3 December 2018

How to dress your guy for a holiday party


While most of us don’t walk the red carpet or attend the Met Gala, we all have our own fun holiday parties to attend and it’s inspiring to see what the best dressed celebrities are wearing to theirs. This got me thinking: what should we be wearing to our parties this year? And, more importantly, how do we dress our guys for these special soirees?

I called my husband at work to give him the two week notice that we’d be attending these parties in order to avoid arguing as we’re heading out the door (wink).  Many of us struggle with what to wear ourselves, and men struggle even more. So here’s my dressing guide for men, along with some heavily researched favorites in each category.  Read about women’s festive attire here.

The shirt

Start with a crisp white dress shirt or a patterned shirt (small patterns work best) as your base layer. Fit is the most important thing — you want a slim fit  — get it tailored if you need to!


the sweater

Adding a luxe cashmere sweater (grey, or any color you are partial to) lends a refined elegance to your guy’s outfit. Sweaters work well when they are layered over a formal shirt, and they keep you warm too!

the jacket

Everyone sees the jacket, so this piece is important.  It can be anything from an overcoat to a casual jacket like this to an unconstructed sport coat like this.

The trouser

Finally, the pant. You can’t go wrong with chinos or a smart pair of jeans. Consider a nice dark denim like this, or even a sharp black jean like this. You can also go a little dressier with a slim fit chino pant like this, which is an excellent, slightly elevated alternative to jeans.

Shoes and Accessories

Selecting the proper shoe is one of the most important components of the creating the entire look.  This super cool sneaker is absolutely perfect for any occasion, and this suede chukka boot literally works with everything.  Add socks socks and more socks! I’m seeing patterns, bright colors and Christmas decor peeking out from under trousers – a festive little touch to make your guy’s outfit fun and party ready!