2 April 2023

Wanna be comfy AND stylish? These 3 brands are hot!

Hot brands: Varley top | Varley shorts | Loewe tote | YSL sandals | Gucci sunglasses

Wanna be comfy AND stylish? These 3 brands are hot!

… plus five fun trends to try

A few years ago, when our world came to a screeching halt due to the pandemic, we either rushed to Target (at least I did), or loaded our Amazon baskets with new clothes so we could be comfy at home. We purchased cozy sweats, tie-dye everything and WFH outfits that we ended up wearing for months on end. Then, when it finally ended … we couldn’t get rid of them fast enough!! Activewear all day had become a thing, even though it was pretty basic pieces like leggings and hoodies. Well, fast forward to now, and activewear is still trending. Thankfully, it has become more polished — and super stylish!

Today, I’m sharing 3 hot brands you need to know that are at the forefront of activewear style, and five trends you might want to try. Think matching sets, tennis dresses and skirts (even if you don’t play tennis), new athletic pants and more. It’s very exciting, because for most of us, casual but elevated sportswear works perfectly for our busy, active lives. Keep reading to learn more about these trends, how to style them, and which key pieces you should add to your wardrobes. And, find out the three brands that are doing it perfectly 😉 Enjoy!

First, the brands to keep on your radar

Vuori, Varley and Spanx



If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know how much I love Vuori, specially their uber-popular, super comfy jogger. I keep joking that they owe me a lifetime supply of Vuori joggers since it has been a top item at So Susie for years! But, the love doesn’t stop there. Basically, everything I’ve tried from the SoCal brand is perfect for looking stylish when running errands, lounging around or even working out. And, you can dress them up or down — even my husband and son love Vuori joggers. They recently launched a new collection called “Court to Resort,” featuring the cutest pickleball and tennis attire. Check it out here!


Susie: Vuori tank | Vuori joggers | Right: Vuori hoodie and matching skirt | Vuori jumpsuit | Bucket hat | Jogger | Orange tote | Tennis bracelet | Sneaker | Vuori tennis dress



Varley was founded by a British husband/wife team in 2015, and is focused on elevated activewear staples. They have headquarters in London and LA, and can be found in every major retail store, including Nordstrom, Anthropologie and Saks. This is my new favorite activewear brand. I recently shared several pieces, including this comfy jacket I continue to wear most days. Check out my latest blog post (published yesterday) where I’m sharing spring favorites from their new DoubleSoft collection, made of lightweight, breathable fabric. This is athleisure at its very best! I absolutely love Varley, and brought this jogger and cardigan on our spring break trip. P.S. I recently published this post which features many of my athleisure favorites from Varley ♥️



Susie: Varley zip cardigan | Jogger | Sandals | Weekend bag | Right: Tennis dress | Jogger | Crochet cardigan | Tennis hat | Tennis tote | 1/2 zip and matching short | Tennis sneakers



For years, I’ve admired Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx. Her interview on “How I Built This” (NPR) is an all-time favorite. The entire time I was working at Nordstrom, amything by Spanx was a go-to. Whether it was the faux leather legging, shape wear, or my favorite panties, it was always a solid brand that we all loved. Well, fast forward to now, and their clothing lines are SO GOOD! Lately, I’ve been sharing the Air Essentials collection, and the Perfect Collection is really clever. I’ve personally tried pieces from both, and highly recommend them!


Susie: ATM t-shirt | Spanx crew | Spanx wide leg pants | Sam Edelman sandals | Tote | Right: LTK board, shop here


And now, for the trends …


Left: Spanx 1/2 zip | Tennis skirt | Sneakers | Middle: Spanx crew and matching pant | Sandals | Right: Club & Court dress


1 – One and done

Dresses, jumpsuits and onesies are leading the athleisure trend! Jumpsuits are actually super comfy, and I like the ones by Spanx and Zella. And … a “onesie?” 😂 When we hear the word onesie, we think “baby.” But no — it’s actually a unitard. I will admit I probably won’t try one of these, but I need to mention it because it’s a super hot trend right now. Hah!

Jumpsuits – Look at this one by Spanx. It comes in petite sizing and several colors — SO good! For a more casual style, this Zella is another good one.

Onesie’s – Check out this Lululemon one. You could style this many different ways!

Dresses – I adore the scallop detail on this one, and look at this pretty color by Beyond Yoga


2 – Flattering Flares

I find flares to be super flattering, even on short people like me — they make my legs look longer for sure! I’m particularly loving the Groove pant by Lululemon (I had them shortened, and they’re perfect). They’re the best ones out there in my opinion.


3 – Tenniscore is a hot trend at the moment

What is “tenniscore?” Well, it’s basically athleisure that you’d wear on the tennis court (whether you’re on the court or not 😉). Think cute, short-sleeved shirts, track jackets and pleated skirts. Brands I’m loving include Club & Court, Kule, Varley and Vuori. Can’t wait to try a few new pieces myself!

Tennis accessories – Loving all the accessories at Kule, as well as this new website with the cutest paddles and accessories

Tennis dresses – Check out this green terry polo dress, this Vuori one and this Varley one

… and skirts – Really like the new Vuori skirt, mine arrives tomorrow! Also look at this Lululemon skirt in the longer length — several great color options


4 – Cute Matching Sets

Matching sets are the perfect way to look stylish and comfy at the same time. Everyone is wearing a matching set right now! The Varley shorts are some of the best I’ve ever tried, and I just ordered them in black with this matching crochet top. Also, there are lots of matching top options on the Varley website. You’ll wear them all spring and summer, I guarantee it.


5 – Post-Workout Chic

If you’re running errands, adding a jacket to your workout outfit is the best way to transition to post-workout chic. For example, I love an oversized denim jacket over basically anything, like this $98 Levi’s one or this stylish oversized one by Anine Bing. But, if you want something a little longer, look at this Varley biker-style puffer. Talk about comfy but stylish! And, of course, there’s always a hoodie like this Lululemon one. All so good, you can’t go wrong!

Thank you for reading xx