8 December 2023

My honest reviews of your most asked about items!

Honest reviews: Vince dress | Cult Gaia sandals | Loeffler Randall bag | Gigi Clozeau necklace

My honest reviews of your most asked about items!

Exclusive reviews of 12 favorites (plus a bonus) ⭐️

Writing this fun little blog is truly a career highlight … and honestly, a bit of a surprise! It started as a place to share style inspo with my friends and clients, and it has quickly grown into something much bigger. At the beginning of this year, I started a new series reviewing items that are similar. The idea came to me after realizing that many of us are deciding between similar items on a regular basis.

Whether it’s between a Gucci splurge loafer or the Sam Edelman affordable one, we’re all trying to choose the best piece for our personal lifestyles. If you were ever in “Room 3” with me at Nordstrom, you know that I always give my honest opinion when asked! I don’t always get it right, but I give it my best every single day 🤍

So, here are my exclusive reviews of 12 of your favorite items. Purchasing online is tricky, and relying on reviews we read can also be challenging. For example, lately I’ve been getting questions about the Mother Lil petite jeans vs. the regular sized ones, and how they fit. I’ve also been asked which camel coat to purchase, the Anine Bing or the Mango. The list goes on and on, and hopefully this post will help guide you to make the best decisions when you’re deciding which items to buy. Let me know if you like it, and I’ll write more posts like this one. Cheers!

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Isabel Marant sweatshirt vs. Anine Bing sweatshirt


Left: Isabel Marant sweatshirt | Right: Anine Bing Sweatshirt

Both of these brands are SO cool, and if you’re up for a big logo, then you can’t go wrong with either! I own the Isabel Marant, and it was a spendy little number. The Anine Bing ones are about half the price, and I’ve had my eye on this one for a while. Earlier this year in LA, the So Susie team spent over an hour at the Anine Bing store, and everyone walked away with an AB sweatshirt (except me lol)!


Feather dresses


Left: Borgo de Nor feather dress | L’Agence sandals | Right: Pink feathers dress – longer version here | Schutz sandals | Loeffler Randall bag

I’m having a love affair with feathers this year, and apparently I’m not the only one. Feathers are everywhere this season, on everything! Here are my reviews on feathers: I splurged on this printed dress for the special wine event I hosted in the fall, and I felt so pretty in it 😊 It was comfortable, and the feathers added just a little extra. And funny enough, when I wore this other green feathers dress to the LTKcon in Dallas, I spotted someone in the pink dress I’m wearing above, except the longer version. It was absolutely gorgeous, and I highly recommend it in either style. It’s well-priced and stunning!


Foundrae vs Anthropologie Charm Necklaces


Left: Foundrae necklace | Right: Anthropologie necklace

Talk about one of the coolest jewelry brands at the moment! Foundrae has become a well-known luxury brand. Like all heirlooms, each piece tells a story. A while ago, I wandered into a one of my favorite local boutiques here in Portland called Twist. After several visits, I landed on this special piece for my birthday. We were so surprised the other day when Em spotted this one at Anthropologie! Talk about an amazing copy, and now it’s on her Christmas list. I included it in this recent “15 under $50” post, along with these cool charms — the heart and butterfly — both of which are similar to Foundrae charms.


Lil Mother Hustler jeans vs Mother Hustler jeans


Left: Theory peacoat | Lil Mother Hustler | ATM t-shirt | Boots | Right: Allsaints leather | Cami | Mother Hustler | Pumps

It has been life changing to discover that Mother denim is now making petite denim. It’s called “Lil Mother!” 😂 Well, “life changing” is a little dramatic, but when you’re 5’1″ and have to have every single thing altered, it’s a nice surprise. So, here’s the scoop: Mother has produced four of their best-selling jeans in petite sizes, and they’ve just been re-stocked. The knee placement is higher, and the inseam and rise is shorter. My suggestion: if you’re 5’4″ and under, go for the petite size. They still run a touch long, and I’m contemplating having mine altered a bit.

Best-selling styles in petites: Insider | Hustler | Dazzler | Weekender

Best-selling styles in reg sizes: Insider | Hustler | Dazzler | Weekender


Halogen Stitch Sweater vs Rag & Bone Stitch Sweater


Left: Halogen sweater | Right: Rag & Bone sweater

This cool Rag & Bone sweater was a top seller last year, and when it came in again this year, I was thinking about grabbing it —  until I saw this dead ringer for only $89! I immediately purchased it, and it was worth every penny. When I visited my mom, she commented how much she liked it, so I gave her mine. Perfect excuse to grab another one, this is a deal!


Honest Reviews: Puffer vests and coats


Left: lululemon puffer vest | Long sleeved tshirt | Leggings | Belt bag | Sneakers | Right: Aritzia puffer coat | Naghedi tote | Mother denim | GG sneakers

Everyone is making a puffer coat these days, and it’s hard to determine which is the best one. Between this cute lululemon puffer vest and the famous Aritzia puffer, they’re both solid choices. I have yet to try the lululemon puffer coat, but the vest (which is the same style as the puffer) is a touch boxy and shorter. I picked up the Aritzia green one last year, and can’t wait to bring it out soon since the cold weather is coming. This coat comes in a couple of lengths, which you can see here and here.


Abercrombie vs Anine Bing Graphic Tees


Left: Abercrombie tee | Right: Anine Bing tee

I love finding new graphic tees, and the Anine Bing ones are stylish and super cool. Recently, my assistant Julia discovered this cute London t-shirt while poking around on the Abercrombie site, and immediately ordered it. At $35, this isn’t going to stay in stock, and I highly recommend it! As for the more expensive Anine Bing tees … well, I love all of them. So, bottom line, you can’t go wrong with either one!


Frame trousers vs Spanx kick flare pants


Left: Rag & Bone blazer | Striped t-shirt | Frame trousers | L’Agence sandals | Right: Spanx blazer | Spanx kick flare trousers | Bag, similar

Wow, this is a tough choice! I own and love them both — for different reasons. Recently, Frame updated their trouser with side slit zip pockets instead of slant pockets. And now I LOVE them, and find them more flattering in the updated version. The Spanx pants, available in black and other colors including white, are a little tricky to get on. Sometimes you have to shimmy into them! They’re comfy and really flattering. The white has a unique technology called Ultimate Opacity, and it’s almost like black out blinds for your pants!


Mango coat vs Anine Bing coat


Left: Mango coat | Right: Anine Bing Dylan coat

Since we’re at the height of coat season, I thought it would be a great time to re-visit the all-time classic camel coat. I’ve had my eye on the Anine Bing coat for so long, and I’ve tried it on several times wishing it would fit. But even the XXS is just too big on my 5’1″ frame. But, if you’re taller than me and would love a classic wool coat, hands down this would be my choice! I ended up with the Mango coat in XXS, which is amazing quality for the price. I even had a long time Nordstrom employee ask me if it was a Max Mara! Also got the sleeves and length shortened, but it was worth it 😉


Lululemon Scuba half zip vs Vuori half zip


Left: Vuori half zip | Right: lululemon scuba

The lululemon scuba sweatshirts are best-sellers and everyone loves them, including me! The colors are so pretty, and they’re soft and comfy. They also work for all ages — same with the Vuori one. When I tried the Vuori half zip recently, I found it to be really soft and a touch less bulky. I’ve been wearing mine on repeat!


Tuckernuck bag vs. Bottega bag


Left: Tuckernuck bag | Right: Bottega bag

The Tuckernuck bag is so good, and beige color is fantastic. There’s definitely a big difference compared to the real Bottega one, but if you want the look, you can’t go wrong with the Tuckernuck one.


Gucci vs Larroude Loafers


Left: Larroude loafers | Right: Gucci loafers

Several months ago, I noticed that all the models at the Celine show in Paris were wearing white shoes or boots. I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and was pretty excited to splurge on these new Gucci loafers at the Heathrow airport. In my reviews, I give these a major thumbs up! I had the Larroude ones at home, and while I ended up returning them, I think they’re a great option. Same with these Sam Edelmans.


Bonus: Toteme vs J.Crew Boots


J.Crew boot | Toteme boot

Having just one cool, updated boot makes all the difference in your fall outfits! Last year, I splurged on this Toteme boot, and it quickly became my everyday boot. The elongated toe box is stylish but still very wearable. This J.Crew version has been a best-seller this fall/winter season. Definitely worth trying if you want to get the look for less.


Thank you for reading xx