite Mother “Dazzler”. 



#4 Neutral, wear-with-every-outfit shoes

I’m always tempted by pretty colored sandals, but at the end of the day I gravitate towards neutrals like this all-time favorite Valentino flip flop, or this new cork style with the perfect amount of heel. If you want other great sandal choices, Marc Fisher and Schutz are two brands I’m loving right now — I have this metallic gold one in my own shopping bag.



#5 sunglasses, of course!

Talk about the #1 item that can really switch up every outfit: sunglasses! My all-time favorites are here. I regret not purchasing this brand by Chimi that I tried on while in LA at the Pacific Palisades shopping mall. I’ve also had my eye on these Meghan Markle favorites – Le Specs “Air Heart”. I might not be the only one eyeing them, because they’re getting harder to locate! The other accessory that must be on your list this year …. CHAINS. I have this one in my shopping bag, check out a great selection here. Depending on your style, it’s absolutely crucial to find one or two or even three pairs of sunglasses you love. I’m positive you’ll wear them year-round too!


Thank you for reading! xx

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