29 November 2018

Gift ideas for your awesome boys 🌲🌲🌲

Every year it gets more and more challenging to buy gifts for our awesome guys.  So I thought I’d do a little research and come up with a “mom-approved” list.  We’re all in need of ideas this season!  Having two boys myself, I’ve found they love clothes and techie sorts of things, and they are always happy for something cozy.  So read along and shop away, knowing these items have been pre-approved by a few moms AND a few boys too!!



“Comfy” and “soft” are the key words I hear over and over again to describe clothes that make our guys happy.  Guys are all about comfort, particularly high school and college age boys (actually grown up guys too). But…it’s also good to be a little stylish.  Who doesn’t love a super soft sweatshirt like this and some fluffy socks for hanging out at home? Here are my coolest guy picks!



tech gear

Every one of these gifts would get constant use in my household, from my two boys to my husband to my dad when he comes to visit.  Apple AirPods have taken the world by storm, and everyone (not just boys) can use a pair of these incredibly lightweight, acoustically amazing little earbuds.  One minute you’re falling asleep to the relaxing sound of a waterfall, and the next you’re waking up to a gentle alarm.  Then there’s the techie skateboard you can zoom off to class on!


cozy things

Give your guys the gift of comfort and warmth! They like soft blankets, and I know this for a fact since both of my boys have them and walk around the house wrapped inside 🙂 And who wouldn’t love a new pair of slippers like these and comfy jogger pants like these? Treat yourself to some too!



designer splurge

Teens and Millennials love Gucci.  Gucci’s creative director has a keen awareness of what young people want, including bright colors and patterns that are eye-catching and look good on Instagram (according to an article written for Business Insider).  Here are a few top items both of my boys would love to find in their stockings Christmas morning!


Thank you for reading!

Photography by Carrie Minns


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