27 August 2018

Denim and that one piece…

Recently, I was asked to do a TV segment on mother/daughter style and how oftentimes there is some overlap with the clothing we wear. Since my friend Tammy is the producer and our daughters are good friends, we thought we would try to find one piece that we all like — good luck with that!

We all met in the dressing room, and it was a little tricky at first.  The girls were easily distracted with tiny denim shorts and skirts and the teeniest of dresses. They didn’t really like the items I picked until I appeared with that one piece: the bodysuit! Reformation, the of-the-moment cool girl brand, has a loyal Hollywood following and the girls fell in love. We were all shocked when it worked for everyone: flattering, stylish and surprisingly comfortable.


That one piece…


Favorite Denim


Shoes that work


Shot on location at my house, watch the clip here