27 July 2023

The hottest trends seen everywhere in Europe!

Seen: Rag & Bone vest | Frame trousers | Sandals | White tank | Dior tote | Celine sunglasses | J.Crew bracelet

The hottest trends seen everywhere in Europe!

There’s a reason why London and Paris are at the forefront of the hottest trends and the best street style … they’re the fashion capitals of the world! One thing I love about traveling is people/outfit spotting, especially when something resonates. A few weeks ago, after a fun work trip in San Diego, I headed off to London. Upon landing, and waiting for what seemed like forever in baggage claim, I made a few fashion observations that I’ll share in this post. For one, everyone on the plane was wearing On sneakers! Seriously: stylish young people, older folks, men, women, cool girls … these popular sneakers were everywhere.

Today’s post is about the hottest trends seen everywhere in Europe, especially the ones I spotted in London and Paris. It was very clear that there were several key items everyone was wearing, not only the style set. We’re talking hip, super stylish, very wearable clothes. Who doesn’t love great pieces that will refresh your entire wardrobe? Keep reading to see what I found: everything from cargo pants to longer denim skirts to cool sneaks. Believe me, you’ll want to try some of these, no matter where you live!

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 Cargo pants

Jean cargo pants | Cream cargo pants | Crochet long sleeve | Sunglasses | Heels | Loewe Bag | Earrings

Funny enough, someone sent me a dm right before my trip asking about cargo pants. I warmly responded that, because I’m only 5’1″, I’d be skipping this trend 😂 Then, I found two pairs in San Diego that I quickly purchased and hemmed for my trip — hah! And, you know how it goes, once you see something new, you see it everywhere you look … that was the case in Europe. Cargo pants are trending, and they’re popping up everywhere. My current favorites are these and these by Paige, and this Halogen pair that’s only $99.


Seen everywhere: longer denim skirts

White tank | Earrings | Sunglasses | Jimmy Choo sandals | Black bag | Light denim skirt | Dark denim skirt

Denim skirts are everywhere — here at home, and in Europe too. This new Paige skirt caught my eye recently. It’s not too long, and the soft ivory makes it easy to wear with many things. I’ve been wearing mine with this pink t-shirt. Midi-length denim skirts are a trend that works perfectly into fall. Try one with knee boots — so stylish!


Vests are back!

Vince black vest | Vince cream vest | Slip skirt | Sandals | Loewe bag | Earrings

The super chic outfit I spotted at the Heathrow airport was a simple linen vest and a longer silky slip skirt, worn with flat sandals and a straw tote. So easy and breezy! The Vince vest above comes with a matching short, which I recently picked up and love. Favorite slip skirts include this Vince one (comes with a matching cardigan) and this style from Anthropologie – both of which I’ve tried!


 Zimmermann dresses

Print dress | Green dress | Gold clutch | White bag | Gold sandal | Earrings

In the South of France, everyone was wearing Zimmermann dresses with casual flat sandals. I saw several on style girls in the lobby of our hotel, some more while walking along the main road and shopping, and at least a dozen while out for dinner. Ironically, there was a Zimmermann store around the corner, which I popped into (of course) and the line for the dressing rooms was quite long! No one walked out empty-handed. These two dresses are brand new and I’m eyeing the shorter one!


Wide-leg jeans … cool & casual

Cream twill jacket | Tank | Pink bag | Mother jeans | Larroude sandals

Wide leg jeans were everywhere, and is a matter of fact, I didn’t see anyone wearing skinnies! Finding this style that is a little slimmer in the waist and thigh area is a little more flattering and I love the Mother pair above. I purchased them, and cut off several inches, but even my husband gave them a thumbs up!


Blazers with shorts

Blazer | Knit vest | Shorts | Heels | Handbag | Bracelet

While shopping in Paris on Rue Saint-Honoré, I spotted a Parisian woman wearing a navy double breasted blazer with white linen pleated shorts and a classic lower-heeled slingback. Oh and of course, she was carrying a Chanel bag. She looked absolutely amazing! Throughout the trip, I saw several others wearing this exact combo: a stylish blazer with looser, trouser-style shorts. Now I want to try it!


On the airplane: On sneakers!

As I mentioned above, EVERYONE on the British Airways flight from San Diego to London was wearing ON sneakers. The most stylish combo was On sneakers with white socks and black bike shorts. These super comfy sneakers are definitely trending — my girlfriend tried to purchase a pair at the Bon Marché, and they were sold out of almost every single size!


Thank you for reading xx

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