18 June 2023

Here they are! My reviews of your favorite products

Reviews: AllSaints blouse | Mother Insider | AllSaints denim jacket | Dior bag | Sandals

Here they are! My reviews of your favorite products

Writing this fun little blog is truly a career highlight …  and honestly, a bit of a surprise! It started as a place to share style inspo with my friends and clients, and it has quickly grown into something much bigger. I’m working now more than I ever have before, and loving every single minute of it! THANK YOU for following along and giving me the chance to share what I know. I appreciate you 🥂

As you might imagine, I get asked many great questions every day — and I try my very best to respond to as many of you as I can. For example, lately I’ve been getting questions about “this versus that,” which ones are better, which do I prefer, and are they even comfortable! I’ve also been asked which dresses to purchase, and many of you want to know which jeans are the best. The list goes on and on, and I’m more than happy to answer your questions … that’s what I’m here for 🤍

So, here they are! My reviews of your favorite products. These are the items I’m asked about most often, and I thought you might like me to compare them and give you my thoughts. Of course, I follow my “authenticity promise” — I’m always honest, and I only give my opinions on items I own, have tried on myself or helped clients purchase. Sometimes I like both of the pieces I’m showing, but I’m sharing the differences to help you make a better decision. Purchasing online is tricky, and relying on reviews can also be challenging.

The reviews are in! Hopefully this post will give you ideas that guide you to make the best decisions when you’re assessing which items to buy. Let me know if you like it, and I’ll write more posts like this one. Cheers!



J.Crew wide leg jeans vs. Mother Roller


J.Crew wide-leg jeans | Mother Roller jeans

The image on the J.Crew jean doesn’t look great, but let me tell you, these are amazing! Finding slim, wide-leg jeans that aren’t overwhelming can be really challenging, but I highly recommend these. I’m comparing them to the Mother Roller jeans, which I also purchased, and there are two major differences. The Mother ones are slimmer and more fitted in the bottom/thigh area. They’re also a longer length and wider flare. I thought for sure my husband would give them a thumbs down, but instead he really liked them! Since I purchased the J.Crew ones in white, I was able to justify having both. And you can too 😉


Farm Rio dress vs. Anthropologie Somerset dress

Farm Rio eyelet dress | Anthropologie Somerset eyelet dress

The other day on my IG Live, someone asked if I had to choose one of these dresses, which one would it be? Ohhh that’s tough, but I think I’d lean towards the Farm Rio! It’s a pretty pinky red, and it’s super flattering and really comfortable. The Anthropologie dress is also very flattering, and it comes in several colors, including a long version here. I went with the regular size XS in both.


J.Crew coverup vs. Melissa Odabash coverup

Melissa Odabash coverup | J.Crew coverup

I’ve had the J.Crew coverup for at least five years, and I always take it on vacation because it’s comfortable and goes with every swimsuit. But, I decided it’s staying home on my upcoming trip, despite the great reviews and ease of packing. This new Melissa Odabash above is coming with me! It’s so pretty (hard to see in the photo), and it looks nice with or without the belt. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it!


White Spanx pants vs. white Frame denim

Spanx kick flare pant with black blazer and L’Agence sandals | Frame denim with stripe top and Valentino slingbacks

Since we’re in white pant season, I’m getting a lot of questions about which styles to consider! Since I have several white pants, I thought I’d share my thoughts! The Spanx one I’m wearing above is SO good, and it’s a little dressier, perfect for work or when you want to feel a little more polished. I went with a petite size small and they’re perfect, keeping in mind you need to shimmy them on. Another Spanx style I love is this stretch twill wide-leg style. It is smoothing, and I wore it in this video, although you could hardly see it. I have a 10% off coupon code if you use SUSIEXSPANX. When it comes to white denim, I LOVE the Frame I’m wearing above and the Paige Claudine.


YSL Tribute vs. Sam Edelman vs, Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto | Sam Edelman | YSL Tribute

These three sandals are AMAZING and work with every cute summer outfit! I’ve been wearing the YSL Tribute for the last couple of years, and while I love them, I admit they’re aren’t the comfiest. I really noticed when I borrowed these from my friend the other day, which were incredibly comfortable! Last week, I decided to up my summer style game, and grabbed these platform sandals by Sam Edelman. They’re super comfy, and stylish too, and they’re going in my suitcase this week!


Lululemon dress vs. Alo dress

Lululemon dress | Alo dress | On sneakers | Naghedi tote | Everywhere belt bag

This is the year of the tennis dress! Most are really are super comfortable, and this Lululemon one might be a favorite. I love the little bit of pleating on one side, you can easily wear a regular bra, and I like the zip detail. The Alo has a built in bra which is nice, but as you can see above, the padding made me feel extra booby — not my favorite look! 😂 Sometimes you need comparisons when assessing a trendier piece. So, while I like them both, I’d vote for the Lululemon!


MZ Wallace tote vs. Naghedi tote

MZ Wallace metallic tote and pink tote | Naghedi black tote and pink tote

Having a tote or two in your handbag collection is worth every penny. They’re perfect for taking to the beach, on an airplane and for everyday errands. I absolutely love the Naghedi one, and I have it in two colors. It comes with a zippered pouch inside, and it’s really durable. Since it’s made of neoprene, I find if I’m carrying a laptop or anything too heavy it kind of stretches. The MZ Wallace totes are really really durable, roomy and quite practical. You really can’t go wrong with either, and I might suggest trying one of each 🙂


Cuyana cashmere cardigan vs. Halogen linen cardigan

Cuyana cashmere cardigan | Halogen linen blend cardigan

I am so excited to have found a new cardigan, and this lightweight cashmere one is going to be part of my travel outfit next week. It’s thin, cozy and perfect for airplane wear. The length is nice too, and it’s one of the best cardigans I’ve worn in a long time! The $69 Halogen cardigan is another favorite, and I highly recommend it as well. However, because it’s a linen blend, it’s not warm and cozy. It’s perfect for warm weather climates, and I’ve worn mine for years. But for the price, I think there’s room for both in your closets!


Levi’s $98 denim jacket | Frame $358 denim jacket

Levi’s denim jacket  | Frame denim jacket | Norma Kamali dress

Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple at this point. Many of us have one or two (or more), either in different lengths or different washes. Tonight while trying on travel outfits, I was looking for the perfect denim jacket in my closet. This is the one that kept working with everything: the Levi’s! It’s a good one, so grab it while you can.


Norma Kamali strapless vs. Michael Stars strapless


Norma Kamali dress | Michael Stars dress

 The Norma Kamali has been my go-to this past year, and it’s currently in stock here. It might feel a touch dressier than the Michael Stars one, but you can still wear them both many different ways. The biggest difference is that the Michael Stars is cotton and has ruching up both sides. I really love them both, but this time, the Michael Stars one is coming on vacation with me 😉


J.Crew slipdress vs. L’Agence slipdress


J.Crew slipdress | L’Agence slipdress – here and here

Slipdresses are pretty much classics in everyone’s wardrobes because they’re so versatile! The J.Crew one above comes in several colors, and it’s affordable and flattering. For something a little more luxe, the L’Agence one above is beautiful. They just came out with this new print that’s super cool.


Frank & Eileen Jody button up vs. Citizens of Humanity Kayla

Frank & Eileen Jody | Citizens of Humanity Kayla

Button front shirts are THE trending summer item, and they’re comfy, versatile and so easy to style. There are many reviews out there, but one of my faves is the Kayla (I recently picked it up in this pretty pink). But if I had to pick between the two, I’d lean towards the Frank & Eileen Joedy one. It’s a boyfriend style but a little less oversized, which is perfect if you aren’t too tall. If you’d like a more generous fit, then go with the Kayla. Both are best-sellers!


Thank you for reading! xx