15 November 2023

These best sellers make the perfect gifts

Best sellers: Canyon Insulated jacket | Energy Top | Clean Elevation leggings | Sneakers

These best sellers make the perfect gifts

When Vuori Performance Joggers first went viral a few years ago, I hopped on the bandwagon and bought a pair. And, as they say, I’ve never looked back. I immediately recommended them on my blog, my Instagram, and in person to anyone who would listen. Fast forward to now, and my entire family (including husband owns at least two pairs (among other Vuori best-sellers), my friends wear them to run errands, travel and meet me for lunch, and sometimes my little team shows up at the office and we’ve all got our joggers on. I’ve never seen a brand explode on the scene the way Vuori did — and with good reason.

Vuori’s business philosophy is called “Investment in Happiness,” which is exactly what it sounds like. But, they go further: they invest in their products. The main focus of this SoCal lifestyle brand is quality — and that’s what you get with every piece of activewear they make. You can work out, go out and hang out in Vuori and be comfy, yet look stylish head to toe.

Today’s post is about Vuori’s best sellers (there are many), starting with their famous Performance Joggers. And, as we enter gift-giving season, if you want to increase your chances of gifting something that doesn’t get returned … start here 😊 Vuori is for the women, men, young adults and teens in your life … everyone loves Vuori. I’ve personally tried EVERY ONE of the items I’m highlighting below, and I can tell you with certainty, they’re absolutely amazing!

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Susie’s workout outfits


Left: Restore 1/2 Hoodie | Energy Top | Clean Elevation Leggings | Right: Canyon Insulated Jacket | Energy Top | Clean Elevation Leggings


Vuori inspo

Halo Essential Hoodie | Sherpa Jacket | Shoes | Boyfriend Jogger | Sherpa Popover | Rib tank | Socks | Hair ties | Sunglasses | Sherpa Popover | Daily legging | Hudson Insulated Jacket | Tote | Energy Top


Best sellers … starting with the Vuori performance jogger


Jack: Sunday Element Jacket | Sunday Performance Jogger | Susie: Halo Essential Hoodie | Performance Jogger | Right: Halo Performance Hoodie | Performance Jogger

Hands down, these joggers are the number one piece that everyone should own and consider gifting. They’re Vuori’s most popular item, and as soon as you try them on, you’ll know why! Soft, buttery, comfy and stylish — what more could anyone want?


#2 Restore 1/2 Zip Hoodie

Restore 1/2 Zip Hoodie | Clean Elevation Leggings | Energy Top

Made with organic French terry, this 1/2 hoodie is so good, you’ll never want to take it off. It’s lightweight, soft and cozy. The perfect gift for absolutely anyone you know.


#3 Halo Essential Hoodie

Halo Essential Hoodie | Volley skirt

This everyday hoodie is slightly cropped and made of the softest DreamKnit™️ performance fabric. With almost 2900 reviews and a 4.9 rating, you kinda can’t go wrong!


#4 Canyon Insulated Jackets


Left: Canyon Insulated Shirt Jacket | Halo Essential Hoodie | Clean Elevation Leggings | Right: Canyon Insulated Jacket | Clean Elevation Leggings

I’ve been wearing these lightweight jackets to all my workouts lately — they’re a personal favorite. On days when it’s a little cooler, you can layer the Halo Essential hoodie under both of them. You’ll be warm and cozy no matter where you go!


#5 Clean Elevation Legging


Left: Cozy Sherpa Jacket | Canyon Insulated Vest | Clean Elevation Legging | Dad Hat | Tie Scrunchy | Tote | Sneaker | Right: Halo Essential Hoodie | Cozy Sherpa Popover | Clean Elevation Legging | Pouch | Waffle Beanie | Tie Scrunchy

These high rise leggings are designed for performance; moisture-wicking and they actually enhance your workout. They are my new faves, and I’m going to gift my daughter a pair at Christmas! 😉


Thank you for reading and thank you to Vuori for sponsoring this post xx