10 February 2022

How to build a modern capsule wardrobe, part 2

Fidelity denim jacket | Gold sandals, similar | Veronica Beard trouser | Gucci bag | White tank | Gold hoop earrings

How to build a modern capsule wardrobe, part 2

How do you build a modern capsule wardrobe and then make it even better? By stocking your closet with a combination of well-fitting essentials and trendy pieces that you add each season! Trendy pieces include pretty blouses, non-black handbags, special jackets and dresses, and fun accessories. Sooo … basically anything you absolutely love and are excited to wear!

With everything you need available in your closet, you’ll have extra confidence when getting dressed. Trust me on this one — it feels REALLY GOOD when your outfits come together easily. But, this requires thoughtful planning and smart purchasing, and it also doesn’t happen overnight (darn). Recently I shared “How to Build A Modern Capsule, Part 1” which is the starting point for every great wardrobe: sophisticated, elevated, modern pieces that when combined, make the most stylish outfits ever!

Today’s post, which is Part 2 of a two-part series on the perfect wardrobe, is about those trendy, stylish pieces that take your wardrobe to the next level. These are often the items we actually buy first because, after all, they’re way more fun to purchase! Since we’re at the beginning of a new season, now is the time to get the best selection, and remember, buying early allows for longer wearing time. Keep reading for some new and exciting spring arrivals that pair perfectly with the essentials you hopefully already own (read Part 1/Modern Capsule here). As always, if you have any questions or need help, feel free to reach out! 🙂


The essentials

See this post


Left: Stripe sweater | Mother denim | Aquatalia boots | Suitcase | Weekender bag | Right: Madewell leather jacket | Fidelity denim | Leopard shoes | White tank


Cool jackets

One can never have too many jackets!!! Ss long as you have all the basics (see here), then any jacket you purchase will work in nicely with your wardrobe. I adore this Anine Bing camel wrap coat, and depending on the climate where you live, a fun jacket like this or this will make so many cute outfits!

Topshop jacket | Jeans | Green sandals | Anine Bing tee | Balenciaga bag | Necklace | Earrings





A touch of animal print

Animal print is pretty much a neutral, and since it’s a year-around print, it makes for a great investment. Depending on your love for animal print, adding a touch — like a shoe or a cami — is an option. If you really love it, adding a dress or even a jacket is a good idea, and you’ll have these pieces for years to come!

Veronica Beard dress | J.Crew denim jacket | New Balance sneakers | Handbag | Earrings | Nail polish

Animal print favorites



Faux leather

Faux leather is the easiest way to add a cool vibe to any outfit — it will definitely level it up. In recent years, faux leather has been looking so good! It’s drapey and soft, and most of the time you can’t tell the difference from real leather. A faux leather blazer like this is super stylish, and just today I spotted these cool pants. See below for other favorites.

Faux leather blazer | Denim | Gucci shoe | Red sandal | YSL bag | Tank | Earrings | Sunglasses





“Not basic” shoes

Believe it or not, the two hottest shoe brands that can hardly stay in stock are Amina Muddai and Mach & Mach. They flew off the shelves even during the early days of the pandemic, and now their influence is being seen everywhere. Before these brands, the iconic Manolo Hangsei shoe was the “it” shoe, and I still love it. While most of us might not have the opportunity to wear these shoes, the point is that adding something fun that you just love will make you feel extra stylish!

White shirt | Flare trousers | Pink shoes | Pink bag or black bag | Earrings | Bracelet 

Other fun shoes




I love anything with stripes! Stripes are timeless and always remind me of French girl style. If you make them look more modern by wearing a striped shirt with flare jeans and even a sweater over it, you’ll look very chic. Whether it’s a sweater like this best-selling one, or a striped tee, you’ll love and have these pieces forever. There are so many great pieces I decided to share them below!

Stripe shirt | Sweater | Denim | Gucci bag | Rag & Bone sneakers | Hair clip | Bracelets

Striped shirts — they’re having a moment!


Dresses are too


Striped tees make the perfect layering pieces



Anything navy

I love navy and so do many of you, but I usually don’t suggest adding it since I think it’s better to have a handful of black basics. But, if you’re covered in the black basics department, then adding navy is a great way to switch things up! Just today at Nordstrom, this best-selling “Kayla” oversized poplin shirt arrived, and the styling options are endless. My favorite way to style navy is with faded denim and any fun shoe. I’m partial to a neutral, but I really want to wear color, like this!

L’Agence blazer | Gold shoes | Bodysuit | Flare trousers | Handbag | Earrings | Lipstick




Pretty blouses

If you’re looking for an update, adding pretty blouses is the way to go. You can wear them during the day for lunches or meetings, and then if you style them a little bit differently (maybe unbutton a little bit more or add a heel?), they can be perfect for a night out as well. I love them layered under cozy cardigans, and they work nicely layered under blazers too.

Vince blouse | Gucci bag | Gucci shoes | Flare denim | Watch | Sunglasses

Other pretty blouses


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