24 October 2021

The most stylish finds right now … all under $100!

Sweater | Levi’s | Handbag | Sandals

The most stylish finds right now … all under $100!

Several weeks ago, while visiting my mom back in my charming little hometown, we ended up strolling through …  Walmart! Yep, even my mom wants me to take her shopping 🙂 My dad buys his whole wardrobe there, and my mom LOVES affordable finds. Walmart’s fashion pieces have been really good lately, and I’ve been wearing several on repeat, like this black lace cami, this moto jacket (fingers crossed it will get re-stocked), and these cozy leggings for wfh days. I’ve also heard from many of you that you’ve also been pleased with your purchases from Walmart. I love hearing that, of course 🙂 So, last week, I scoured the website again and today I’m sharing the most stylish finds right now … all under $100!

Every piece shown below is from Walmart Fashion Collections and is under $100. Walmart has a great selection of fall essentials, from jackets and denim to totes, accessories and more. I’ve noticed things fly out the door — not surprising given the very reasonable price point! These items are cost-effective and great quality too. Fashion can be affordable AND stylish, and this is proof! I’ll soon be wearing this sweater dress with boots — it’s so comfy, as is the puff sleeved sweater shown above. I also found some clean white sneakers with a little fur detail that are really cute. I’ve also included a few new style boards showing how to put it all together!

P.S. In case you missed it, this is the post I wrote last month “Every piece in this post is under $75!”


Sneakers and Levi’s


Sneakers | Handbag | Levi’s | Stripe sweater



Style Board inspo

Grey sweater | Denim | Black Coat | White boot | Red bag | Ring | Red lipstick

Lately I’m loving fall handbags! The white one I’m wearing in the opening photo and this new red one are both designer inspired, and the faux leather is super soft. You can’t go wrong with a white bootie, it adds the perfect touch to many outfits. Also love this simple gray sweater and black coat — both so versatile and stylish!



Sweater dress

Dress | OTK boots | Handbag | Faux leather jacket



Style board inspo

Dress | OTK boots | Scarf | Black bag | Perfume | Hoop earrings | Sunglasses

Sweater dresses are super easy to wear, and this one fits perfectly. I love the red-orange color, and it looks great with OTK boots (and booties too). Add a scarf and black coat from the style board above and you’ll have a super easy and comfy outfit! This is one of many stylish finds you can get at Walmart.



Style board inspo

Hoodie | Sweatpants | T-shirt | Sneakers | Baseball cap | Tote bag | Gold hoops

This hoodie and cropped pant are so cozy! Mine needed a little hem, so my son Jake quickly cut them (the hem is unfinished so it was easy). I can’t say enough good things about these sneakers — they’re super comfy too!



Style board inspo

Stripe sweater | Denim | Sunglasses | Sneakers | Handbag | Gold hoops | Necklace

So many stylish finds: look at this puff sleeve striped sweater. It’s perfect for now with faded denim, and it will easily go into early spring!


Thank you to Walmart for collaborating on this post, and thank you for reading! xx

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