22 February 2020

2 VIP trends to know for Spring 2020

Alice & Olivia dress, on sale | Zara gold shoes, similar | Timeless Pearly initial, more initials here | Poppy Finch necklace



2 VIP trends to know for Spring 2020!

According to Who What Wear Daily, in their annual wrap-up, “there were fashion moments that defined the past year, trends we bought on repeat, and brands that made their mark, both new and old.”  This is a must-read! See the article here.

What I love so much about these “fashion moments” is the impact they’ve had on Spring Style 2020. Everything from animal print, to the coveted “Pouch,” to stylish suiting are just a few of the trends that will be in stores very, very soon. And, more importantly, you’ll see how these “trends” have trickled down and are now available AT ALL PRICE POINTS!

Keep reading to find out the 2 VIP trends to know now, and how you can work them into your wardrobes!

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#1 Bottega Veneta


I started falling in love with Bottega last summer while in Italy, and wrote about it here. Fast forward to right now, when pretty much every stylish shoe and bag you’ll see for spring will likely be influenced by this hot brand. Notice the square toes and mesh and chain details, then read the article “The fashion crowd has pretty much lost it over this brand’s shoes!”  Too funny!


Shoes we can all wear!

Basically every great shoe right now has been inspired by Bottega Veneta (Nordstrom just started carrying this brandwho ). Take a look at these selections, you’ll happily wear any one of these!


Coveted bags

While the infamous Pouch is out of budget reach for many of us, the good news is other versions are now becoming available. Mansur Gavriel introduced theirs (which, um, looks like an exact copy to me) and it costs considerably less. Check it out here.


Real Bottega for splurge



#2 Animal print


Animal print is now considered a neutral, and while it was voted “print of the year” by Who What Wear, it’s still going strong. The best part (in my humble opinion) is that you have many choices, from snake print to zebra to leopard and even cow! Adding just a small touch like a shoe or handbag can really elevate any outfit.


Since there were too many animal print favorites to list, I’ve carefully selected some and organized them by category. Click the links below!

Shoes here Dresses here Jackets here Handbags here


Thank you for reading! xo