31 January 2023

As of Late, January 2023 Edition

So Susie — everything I’m loving as of late 💕

As of Late, January 2023 Edition

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my new series … “as of late”  decided to switch things up a bit here on the blog, so once a month I’ll be sharing what’s happening in the world of design, food, travel, fashion and … life! It’s as if you’re sitting around with girlfriends having a glass of wine, and one of them has the inside scoop 😉 The last installment was in August of 2022, and after a hiatus in the fall, we’re back!

I’ll be covering some fun topics, along with whatever else interesting might come up during the month. For example, there’s what’s in my shopping bag, things that have caught my eye as of late (there’s always something), and exciting interior and exterior design projects. There are also food and cocktail recipes, travel plans and ideas, current trends, and of course, street style inspo 🌟 So … lots of great stuff!

Since fashion is what we talk most about here on So Susie, that won’t change at all. But this will be a fun way for me to share my thoughts on some other interests you all seem to enjoy. I hope you like it 🥂 Cheers!

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What has caught my eye … as of late

I’ve just returned home from a week long trip to SoCal. First stop: LA for trend shopping, business brainstorming, meetings, and of course, blog research!! Next stop: London with my family to celebrate my sweet dad’s life.

The weather was chilly in LA and Palm Springs, and I wore the same thing every night: this trench, a Lululemon long sleeved top, a cashmere sweater, these jeans, sneakers and this black scarf. I felt kind of cute on the first day, but after several days, it got a little old 😂

Thankfully the weather in Palm Springs was sunny and warm during the day, and I wore this Rails eyelet top, this swimsuit and coverup, this Anthropologie dress and these sandals. On the morning walk I wore the Lululemon top, flare workout pants, comfy sneakers and my favorite belt bag. It was perfect!


Wearing: Rails white blouse | Mother denim | Slingbacks | YSL tote | Gigi Clozeau necklace | Gorjana neckace



36 hours in LA


Susie’s outfit, worn 7 days in row: Trench | MZ Wallace quilted bucket bag | Sneakers | Graphic tee | YSL tote | Briggs & Riley luggage | Middle: Veronica Beard store on Melrose | Right: 1 West Hollywood pool | J.Crew shirt coverup | Swimsuit, older | YSL black tote

Besides shopping, the trip consisted of morning walks in the Hollywood Hills, eating, people watching, and working in the comfy lobby of our hotel. It’s the fourth time I’ve visited the 1 West Hollywood, so as you might guess, I love it. And since I’m a bit of a creature of habit, I’ve done the same things each time! Here they are:

Morning walks: Directly across the street from the hotel are the Hollywood Hills. If you want a vigorous one hour walk, it’s perfect for that! Plus, you get to see the coolest, most beautifully landscaped houses nestled into the hills. Two years ago, I took a video of an ivy covered house, and much to my surprise, I found out it belonged to my favorite interior designer, Mark Sikes!

Eating: Mizzlala is casual and so so good. I keep meaning to go to the Tower bar for drinks, but I’m usually too tired :). Craigs LA makes you feel like a local, and Craig is always wandering around. The food likely won’t win awards, but I still love going. If you want a yummy breakfast burrito, Dialog Cafe is amazing. I heard Madeo is the new cool place to go, and it’s ten steps away from the hotel. I watched several people get out of fancy cars and walk right into this low-key Italian restaurant — so I’ll be going there next time😉

Shopping: I love Pacific Palisades — you’re in the cutest neighborhood with all these gorgeous little boutiques: Veronica Beard, Serena & Lily, Vince, Anine Bing and so on. I always go to Melrose Place, and usually make an excuse to go to Alfred Tea. This time I went to Century City, which is a great mall, but I’m skipping it next time. I also love going to Brentwood Country Mart. Intermix, Jenny Kayne and Paige are there — and several other shops I think you’ll love.


The latest Reels videos, and how to shop them

I love getting in my closet and making outfit combos to show you on my Instagram Reels. This dress is SO GOOD, and it was featured in the Reels Video where I shared my favorite Anthropologie dresses, like this black one that’s a best seller, and this printed shirt dress. I’ve spotted a few more dresses I just love like this and this. Anthropologie is looking SO good right now! Click here to watch the Reels video, and here to shop it.

I realize it can sometimes be tricky to shop or get outfit details, and I’m working on a website re-design which will be ready in a few weeks. But until then, you can find the Reels outfit boards on my website here.

Other recent Reels videos include this controversial skinny jean one, this match your top and bottom one, and this other one about vacation outfits.

Wearing: Anthropologie dress | Schutz sandal | Loewe tote



Closet clean out 101 – invest in a rolling rack!


Left: Open Edit blazer | Marc Jacobs tote | Brinker & Eliza bracelet | Pearl pendant necklace | Right: Ulla Johnson blouse | Mother Insider jeans | Neutral boot

When I wrote this blog post, and posted this IG video, I’ve never received so many messages! It’s clear we all need to clean our closets (me included!) and trust me it feels so good! If you haven’t tried it yet, now is a good time before a new season starts.

Closet clean-out 101

Invest in a rolling rack – it’s the starting point of cleaning out your closet

Separate by category, and put everything on the rolling rack

Evaluate each piece and either keep, store, alter or donate

Put it back in the spot neatly, and always colorize light to dark

Get a notepad and make notes of what you need to add/replace

Message me back and let me know how it goes 😉


Delicious recipes I’ve tried as of late


Left: Drink at Sparrows lodge – loved | My middle son Jack at Serratto in Portland | Truffle fries at Azucar in Palm Springs

I’m always cooking new things, and after watching Stanley Tucci hop around the beautiful Amalfi Coast and southern Italy, all I really want to eat is pasta!! But most nights, it’s pretty simple around here, and this go-to creamy tortilla soup is really really good. When we’re going vegetarian, my whole family loves this Whole Bowl recipe. I’ve also been following Erin O’Brien on Insta, and not only is she so so sweet, her recipes are delish.

Speaking of food, If you’re in the NW Portland area, grab some authentic Thai food at the brand new Phuket Cafe. Now I know why there’s always a long wait! I’ve been wanting to try the new “it” restaurant in Portland called Kann, but they’re booked out for months. This restaurant in Portland just opened and it’s on my list to try. Finally, if you’re in wine country, check out the new Tributary Hotel and the adjoining ōkta restaurant – it was an amazing experience!


Thank you for reading! xx

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