30 April 2023

Try these style tips when you have nothing to wear!

What to wear: AllSaints blouse | AllSaints denim jacket | Mother Insider denim | Schutz sandal | Lady Dior bag | Pave disc necklace

Try these style tips when you have nothing to wear!

I had 3 different events to attend this past week, and truthfully, I could hardly wait! Then I started outfit planning … I actually thought to myself, I have nothing to wear. Trust me, I’m fully aware of how ridiculous this sounds. How is that even possible? I have loads of clothes! Well, the thing is, we all get busy. Trying to put together the perfect outfit for a special event can be tricky — especially if you want to look a little extra. And if you have multiple events, it’s even trickier!

Prior to the pandemic, I spent most of my time helping everyone else put together the best outfits for special activities. In some cases, I even made house calls to help my clients pack for trips or get ready for events. But, when it came to myself, I was always throwing together outfits at the last minute 😬 I’ll admit, sometimes I didn’t feel (or look) my best.

Well, thank goodness things changed, and between writing this fun little blog for the past five years and sharing daily outfits from my closet, I’ve learned a few things that work every time. For example, having a few not-too-dressy dresses on hand is a wise idea. Same with a pair of stylish black jeans, and a few versatile jackets. So, try these style tips when you have “nothing to wear.” They worked really well for me this past week, so I’m excited to share them with you. Try one of the outfits for your next special night out, and let me know how it goes! 🌟


Susie’s go-to outfits


Left: Cinq a Sept top | Black denim | Sandals | Middle: Frame denim jacket | Norma Kamali dress | Sandals | Bag | Right: Cinq a Sept jacket | Rag & Bone jeans | Sandals | Bag

What I wore this past week 🌟

Evening birthday party – This Staud dress (it was lengthened) | Larroude sandals

Dinner out with fam L’Agence denim jacket | Frame striped tee | Mother Insider écru denim | Schutz sandals

Speaking at OSU Veronica Beard blazer | Frame denim (Kerry wash) | Old Frame striped top, similar | Prada slingbacks | YSL tote

Friday night movie premiereCinq a Sept jacket | White tank | Mother Hustler in black | Sandals


#1 Try a dress that’s not too dressy

This past week, I went to an evening birthday party with good friends. I must have tried on ten different outfits, and finally landed on this dress for the Cinco De Mayo theme. Versatile dresses always work when you’re deciding what to wear, and right now, J.Crew has the BEST selection! For black options, the Vince slipdress and the Norma Kamali strapless one are both amazing. They can be dressed down with a denim jacket, so you won’t feel too fancy. My friend went with this combo and flat sandals, and she looked amazing! More examples for you below.


Left: Denim jacket | J.Crew dress | Clutch | Heeled sandals | Flat sandals | Bracelet | Right: Denim jacket | Rails dress | Heel sandal | Flat sandal | Bag | Ring

J.Crew slip dresses: Love the Gwyneth style, or this one — so many pretty colors and prints

Black options: Normal Kamali strapless, Vince slipdress or this J.Crew longer one


#2 Denim jackets

I can’t imagine a good wardrobe without a denim jacket (or two)! For options on a recent photo shoot, I brought 5 😂 Mind you, I’ve collected these over several years. But the point is, they always work. Whether you’re wearing them over slipdresses, with white or écru denim, skirts, trousers, or a fancy black dress, the list goes on and on. Make sure you have one or two (or even three) updated denim jackets, you’ll wear them all the time!

Striped tee | Denim jacket | White jeans | Green sandals

Personal faves: This Rails one (all colors) and the cropped version, this AllSaints in gray, this $98 Levi’s one and the L’Agence style


#3 Combine a blazer & jeans

Depending on where you’re going, a blazer and jeans is another combo that works almost every time! I felt like I wanted to be a little more polished while visiting Oregon State University, but since I opted for jeans, the look was more toned down that if I had worn black pants, for example. If you’re going to happy hour, try a silk cami under the blazer. If you’d like a versatile and more elevated blazer, this Cinq a Sept one is perfect.

Blazer | Tank | Rag & Bone jeans | Gucci crossbodySandals | Earrings

Other faves: Veronica Beard, this $79 Open Edit, Rag & Bone Slade and the Cinq a Sept Khloe


#4 Go for black jeans

Black denim is a staple in my wardrobe, even in the spring and summer months (not on a crazy hot and humid day, of course)! For going out, I typically wear the Mother Hustler or the Frame Mini Boot with a sandal and either a pretty blouse or jacket. This week, for the Friday night movie, I went with Mother Hustlers, the Cinq a Sept jacket and these sandals. I was comfortable and felt good 😊

Cinq a Sept jacket | Black denim | Tank | Sandals | Bracelet | Bag

Other faves: Mother Hustler, Frame mini boot, or this long flare jean


#5 Wear a pretty white top and faded denim

A pretty white blouse, like this for example, and faded denim (like this pair) is a combination that looks particularly good when you add a pop of color with an accessory, like a belt or a handbag. By switching up your shoes and accessories, you can look either dressed up or dressed down. Plus, pretty white blouses are trending everywhere, so there are many options for tops. When you ask yourself “what should I wear?” remember this combo because it always looks stylish!

White top | Paige jeans | Orange sandals | Gucci bag | Ring

Other faves: Rails (this and this), and Xirena. Also this linen J.Crew one, and this Farm Rio style


#6 Match your top and bottom

I know I sound like a broken record, but this is the easiest tip of all! Most everyone has a simple black top (like this) and black jeans. So, put them together and literally anything you add to your outfit will look good. Or, try écru denim with an écru top or, of course, white and white. After you get the combo and add a neutral shoe, almost every jacket you own should work over the basic combo! When you’re not sure what to wear, this is the best way to get dressed in under 10 minutes, trust me 😉


#7 Match your top and jacket

This one is a little tricker, but matching a jacket and top in the same color gives you many options when it comes to your bottom piece. For instance, in the opening photo above, I’m wearing a gray/gray combo with écru denim. Black/black and soft ivory/soft ivory are other easy combos that always look good. The other day, I tried this green utility jacket with this green top, and it was perfect!


Thank you for reading xx