9 May 2019

Do you need a big wallet anymore?

Madewell tank, older (similar here and here), Chloe Faye wallet on chain, Paige denim


Do you need a big wallet anymore?  we don’t think so!!

With our society going cashless, checkbooks falling by the wayside and smaller bags having a moment, there’s really no reason to carry a big overstuffed wallet anymore. I know it’s hard to imagine, but try it for a week. I bet you’ll never go back!

It all started when I began wearing my beloved Gucci Soho Disco bag — imo, the best crossbody bag on the market.  It’s surprising how much it holds, yet it’s small enough to wear everywhere every single day.  It also inspired me to condense my wallet and switch to a credit card holder … which I now need to toss. This all leads to “blog research” to find the perfect new card holder.

While I’m at it, I’m also looking for a business card holder. Since I have officially launched the So Susie website, it’s time to stop carrying my business cards in a zip lock baggie 😊 Don’t tell anyone, but my credit cards are also in a zip lock baggie until the perfect card holder appears!

Keep reading for more ideas on how to downsize. Let me know how it goes!


Jcrew t-shirt, sold out but you can find on eBay, Gucci mini marmont bag Chelsea 28 skirt, Tabatha Simmons shoes


Favorite chain wallets

This is the perfect option for a night out, or on the weekend with a t-shirt and your favorite denim.  Stylish, easy and so so chic.  You can even squeeze in a lipstick!  This iconic YSL comes in gold hardware, tonal back hardware or silver.  This affordable option by Kate Spade works with everything, and I love this Marc Jacobs color combo!

Designer Splurges

Affordable options



Small wallets

This is where to pare down to the things you really really need, like credit cards, bank cards, insurance and Costco cards.  If you’re one of those think-ahead types, then some extra cash too.  I’m seriously thinking of buying this one or this one, both reasonably priced!  And how cute is this fun orange one, and it’s only $39!,

Designer Splurges


Affordable Options



Card Holders

Any one of these options will look so nice when you reach for you credit cards!  I love this color combo by Thom Browne, and this calf-hair style Burberry is super cool!

Designer Splurges


Affordable Options


And lastly, what do you carry in your small bag?  I try and squeeze in my favorite lipstick, Burt’s Bees chapstick and this incredible La Mer lip balm!  And of course mints and hair ties.  Try these SLIP ones!


Thank you for reading xo Susie

Photography credit – Carrie Minns Photography

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