15 January 2023

Skinny jeans are out! Here’s what to wear instead!

 Wear this instead: Faux shearling jacket | Mother Weekender denim | Stuart Weitzman boots | YSL tote | ATM t-shirt

Skinny jeans are out! Here’s what to wear instead 😉

… the most flattering style of all

It’s not often that I make such a bold statement, but at the end of the day, I truly believe we can wear whatever we want, whenever we want! And really, there are always exceptions — even with skinnies. I wore mine the other day with a big oversized shirt and sneakers — and someone messaged me about it!! So … here’s the scoop: I haven’t purchased skinny jeans since before the pandemic. At that time, in 2019 when I was still working as a Nordstrom Stylist, I can confirm that skinnies were already trending down. And the trend has continued with very few skinny jeans available in the Nordstrom denim department.

If we want our outfits to be stylish and current, then I think skinny jeans should be pushed off to the side … for now. And while you’re at it, scoot those low rise jeans to the back of the closet as well! Working at Nordstrom for what seems like a lifetime did have a few benefits, and one of them was feeling/looking young by staying up on the trends. It was a little tricky on the pocket book, but I did have a nice selection of clothes! While we don’t need a ton of different clothing items, instead try keeping some updated denim and a few other cool, modern staples. They really go a long way towards making stylish outfits!

Today’s post is about one style of denim that might be the most flattering style of all! That’s right, wider length denim and bootcut styles are back, and they’re sooo flattering. Read on to find out which styles are worth paying attention to, and how to wear them. Many of you also want to know which shoes to wear (can we wear sneakers?), which jackets to keep, etc. I’ll also share a little street style inspo, some new style boards and, of course, some super cute pieces I think you’ll love!


Street style inspo


Images via Pinterest

The key styles: all longer length denim

Flare styles: Mother Weekender, Paige Genevieve (wide hem), Paige Laurel Canyon, Frame Le High Flare

Bootcut styles: Paige Manhattan Bootcut, Mother Runaway, Frame Le Mini Boot 


Susie’s flare jean outfits


Photo 1: Veronica Beard blazer | Frame Le High | Tan Bag | Photo 2: J.Crew trench | Frame Le High | Photo 3: Utility jacket | Paige Laurel Canyon | Chloe tote | Photo 4: Rails top | Mother Weekender | YSL Toy Puffer


Blazer | Frame Mini Boot jeans

Adding a blazer is perfect for a business lunch, work or just feeling a little extra! You can substitute any flare jean with this outfit – they all work. I prefer slightly shaped blazers to balance the wider style jeans. Of course, if you’re on the taller side, then you can try a more relaxed blazer like the best selling Cinq a Sept style, shown here.


Left: Veronica Beard blazer | Frame denim | ATM t-shirt | Givenchy bag | Scarf | Sandals | Earrings | Right: L’Agence blazer | Frame denim | Cami | Gucci sandals | Scarf | YSL bag

Shoe options:

Strappy sandals, Cool boots, Pointy toe pumps


Pretty blouses | Paige denim

Pretty blouses work with most any style of denim, and you can play around with this look by trying one style of blouse instead of another. I especially love the Frame Gillian style. The softly puff sleeves are a nice detail, and it’s a basic you can wear almost any time of year. Try adding a cotton style like this heart one by Alice & Olivia, so cute and hearts are year round — and also perfect timing for now!


Left: Frame blouse | Veronica Beard cardigan | Paige Laurel Canyon | Bag | Sandals | Right: Alice & Olivia blouse | Cinq A Sept jacket | Paige Genevieve | Gucci sandals | YSL bag

Shoe options:

Strappy sandals, Block heel sandals, Slide sandals, Pointy toe pumps


Add a longer cardigan

Longer cardigans are sophisticated and stylish! I prefer a slimmer flare jean like the Mother Weekender and definitely a heel, depending on how tall you are. This Mango cardigan arrived the other day, and I may be too short for it at 5’1″. It’s an AMAZING cardigan, and if you’re taller than me, I highly suggest it. The J.Crew Juliette cardigan is my other favorite, and you can easily substitute it for either of these looks. Because it’s a little shorter, I’m able to pull this look off! I often say, we all have our style challenges 🙂


Left: Mango cardigan | Striped t-shirt | Mother Weekender | Givenchy bag | Stuart Weitzman boot | Necklace | Right: Mango cardigan | Frame sweater | Mother Weekender | White boot | Red tote

Shoe options:

Pointy toe boots, block heel sandals, Strappy sandals, Pointy toe pumps


Now the question: which shoes?

As you can see, the styling options are numerous when it comes to styling flare denim, including casual jackets like the Anine Bing utility jacket and many others. Really, pretty much everything you already own in your closet will work. It just takes a little playing around, and choosing one thing instead of another!

Now the question: which shoes? Well, I prefer heels with flare jeans. But, keep in mind I’m only 5’1 which make it a little tricky at times. Heels, boots and even sneakers work with flare jeans. A couple of months ago, I had an hour long phone conversation with Ohi, the Mother denim rep based in LA. He pointed out that the Weekender style is sometimes referred to as the sneak, i.e. meant to be worn with sneakers. So, there you have it!


Thank you for reading xx