13 January 2020

Can’t find anything to wear in your closet?

Gucci coat, available here as well | Mother brand denim | Prada heels


Can’t find anything to wear in your closet?

Sometimes I can’t either 😂 If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know that although I’m always talking about the latest bag or coolest shoe you must own, I’m also talking about those key pieces you need to complete your outfits.  Yes, they can be considered “essentials” as I wrote about here … but for me it’s having ONE combo I wear over and over again.  As matter of fact, probably my entire working life I’ve had a version of this combo, or STYLE UNIFORM.

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ready for it?

It’s a great black jacket, my current favorite jean, and a good t-shirt or layering piece.  SO SIMPLE!!  And from there, any shoe works — from a sneaker to nude pointy toe pump to a sandal.  Finish with a great handbag.



Let me elaborate

With regard to the black jacket, it can be anything from the black coat I’m wearing above, to my beloved black leather, to a black trench, to the perfect black blazer.  I know, I know … it may sound a bit boring but honestly we all love black and feel really good in it.  So, you need several black jacket versions in your wardrobe!



If you love the Gucci coat above but aren’t up for the splurge, then look at this one by Fleurette.  It’s AMAZING – I’ve tried it on and it fits beautifully.  If you want a lesser priced option, this Lauren by Ralph Lauren gets lots of great reviews. I’ve tried it on as well, and it’s actually quite flattering. Pick one and I PROMISE, you will thank me later!!





Trench | Mother brand denim | J.Crew tee, sold out but check eBay! | Prada nude heels


And from there?

Your favorite denim in a lighter or medium wash.  Brands I’m especially loving right now include Mother, Frame, AG and Madewell.  Two key things:  make sure they’re higher waisted, and cropped, which is perfect all the time. There are other brands of course, but those are go-to’s.



New graphic tees you’ll love

You can never have too many 😊



Finally …

Some amazing shoes to complete your perfect uniform!



Thank you you for reading.  As always, I’m happy to answer any questions, so email or text away!

xoxo Susie