23 February 2020

What to pack for a long weekend getaway – LA trip


Hi Everyone,

As you might know, I just spent the weekend in LA attending an industry conference called Create & Cultivate. The panels were led by an impressive group of powerful women, all of whom have created a product, a brand or a successful side hustle. It was inspiring to learn how to navigate this new digital business world in which I find myself, and there were also a few very interesting takeaways. But more on that later!

This post is about packing challenges, and the clothes I took (and actually wore) over the weekend. Let’s just say, I WAY overpacked 🙂  I should have known when things wouldn’t fit in my cute CALPAK suitcase and I had to switch over at the last minute to the NOT CUTE black suitcase that’s seen better days! I have my eye on this new suitcase set, because clearly I need something larger for my upcoming trips. So take note of what NOT to do, and learn from me!


Travel basics

Another blogger has been raving about the Amazon set below, so I’m going to give it a try. You might consider these slightly larger suitcases if you are traveling for a longer period of time, or if you CAN’T DECIDE what to take so you take everything you can think of 😬 At least everything went in a packing cube which I swear by (read more here) — they really do keep everything tidy and organized!


Amazon favorites

I finally graduated to a MacBook Pro, and purchased this laptop case, which is a deal at $15.99. We have a houseful of portable chargers, and of course I forgot one, but had I remembered this is what we do have.  And of course I brought along this cosmetics organizer, which I’ve used on every trip over the last year.


Travel to LA outfit

This Rag & Bone blazer is perfect for traveling because it’s cozy, but it still feels (and looks) polished. Since it was a short plane ride, I simply added jeans and my favorite Gucci-lookalike loafers.


Conference outfit

I wore this new linen jumpsuit to the conference, and when the cute 30-something next to me took notes on where I purchased it and wanted shoe details, I figured it must be good! Unfortunately it was freezing in the conference rooms, but thankfully I had brought this trench with me. Warning: it wasn’t a cute combo, so don’t wear this together!


Sunday shopping-around outfit

Needed fashionable but comfy, so I went with the usual: denim jacket, ATM tee, Mother denim, fun new Topshop tote, Veja sneakers and my new YSL bag. It worked out perfectly for the day, and will be easy for you to put together if you need to be comfortable and warm, but still stylish.


Travel back to Portland outfit

Since I was heading straight to a meeting upon landing back in Portland, I went with this faux leather blazer, my new Everlane cashmere tee, jeans and mules. An easy, semi-professional look.


Honorable mentions

Basically all the things I brought and didn’t wear 😂 — except I did wear these jeans out to dinner! There’s more, but I don’t want to bore you. The point is, I only really needed the things shown above. If you put these combinations in your suitcase, you’ll be good to go for a long weekend. Happy travels!


Thank you for reading, xoxo Susie