19 November 2021

3 Ageless Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe Now

Sweater vest | Button-up Shirt | Denim | Mules | Necklace

3 Ageless Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe Now

This week my mom, our friend Jennifer and I rounded up 3 pieces that works for any age group; cardigans, mules, and denim. Since I was little, I was always snooping through my moms closet finding things to wear. We’re also pretty much the same size so it worked out perfect for me. Whether it was a cute blazer, jewelry or one of her handbags, I have always found fashion inspiration from my mama . All that being said, I really do believe fashion is not mutually exclusive with age, and it’s all about how you style something to make it fit your own aesthetic.


#1 SWEATERS: Topshop Cardigan

Cardigan | Skort | Handbag | Knee High Boots | Necklace | Earrings


I have been loving pastel colors, which makes this cropped cardigan from Topshop perfect for spring! Also this website is having a sale for 25% off everything until the 14th of this month! This cardigan is also sold at Nordstrom here in other colors.

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#2 DENIM: Levi’s Wedgie Fit

Blazer, similar | Denim | Crop Top | Heels, similar | HandbagEarrings | Necklace


Having a great pair of jeans is the key to creating the perfect outfit. These Levi’s Wedgie Fit jeans fit so nicely, they’re the perfect wash (Tango Fray), and hug all the right places.

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#3 MULES: Steve Madden Mule

Sweater vest | Button-up Shirt | Denim | Mules | Necklace | Earrings


I love a good pair of mules… they add an element to an outfit that is chic, professional and stylish. I paired these Steve Madden mules with a simple button up top and a v-neck sweater vest to complete a look that feels like I’m dressing up but also staying casual.

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