7 November 2022

2022 Holiday Gift Guides – Em’s Picks

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Holiday Gift Guides 2022

I’m back! 🙂

Other than summer, the holiday season is my favorite time of year. I love spending time with family, eating all the yummy holiday treats, gift giving, and playing Christmas music … just a few of my favorite things!

So, with the holiday season coming up, it’s never too late to start shopping for all the special people in your life. This year for gifting season, I found some favorite items that will definitely be on my Christmas list this year, and a handful of fun things that I will be gifting my brothers.


For the Girls

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This Shark Official Blow Dryer is the perfect dupe for the Dyson Airwrap. It’s almost 1/3 of the price compared to the Dyson, has amazing reviews, and is a must-try for the beauty lovers out there. (Shark: $269.99, Dyson: $599.99)

These platform UGG slippers are the talk of the town lately and are sold out everywhere … so grab them while you can! By the way, there are many ways to style these!

When you don’t know what to give as a gift, you can’t go wrong with a cozy blanket! This Barefoot Dreams blanket is a bit of a splurge, but you can opt for this blanket by Nordstrom for only $29 instead.


For the Boys

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This puffer jacket from North Face is a perfect staple to add to your guy’s wardrobe and a great gift for the colder seasons.

Hydro Flasks are a great gift for anyone and there are many colors to choose from to fit your liking.

This Aventus cologne by Creed is known as the king of fragrances and is a best seller for men.

My family and I have a serious love for slippers, and the holiday season is the perfect time of year to get a fresh pair! They’re guaranteed to get a lot of use!


Happy Holidays 🙂

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