7 October 2021

The 6 best style tips for easy, everyday outfits!

AllSaints leather jacket | Vince slipdress | Schutz sandals | Sunglasses

The 6 best style tips for easy, everyday outfits!

Do you ever stand in your closet, look at all your clothes, and think to yourself “I have nothing to wear?” From what I hear, many of us do this from time to time (wink) … including me! So, after decades of helping women in the dressing room and seeing firsthand what works and what doesn’t, I’ve put together the 6 best style tips for easy, everyday outfits. I’m really excited to share these suggestions with you below; hopefully they’ll inspire you to get dressed with ease and confidence. Never again will you feel like you have “nothing to wear!”

Later today, I’ll be speaking at a country club luncheon here in Portland — even though public speaking isn’t my thing (AT ALL)! Though I’m quite nervous, I’m looking forward to sharing these 6 style tips with the audience as well. A huge thank you to Nordstrom who partnered with me to let me bring carefully selected clothes to this event! Read on to see the items I’m bringing with me, and scroll to the very bottom to view what’s on my rolling rack 🙂 And, as always, thank you for following along!

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Easy outfit inspo


Left: Theory “Clairene” jacket | Black turtleneck | Dior slingback | Right: Cream Moto jacket | Black cami | Black faux leather pants | Sandals


Tip 1: start with the right pant

Wrap coat | Stripe turtleneck | Red bag | Leopard sandals | Black pants | Lipstick | Sunglasses

As I always tell my clients and friends: the right bottom is the starting piece of every outfit. If you’ve been in “Room 3” with me, you know that we can’t even get started until we find the best fitting jean, or trouser, or bottom half. Once we do, adding a simple, neutral shoe allows us to proceed with everything else! So, what is the “right” bottom? Something black! I know, it sounds boring, but trust me: this will make ALL your outfits work. Here are the 4 top selling bottoms everyone loves:

Black pants – This Vince slim knit style has been a go-to for a while, and everyone still loves it. But now this one by Frame has appeared, and it’s also really good!

Black jogger – This Vuori Jogger is hands down the best! It makes tons of outfits and can be worn year ’round. If you don’t already own a pair, go ahead and get one — it’s never too late, and you’ll be so happy you did!

Black coated denim – Right now the Frame Le Sylvie Slender is a favorite, and so are these by Good American. Look for a slim, straight leg.

Black denim – Pretty much a staple for everyone’s wardrobe, you’ll love these Levi’s 724. Also these by Mother are top sellers: the “Not Guilty” in black, the Dazzler (a slim, straight leg style that everyone loves), and the Mother Hustler, this season’s updated style to add.

Left to right – Le Sylvie Slender | Vuori Jogger | Frame trouser | Mother Hustler



Tip 2: give your denim an update

Rag & Bone wrap | Denim | Paris tee | Wallet on chain | Boots | Sunglasses | Lipstick | Earrings

Since denim is the backbone of our wardrobes, it’s important to have a well-fitting, current style that hits at the right length. I know, you’re probably wondering “what is the correct length?” Well, with ankle length jeans, my guideline is 3-4″ from the ground. Please note — I’m still testing this out since I’ve only “eyeballed” it in the dressing room and have never measured. It’s a work in progress, so I’ll keep you posted!

Current favorites that work for most everyone: Frame Le Mini boot, Le Sylvie Slender, Mother Runaway, Mother Hustler, AG Prima and Mari and Paige Cindy. All newer, slim straight leg styles. Look for lighter wash denim (as seen all over the streets of NYC), black, gray, and a medium wash like this one.



Tip 3: Invest in quality staples … always

Veronica Beard blazer | Vince slipdress | Booties | Mansur Gavriel bag | Lipstick | Earrings | Gucci cuff

There are some things that are just worth the splurge, like a Veronica Beard blazer. I’m often asked for an affordable version, and I have yet to find it — I’m always looking though! A nice black blouse (my favorite is this Vince style) always works for both day and evening, and same with a black pant (mentioned above). A neutral shoe is a must-have … several pairs gives you more options. Here is a style board for inspo, and my top 8 staples that are worth the investment.




Tip 4: Match your top & jacket

Left: Sweater | Denim | Max Mara Jacket | Scarf | Sunglasses | Lipgloss | Boots | Handbag | Right: Camel wrap coat | Camel sweater | Denim | Vince boots | Bracelet | Gucci bag | Burberry scarf

Matching your tops to your jackets is a trick that works with every kind of jacket. For example, the camel jacket and sweater combo above looks amazing with faded denim, as well as black, écru or gray denim. If you’re dressing up, just use a black pant like this Vince favorite, or this brand new Frame style that’s slimmer fitting (and a little sexy) depending on how it’s styled. Take the same concept and wear a black jacket and black tee with skirts, faded denim … you get the idea!



Tip 5: Match your top & bottom

Left: Silk Blouse | Vince Pant | Theory Clairene Jacket | Mansur Bag | Sandal | Scarf | Bracelet   Right: Turtleneck | Denim | Rag & Bone Coat | Sunglasses | Boots | Earrings | YSL bag | Belt

A silky black blouse is one of my favorite things to wear (like this one). It works beautifully with most any bottom, and if you happen to love black, it’s an easy go-to when you’re getting dressed up! If you pair a matching top and bottom, then many jackets will look good and you’ll have outfits for days. Pairs can be black/black, cream/écru, white/white or gray/gray. Easy, quick and elegant!



Tip 6: match/coordinate your accessories

Left: Cami | Denim | Rag & Bone Blazer | YSL bag | Sandal | Burberry Scarf | Earrings   Right: ATM Tee | Denim | Blazer | Hat | Tote bag | Loeffler Randall Boots | Sunglasses

Neutral accessories are the perfect finishing touch to every outfit. If you can match or coordinate your accessories (by color or pattern), you’ll have dozens of easy outfits at your fingertips! So, try to put together a few sets: a bag/shoe combo, a bag/belt combo, or a scarf/bag/shoe combo, in matching or coordinating colors. I love any accessory in a rich saddle brown, a lighter beige color, or black of course — that goes without saying! If you need any help with this, feel free to DM me 😉


What’s on my rolling rack?

Pieces shown at the luncheon!


Susie’s rolling rack


Nordstrom rolling rack



Thank you for reading xx