20 March 2022

I recommend these 8 vacation items to everyone!

J.Crew coverup | Becca swimsuit | Hat | Sunglasses | Michele watch

I recommend these 8 vacation items to everyone!

For some crazy reason, in the past year I’ve done more traveling than I have in the past four! This is due in part to being stuck at home for months and months (like everyone) and wanting to get going again, and in part for this fun little blogging job. I mean, I have to do trend shopping, aka “blog research,” in order to find the very best for all of you 😉 Along the way, I’ve learned a few things about traveling that work really well. So, today I’ll let you in on a little secret: I recommend these 8 vacation items to everyone — no matter where you’re going!

This week, my family is in Scottsdale, Arizona for what could be our last spring break trip together (sniff sniff). We usually go someplace sunny, but this year is a different because it’s just me and the boys, and they don’t like laying around like me and Em do! This vacation will be a bit more active than what I’m used to, so I packed a little differently. And since packing can be challenging sometimes, I thought I write about it!

Today’s post is about 8 vacation items I often recommend, like cashmere wraps for the plane, the best travel bag ever, and a few other necessities I’ve found to be useful while traveling. Because I’m in sunny vacation mode, a couple of them include warm weather items like the best swimwear and sunscreen, and pre-trip self-tanner. I hope you have fun travel plans on the horizon and find these suggestions helpful. Cheers!

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Where we’re staying: The Scott Resort & Spa


Images via Pinterest


#1 Travel day outfit and the gear

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

It’s important to have a comfy travel outfit and the right gear since about two days are spent traveling to and from our destinations. I love wearing Vuori joggers if I’m driving a longer distance or flying overseas because they’re cozy, warm and stylish. If it’s a two hour flight or less, then often I’ll wear jeans — which is what I wore to Scottsdale — specifically these white ones. A scarf is a must as it serves dual purpose for staying warm on the plane and for cooler evenings. And finally, the right carry-on bag (LOVE the Beis weekender), suitcase and packing cubes are key!



#2 Day dresses

Paige dress | YSL tote | Dior slides | Link necklace | Poppy Finch necklace

Dresses are my go-to when heading somewhere warm. The one thing I’ve noticed in the last 24 hours here in Scottsdale is that EVERYONE is wearing dresses! They’re easy, comfortable and if you find casual styles you like, I think they’re better than a short/top combo any day. I love this t-shirt midi one by Paige and this $49 one — both are perfect with sandals or sneakers. For other options, look at this Paige white one and this Farm Rio — so cute!

T-shirt style


Casual, pretty dresses


Other pretty dresses … there were many that caught my eye 🙂



#3 Jackets & Jeans outfits

Anine Bing jacket | Mother Dazzler jeans | Sandals | AGOLDE tank | Balenciaga tote | Hoop earrings

I’m always cold, and since my real-life outfits revolve around jeans and jackets, going on vacation — no matter where — is no exception. Depending on the vacation length and time of year, I usually bring three pairs of jeans: white (these),  black (these), and blue (these). For jackets, I’ve been wearing this utility jacket non-stop, this J.Crew cardigan and this denim jacket. These are all versatile and handy for putting together cute outfits. For layering pieces, I’ll usually pack a white ATM tee and an Anine Bing graphic tee like this or this.


AG, Mother and Levi’s



#4 Going out to dinner options

Sweater | Wide-leg denim | Paige sandals | Chloe tote

We don’t get too dressed up on vacation, and I find that a few simple items like the Vince slip dress and black sandals actually work with many items you can dress up or down. The slipdress takes up no room, and can be worn with a short jacket like this, a denim jacket like the travel one above, or a simple sweater over the shoulders for extra warmth. A few other going out options include this pretty blouse, and this sequined top.



#5 Swimwear


Left: Stripe coverup | YSL sandal | Loewe tote | Right: Hat | Earrings | Sam Edelman sneaker | White dress | Stripe swimsuit | Tan Luxe | Beach bag | Stripe coverup | Glasses | Sandals

I’ve decided it might be time for new swimwear!! One thing is for sure: I’ve worn this shirt coverup, these sunglasses and this hat on every sunny vacation. I love white coverups because they work with every swimsuit, but I think it’s time for a switch up! On this vacation, I’m trying this pretty ombre swimsuit along with a caftan. It feels like I should be wearing strappy heels and sipping a martini 😎 Here are some brand new swimsuits I love, along with cool coverups that go from pool to cocktails!




#6 Exercising/hiking/tennis/pickleball

Club & Court tennis dress – Love this website

Since pickleball has become the hot sport lately, it’s the perfect excuse to wear cute tennis dresses — and right now there are lots of options. Recently, J.Crew did this version, which is SO cute! I grabbed this skirt and matching bra, which I’ll wear with a white Vuori tee over it. Also, I bring this Zella cardigan and Lululemon belt bag on EVERY vacation — so handy for everything!



#7 Vacation shoes and accessories

ATM tee | White denim jacket | Loewe bag | Valentino flip flops | Baseball hat | Sunglasses | Mother denim

I’m often asked about which comfy shoes to purchase if going on a sightseeing/lots of walking kind of trip. Since the comfort shoe category isn’t my expertise (the shoe guys used to roll their eyes at me!), I think it’s most convenient to wear ones you already own that are comfortable. I do know that the Ecco sneaker is the shoe department go-to for comfort. Since I’m in sunshine mode, I will bring sandals, sneakers for walking and hiking, and loafers. Try straw totes and canvas totes because they always come in handy when traveling! I’ll also bring a couple of bracelets and necklaces, but I keep things pretty simple in the jewelry department because I don’t want to lose anything!



#8 Beauty products

Over the past couple of years, I’ve alternated between this cosmetics case and this one — both from Amazon. While you can see everything with the hard one, the soft one is a little easier to pack. I’m trying to stock my case with travel minis because it makes packing so much easier. Maybe someday I’ll just purchase duplicates of everything, but for now, I’m trying to be a bit more economical (or so I tell hubby)! 😉


Thank you for reading xx

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