12 March 2023

Stop making this shoe mistake!

Stop this mistake: Vince blouse | Mother Hustler denim | Schutz sandals | YSL Lou Lou puffer bag | Necklaces: here, here and here

Stop making this shoe mistake!

Copy my shoe trick, and you’ll always have the right ones 😉

How often do you go shopping, find something you love, and then watch while it just sits in your closet?! Well, usually it’s because of this mistake: we’re missing the key piece that helps pull it all together. Sometimes it can be a jacket or the right accessories, but more often than not … it’s THE SHOES!

Over the years, I’ve found that shoes can make — or break — an outfit. So, after spending A LOT of time in the Nordstrom dressing room, I came up with a simple trick that worked every single time: add an easy, wear-with-everything neutral shoe. Now I’m not saying that a fun red shoe or a metallic shoe doesn’t have a place (it most def does). But, having a solid collection of skin-toned, neutral shoes is actually the key to getting dressed! I believe you should own several pairs — believe me, you’ll wear them all. In fact, over half my shoe collection is neutral! It might sound a bit excessive, but I promise they work with everything.

Today’s post is all about shoes, with a special section devoted to neutral shoes. Yesterday, I shared this IG Reels Video that helps illustrate the different neutral shoes that work with everything. I feel so passionate about this subject because I’ve tested it out on myself, and trust me — it works. Keep reading to see which neutral shoes I have personally tried and love, and of course see some new shoe finds that are perfect for spring. After all, who doesn’t love new shoes?


The #1 shoe I’ve worn for years!


Left: Zimmermann dress, similar | Sandal | YSL bag | Middle: Shirt | Mother denim | Sandal | Dior tote | Weekender bag | Right: Stripe dress | Tory Burch bucket bag | Sandal

The Schutz sandal is the #1 most-worn shoe in my closet. The lower cork block heel is a go-to, and I recently had to purchase a second pair since my old ones were starting to look a little tired! I might go as far as to say, if you don’t own these, you could be missing out … they’re that good. If you like a heel, then the Ariella sandal is another versatile shoe that goes with every nice dress (I’m wearing them in the top left photo). These aren’t for everyone since they’re on the higher side, but there are lower versions I’m sharing below. Both are $128.


The key: a neutral shoe that goes with everything


Susie’s outfit: Tan shirt | White denim | Fendi bag | Schutz sandals | Left Column: Jimmy Choo | Schutz | L’Agence | Anthropologie | Right column: Schutz | Gucci | Sam Edelmann | Larroude | Vince

I can’t say enough about the importance of owning several pairs of neutral shoes. I recommend a casual, flat style: a mid-heel like this new Larroude style, or the Schutz one. If you can wear heels, try this L’Agence style or this Gucci one. The trick is to find a shade that blends in with your leg — then the shoes kind of disappear. They’re leg lengthening, and they go with every single outfit! Stop thinking you should only have one pair — you should have several! It gives you more options 🙂


The shoe color that makes everything sophisticated


Susie’s outfit: Dress | Sandal | Straw tote | Heart bracelet | Right: Denim jacket | Dress | Sandals | Tote | Hat | Sunnies

A caramel colored shoe and a coordinating bag (or belt) will take every single outfit up several notches. I’ve written about this at length several times, and I believe caramel is a really important color to own (in addition to the neutrals above). I love this YSL sandal, and this one is very similar, but more affordable. There’s also this best-selling one by Dolce Vita, and this one, and this one too. Love them all. Stop thinking they have to be expensive … check out more options at all price points here!


Strappy sandals


Susie’s outfit: Denim jacket, similar | AGOLDE tank | Mother denim | Sandals, similar | Gucci bag | Right: Denim jacket | AGOLDE tank | Naghedi tote | Sandals | Earrings | Mother denim

Strappy sandals are another wardrobe staple, particularly if you have any special events coming up. Of course, they can be worn with denim, and dresses too. I love neutral styles, as well as anything metallic. We can stop thinking they have to be high. They can be any height — whatever you’re most comfortable with. Look for straps on the thinner side — I think they look a little better with dresses.


Wedge sandals


Susie’s outfit: Pink shirt | Trousers | Vince wedge sandal | Right: Trench coat | Stripe shirt | Espadrille Wedges | Gucci bag | Denim | Sandals | Earrings

Wedge sandals are easy to wear, and this pair by Vince are very comfortable, despite the fact that they’re on the higher side. I wore the black ones often last summer, and now I have my eye on the neutral ones. Whether you’re going for a dressier pair like these Veronica Beard ones, or more casual like these — they all work, and they’re really versatile!


A black shoe for spring and summer?


Susie’s outfit: Black trench | Cotton shirt | Denim | L’Agence sandals | Tote | Left column: Stuart Weitzman Playa | Schutz | Gucci loafer | Sam Edelman | Right column: Gucci sandal | Gucci Horsebit | Sam Edelman | L’Agence | Schutz

We should probably stop thinking we can’t wear black shoes in spring and summer. We absolutely can! Black shoes are another staple in our wardrobes, and everyone needs a pair or two. Just today, I read on Vogue.com that black court shoes were seen all over the Fall 2023 runways! You can’t go wrong with a strappy pair like these, and for the perfect summer sandal, look at this well-priced black patent leather Sam Edelman, or this splurge YSL. Both are super versatile, and you’ll wear them all the time.


Thank you for reading! xx

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