23 February 2023

9 things that both short and tall people can wear

For tall and short: Black Kayla shirt | Mother denim | Dior tote | Dior scarf | L’Agence sandals | Sweater over shoulders

9 things that both short and tall people can wear!

It’s hard to believe that I started this blog over four years ago, and it has grown into something much larger than I ever anticipated! It’s very exciting, and as the website continues to grow, I receive lots of feedback and comments (most of which are helpful and kind). This is what I love the most about this journey — connecting with all of you!

Many of you likely know that I’m only 5’1″ — and while I’ve heard that I look taller in photos (hah!), the truth of the matter is, I have my own clothing woes. We all do! Recently, I’ve been getting this comment a lot, which is along the lines of “you’re short/petite and I can’t wear what you wear because I’m tall!” So, here’s the deal: after helping thousands of women in the dressing room over the years, as well as a decade of being a buyer, I have a very good idea of what works for the majority of us. I try really hard to select items for the blog that are not only top sellers, but that I’m confident you’ll love.

Of course, there are exceptions, which is why I decided to ask my dear friend Danielle (aka @DG_Stylist) to weigh in. She’s 5’9″ (size 31) and rarely needs alterations, and I on the other hand, at 5’1″ (size 27), have to have most everything altered. But, the funny thing is that we BOTH wear the exact same jeans … and many other things too! So, today’s post is about brands and styles that work for both of us, tall and short, and I’m sharing them with you below. Keep reading to see the 9 things both tall and petite people can wear … you might be surprised!


Danielle – 5’9″ | Susie – 5’1″


Danielle: Blazer | Blouse | Paige Cindy | Susie: Mango coat | AGOLDE Riley | Pumps, similar | Frank & Eileen shirt | Dior tote

Danielle, a Nordstrom stylist in the Fashion Valley store, is 5’9″ and a size 31 in jeans. I’m a former Nordstrom Stylist at 5’1″ and a size 27 in jeans. And, we’ve had many dressing room try-on’s together. As I mentioned above, we BOTH wear the same jeans … without exception!


#1 Denim, denim, denim

We love denim, and both own all the styles below!  


Left: Frame Mini-Boot | Blazer | Blouse | Handbag | Scarf | Slingback | Right: Mother Weekender | Shirt | Sweater | Loewe tote | Sandals | Bracelet

Our go-to’s on a regular basis

Slim, straight leg jeans: Paige Cindy and AG Mari — both run true to size

Crop flare jeans: Mother Insider and Hustler, Paige Claudine, Fidelity Juniper and Frame Mini-Boot

Flare jeans: Paige Genevieve, Mother Weekender and Frame Le High Flare


#2 We love Spanx!

We love Spanx, and just yesterday I featured the Slim, Straight “Perfect Pant” in this Reels video.  You can shop the looks on the ShopLTK app here. The smoothing ponte fabric is machine washable, slimming, versatile and available in all sizes — regular, petite and tall. For reference, I wear the size petite small in the pants, and Danielle wears a size large. Then there are the leggings — which are their #1 best seller — and everyone loves them. Recently, Spanx launched Air Essentials, and the 1/2 zip and matching pant keep selling out. They’re made with spacer fabric that’s lightweight, soft and ultra drapey. Finally, the shapewear is a stylist go-to, and can be worn under almost everything. These are our favorites.

Perfect pant: Slim Straight, High Rise Flare

Legging: Faux leather legging, the #1 seller, always

Air Essentials: 1/2 zip, crew sweatshirt and matching pant

Shapewear: Thigh shaper — here and here


#3 Stylish Blazers

Blazers can be tricky for both of us. Many are way too long for me and too short for Danielle! So, here are three styles we know work for both of us: Veronica Beard Scuba jacket, Veronica Beard Miller Dickey jacket and the Cinq à Sept Khloe blazer. For an affordable option, this Nordstrom blazer is amazing — I have it in green, and Danielle loves it too!


Left: Lilac jacket | Halogen tank | Mother Dazzler denim | Loewe bag | L’Agence sandal | Scarf | Right: Blazer & matching pant | Jeans | Scarf | Sneaker | Bag | T-shirt


#4 Our favorite T-shirts

Danielle, Sandy & Susie — all in ATM t-shirts!

It’s unanimous: we ALL love the ATM Schoolboy t-shirt. It’s arm flattering, slightly forgiving and our number one t-shirt choice. For graphic tee options, we love the ones by Anine Bing — they’re perfectly oversized. For a v-neck option, we both own the Frame style.


#5 Shoes, of course

Sometimes shorter girls like me prefer to wear heels, and taller gals like flats. However, Danielle and I both agree, no matter your size, wear whatever you like, whenever you like 🙂 Height doesn’t matter! Here are some current favorites we both own and love.


#6 Slip dresses


Danielle: Good American slip dress | Susie: Veronica Beard blazer | L’Agence slip dress | Sandals

When it comes to dresses, I have everything altered (because I’m short 😂), and Danielle walks right out the door! The Vince slipdress is an all-time favorite. Last year, we both bought this Farm Rio dress … perfect for spring. Finally, we love this brand new L’Agence style and shared it in this Reels video, which you can shop here.


#7 Feminine Blouses

Paige and Frame are two of our favorites brands for blouses. This Frame Gillian style with the feminine sleeve detail is so pretty! I wear an XS, and Danielle wears a large. It’s available in several colors here and here. We also love Paige blouses — this one is brand new!


#8 Denim and leather jackets

We’re huge jacket fans, and both have several favorite brands, including Frame, BlankNYC and Sanctuary. Of course, I almost always have my sleeves shortened (because my arms are short too 😂), Danielle doesn’t (again, lucky!). Some other faves are below.


#9 Tall or short, you need a crossbody bag

Everyone can wear a crossbody bag, no matter how tall or petite you are! And, this is definitely the most versatile style of bag. So, whether it’s a splurge or an affordable purchase, it will complete your outfit and your look. Try one of our faves below.


Thank you for reading! xx

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