30 October 2022

The $69 sweater that sells out every season!

The $69 sweater: 1.State sweater | Mother denim | Pendant necklace | Bony Levy pear necklace | Loeffler Randall boots

The $69 sweater that sells out every season!

… and 5 other best-selling items you’ll wear all winter long

I love having the inside scoop at Nordstrom, and I’m thankful to have a really good friend there who I’ve known for 30+ years. Just the other day, she texted me that the Nordstrom hoodie I’ve been waiting for is back in stock — and I’ll be sharing it with you the minute it’s available online! Last year, when Nordstrom cashmere got marked down, she alerted me before the store opened. We always have a good laugh, because she knows I’m picky, and at any given time she’ll only show me one or two things in the entire department. The latest scoop: this super stylish (and affordable) 1.State balloon sleeve sweater. Last winter, we all loved this sweater until it completely sold out. Now it’s back, and it still looks way more expensive than it is!

Today, I’m sharing the November Nordstrom6 drop (a monthly drop of six of our favorite, best-selling items). The six pieces you need to make the cutest fall outfits include the 1.State sweater, this amazing Sam Edelman coat, the scarf I can’t live without, this best-selling tote under $200, a super cute pointy toe flat, and the coated jeans I wear on repeat. Keep reading for my tips on how to style them — they’re super simple, very wearable, and I’m sure you’ll love them! 🙂


ICYMI: last month’s October drop

Click here to see!


Left board: Blue wrap coat | Denim | Gray sweater | Boots | Scarf | Handbag | Middle board: J.Crew cardigan | Anine Bing t-shirt | Paige denim, ecru | Scarf, similar | Slingbacks, similar | YSL Toy Puffer | Right board: Black blazer | Camel sweater | Scarf | YSL bag | Ivory denim | White boot | Bracelet


The must-have N6 drop pieces for November

Sam Edelman coat, Frame coated denim, Nordstrom scarf, Rebecca Minkoff tote, 1.State sweater and the Sam Edelman flat


#1 Sam Edelman coat

Several weeks ago, when visiting the Nordstrom flagship store in Seattle, we all went looking for a coat. I immediately spotted this Sam Edelman one and tried it on! It’s such a well-priced coat with several color options. I selected the bright blue color, but I just noticed more colors have been added. This coat would make the perfect gift, or wardrobe addition for yourself.


Left: Sam Edelman coat | Burberry scarf | Anine Bing t-shirt | Sam Edelman flats | Paige Cindy | YSL bag | Right: Sam Edelman coat | Boots | Anine Bing t-shirt | YSL bag | Scarf


#2 Frame coated denim

This Frame coated denim is hands-down my personal favorite. I wore it all the time last year, and it has recently resurfaced in my wardrobe rotation! It’s the perfect slim, straight leg jean, and it works nicely with boots — casual but dressy — as well as with any sparkly sandal for going out. It’s available in chocolate brown here and a fun leopard print here!


Left: Pink blazer | Frame coated denim | Metallic clutch | Metallic sandals | Cami | Earrings | Right: Theory jacket | Camel sweater | Scarf | Gucci bag | Necklace | Sam Edelman flats


#3 Rebecca Minkoff tote

Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favorite handbag brands that’s also reasonably priced. I’ve been going on and on about this clutch — I own the gold one, and it’s so pretty. It can be worn any time of year with dresses or denim outfits. The tote is well-priced at $198, and it looks sophisticated whether you’re going to work or running errands. For other Rebecca Minkoff bags, I found the best selection here and here. I also love this one. Really, you can’t go wrong with any style.


#4 1.State balloon sleeve sweater

This is such a deal at $69! I found the sleeves to run a little long, but I just push them up and it works just fine 😉 I love the ivory, camel, black and darker gray colors. They’re sophisticated and tend to look more expensive. I am wearing the XS size and found the sweater to run true to size. Don’t wait, because I’m certain this sweater will sell out again this season!



#5 Nordstrom cashmere/silk scarf

This is the ONLY scarf I recommend. I have it in black, and I’ve been talking about it for several years — and I’m not joking when I say it’s the perfect scarf. Not too thick, not too thin — it’s just right. I’ve taken mine on every single airplane trip since it adds extra warmth without being too bulky. I also wear it with wool coats, blazers and even dresses. This is a good one, and it also sold out a while back, so best to grab one while you can. For another color option, I also like the ivory.



#6 Sam Edelman pointy toe flat

This past September, I made a trip to NYC for some trend shopping, or “blog research” as I like to call it. I decided to pop into the Sam Edelman shoe store, and it was buzzing! It was so well merchandised, and it’s fun to see the complete color ranges for all the shoes we see online. I tried on this flat, and it’s another one that looks more expensive than the price tag. I also fell in love with this sneaker, and my friend purchased these sandals. You just can’t go wrong with Sam Edelman shoes!

Other Sam Edelman favorites



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