27 January 2022

Did I pack perfectly? I think so!


Rhode dress | YSL sandal | Gucci bag | Sunglasses | Tan Luxe self-tanner

Did I pack perfectly? I think so! 😉

Recently I flew down to Palm Springs with a good friend to see the sunshine. We’re kind of sun deprived here in the PNW, and this time of year the rain gets old really quickly! It was super fun, and it was the perfect little break before starting some new and exciting projects for Spring (more on that later 😊). As far as my suitcase and what I packed … well, I think I did a pretty good job! In last week’s post called “How to Pack Perfectly for Your Next Trip,” I tried to incorporate some ideas and tips for successful weekend getaway packing, and I followed my own advice. I even limited my luggage to one carryon and a weekender bag (but I feel like I cheated because it held A LOT)! Never in my life have I been able to fit everything into one suitcase – hah!

Today’s post is about what I packed that actually worked (some things didn’t), including a few dresses, jackets and casual exercise clothes. (I’ll also show you my travel outfit) I did bring a few extra things, because I wasn’t sure if it would be warm enough to wear a dress or even sit by the pool. Thankfully it was, and 72 degrees in the desert feels lovely, especially at night! I also did a tiny bit of shopping (I couldn’t resist — and I’ve included a few of the things I purchased)! Keep reading to see the cutest boutique hotel where we stayed, some outfit inspo, and at the very bottom, where we ate and drank — in case you head to Palm Springs one day!

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La Serena Villas



Images via La Serena Villas and Pinterest

A historic hotel built in 1933, La Serena Villas is located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. This 18 room boutique hotel was redeveloped in 2016, and has all the modern amenities of a luxury hotel. Each villa has a private patio, complete with a romantic claw foot tub, fire pit, and built in benches. It was easy to walk to dinner, bike ride and hike, all within a handful of blocks from the hotel. We absolutely loved our stay and can’t wait to come back!



What I packed …


Left: Frame shirt dress | Sandals | Straw bag | Right: Dress (swim coverup) | Sunglasses


#1 Dresses

Dresses are the easiest thing to pack, and if you’re going somewhere sunny and warm, you can take several and they hardly take up any room. I even did a little shopping and picked up this one – love! Try to find a swim coverup like the one above that really looks like a dress. This one was only $74 — it’s so cute, and it will likely be gone any minute so grab one now – also avail here!



#2 Swim/Coverup combos

J.Crew shirt cover up | Packable hat | Gucci sunglasses | Navy one-piece swimsuit

Last year, I picked up this shirt cover up and it was one of the best vacation pieces I bought: super comfy, works with every swimsuit and reasonably priced. I love J.Crew swimsuits and this one is really flattering. I also picked up this one by Becca, and it’s also flattering and comes in several colors.




#3 Casual outfits

J.Crew cardiganWhite denim | Sandals | Banana Republic tank | Gold hoop earrings

Since it’s Palm Springs, I decided to bring white jeans and sandals. Unfortunately, I purchased a new pair of Mother Hustlers that my son altered for me, and I walked out the door without them! This J.Crew cardigan is a favorite (you all know that already), and this light gray color is a new addition. I love it with the caramel brown sandals! I also threw in this Anine Bing tee and a this cashmere wrap, which definitely came in handy in the evenings.




#4 Hiking and biking outfit

Club & Court tennis dress

When I think of Palm Springs, I automatically think of tennis and fond memories from several years ago when we stayed at the La Quinta Resort during the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament. It happened to be where many of the tennis players were staying, so we were able to watch them warm up — so fun!! This time there was no tennis, but we did enjoy riding bikes and hiking part way up the San Jacinto Mountains. Of course, I brought my Vuori joggers (as always) along with this Zella cardigan which is super cozy and works with everything. This Zella skirt is great because it doubles as a Pickleball skirt!



#5 Travel outfit

Anine Bing utility jacket | Levi’s | Anine Bing tee | Stuart Weitzman sandals | Gucci bucket bag

You know you really love something when you wear it right away … and then continue to wear it several days in a row! This Anine Bing utility jacket is a new favorite and is definitely going to be a spring staple. Since the flight was short, I wore jeans and sandals, except my feet did get cold, so I won’t repeat that mistake again! Click here to see the IG Reels video I shared.



Travel Essentials

Monos luggage, Beis Weekender bag and Cashmere wrap … all so good!

I was asked many questions about the Beis Weekender bag, so here’s the deal. If you have a wheeled carry-on to hook it onto, it’s perfect! And if you’re going on a road trip for the weekend, it’s perfect. But, if you want to bring it alone through the airport, I think it’s too large and heavy. This was my first trip using the silver Monos luggage, and the best thing was being able to spot it easily in baggage claim!



Fun things we experienced that you might enjoy too!

Holiday House: The Pantry — order the Chilean Sea Bass. Yum!

La Serena Villages: Azucar – amazing beet salad and sweet potato fries – and strong drinks lol

Tac/Quila: Best drinks ever. My grilled avocado salad was amazing, and the Mexican street corn was delicious. All around great food and reasonable prices

Farm: 6 course meal – set price – same owners as Tac/quila

Hiking … everywhere!

Biking through Las Palmas


Thank you for reading! xx

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