22 March 2023

I gave my husband a makeover!!

Makeover: Veronica Beard dress | Larroude sandals | Dean Davidson cocktail ring

I gave my husband a makeover!! 😂

This past week, I told my husband he needed an update! Since we had two events in one week, I decided he was LONG OVERDUE for a new wardrobe. So, I gave him a makeover 😂 I actually used to help quite a few gentlemen during my Nordstrom Stylist days, but never my husband (shocking, I know). So, it got me thinking, which are the important pieces that men need for a current, stylish wardrobe?

Funny enough, when you break it down, it’s not that different from women. Every good outfit starts with the right bottom. And, for guys, it’s pretty simple: cool, current jeans and slim chino pants. From there, add a couple of different jackets, a few nice shirts, and some stylish sneakers (but comfortable, of course — they won’t wear them if they don’t “feel good” 🙄). And … voilà! The guy in your life will look transformed!

Today’s post gives you a capsule wardrobe for guys, which was inspired by my husband’s makeover. To confirm my choices, I checked in with my trusted friend Lindsey who knows all the best items (she’s at Washington Square Nordstrom in case you want an in-store experience)! Believe it or not, even though my husband was reluctant at first, now he’s pretty excited about his new things! Last week, he wore the Theory jacket and these sneakers twice. Similar to the women’s selections I share, these items are good, solid pieces that work for most men. I hope you find a little inspiration for the men in your life … if they could use a little help, keep reading for some inspo and recommendations. And, be sure and have fun with it! 🤍


Style Board Inspo

Top Row: Black poplin shirt | Vince hoodie | Plaid shirt | Tan shirt jacket | Blue knit hoodie | Theory unlined blazer

Shoes/Accessories: Leather Sneaker | Veja Sneaker | Vince Sneaker | Polo Hat | Sunglasses | Bracelet

Bottom Row: Cashmere Polo | Cotton Polo | Black T-Shirt | Gray T-Shirt | Khakis | Jeans | Gray Jeans


The starting place: Denim and easy khakis

The FIRST place to start is by making sure your guys have updated denim. Just like for women, this is the starting piece of every good outfit. My husband had older jeans — some ill-fitting (!!) — so it was time to get some new ones. For this makeover, we purchased three pairs: a blackish gray pair, a darker wash, and a lighter, faded pair. I’ve instructed him to push all the others aside and ONLY wear the new ones 😂 In addition to jeans, we added this pair of khakis. He’s been wearing five pocket styles like these best-selling AGs, but, a new, slimmer pair of chinos is even better. It took a little convincing, but now he loves them! Top selling jeans for guys are the AG Everett, Paige Federal, Frame L’Homme slim or Fidelity Jimmy Slim. And, a brand new lightweight pant that’s perfect for spring and summer is this one. My friend Lindsey is selling it to every guy she helps! You can’t go wrong with any of these.

Left: Gray shirt jacket | T-shirt | Dark denim | Veja sneakers | Hat | Right: Theory unlined blazer | Slim khaki pants | Sneakers | Burberry laptop bag | Vince Birdseye polo

AG Everett | AG Everett | Paige Federal | Paige Federal


Then, add casual jackets

Just like women, guys need “third pieces” too. I’m not talking about going-to-the-gym attire, but everyday, cool-guy wear definitely includes a great jacket. It can be an unlined blazer, a shirt jacket, a bomber jacket (like this) — the options are endless. Of course, if you’re in really warm weather, this idea goes out the window — but maybe not for evenings! A jacket always completes an outfit, even a summer one. For this makeover, we got my husband the Theory blazer and tan shirt jacket – both on the below style boards — and it looks great with everything.


Left: Theory blazer | Robert Barakett Shirt | AG jeans | Sneakers | Yurman bracelet | Right: Rag & Bone shirt jacket | Vince Hoodie | AG jeans | White sneakers | Hat


The best shirts

Every guy also needs a few slimmer-fitting shirts. Most men I know buy shirts that are too big! Remember, there are variations on slim shirts, and they’re made for all body shapes. Cool brands include Faherty, Vince, Rag & Bone, and Good Man Brand. Grab a few plaid shirts as well, like this one, and a few solid ones, like this and this. All will look perfect with jeans and casual jackets. New shirts are an integral part of any successful makeover!


Grab some knitwear too

Think relaxed polo shirts, elevated hoodies (like this one), and nicer t-shirts that can be worn under casual jackets. A best-selling t-shirt brand for guys is Robert Barakett, and they come in many different colors. We selected a black one and a pale silver one that both work nicely under the jackets we purchased. Mix and match — everything should look good together!


And of course, activewear

Left: Vuori pullover | Vuori t-shirt | Joggers | Sneaker | Bag | Headphones | Right: Gray shirt jacket | T-shirt | Joggers | Hydroflask | Apple Watch | New Balance sneakers

First of all, every guy I know LOVES the Vuori jogger. I’ve written about this several times, and you can click to read this post where I styled the Vuori jogger many different ways. Both my husband and middle son love anything by Vuori, as well as a few Lululemon pieces like these top selling ABC pants and this hoodie. If you’re looking for shorts, my husband purchased these by Faherty in a nice blue and khaki color. He’ll wear them all summer long!



Main makeover item: stylish sneakers

Thank goodness my husband agreed to try cool guy sneakers! I’m so tired of seeing Nike basketball sneakers every day, which he insists are “cool” too 😂 While I kind of agree, they don’t work with nicer polished casual outfits (in my opinion), so we got these by Common Projects instead. Also, look at investing in a navy and/or black sneaker, and add some kind of white sneaker (no Nike or Adidas). Look at these Vejas or these. Both will elevate every casual outfit, and give you guy some options. Remember to get ones he likes or he won’t wear them. And most of all, have fun with it!


Thank you for reading xx