5 September 2021

Nordstrom stylists always recommend these 10 things!

Frame blouse | Mother denim | Cinq a Sept blazer | Sandals | Gucci bag

Nordstrom stylists always recommend these 10 things!

A few weeks ago, my Nordstrom6 stylist friends and I had a second reunion in San Diego. It was an incredible week, and I was so inspired after being in the company of five super stylish, curious, loving and downright cool women! We were on the go 24/7 spending almost every minute together, and after brainstorming for a bit we decided to start a Sunday series called “How to style a …”  Last week was the first episode where we styled a denim jacket (check out this Instagram Reels video), and this week it’s “How to style a slipdress!” You can find it all on Reels.

Today’s post is about 10 things we all love: we either own them, want them, or recommend them to everyone we talk to 🙂 After spending hours and hours trend shopping, trying on clothes and scouring online with these lovely ladies, I decided to compile a list of must-haves for you — I hope you like it!

P.S. In case you’re wondering what the “Nordstrom 6” is all about, check out this post. It’s an incredible story about how 6 stylists came together in the early days of the pandemic, and what a blessing these relationships have been for all of us. You can also meet them here: Rose, Sandy, Stacey, Jennifer and Danielle … five amazing and talented women!


#1 Bracelet bundles

Image via Pinterest and Louis Vuitton

We all adore our bracelet bundles, and most of us lovingly wear both the Nordstrom6 beaded one that Rose gave us and the Serbian prayer bracelet Danielle gifted us 🙂 Our wrists are covered in bracelets that we’ve collected one by one, including Dior friendship bracelets, and some by Monica Vinader, Bony Levy, and David Yurman. Below are our absolute favorites!





#2 Shoes we love

 Gucci sandals, here and here

Talk about fun in the shoe department! We all tried on this Jeffrey Campbell and decided it “looked designer.” The Gucci clogs also caught our attention, as did the Burberry pumps — Jennifer actually brought them home with her. These Marc Fishers (mine!) were used for trying on all sorts of outfits, and it’s worth noting Danielle has an extensive collection of Gucci loafers!





#3 Cool Leather jackets

Frame cami | AllSaints leather jacket | Gucci Super Mini

We ALL love our leather jackets, and it’s unanimous that AllSaints is the winner! It’s well priced, versatile and just plain cool. The Dalby is a cleaner style, and the Balfern (above) has a belt — both are top sellers. Go up two sizes since they run small and you want to be able to layer thin sweaters and hoodies inside. For another slightly more relaxed style, look at this one by Madewell. It’s also a best-seller, and it’s often a go-to because it completes many of your outfits!



#4 Pretty Handbags


Images via Pinterest

Handbags are at the TOP of all our lists! Designers we all love include Valentino, Fendi, YSL, Bottega and Gucci. Designer ones I’m currently loving are as follows: Valentino (both the Roman stud and V-Logo), and this one from YSL, and this one from Gucci. I realize not everyone is up for a splurge, so see below for some affordable options.





#5 The best Blazers

Ivory blazer | Prada pumps | Mother denim | Dior bag | Frame cami

Blazers are a total favorite, and they are the perfect “third” piece for every outfit. Veronica Beard is a brand we all love, (carried at Nordstrom here) and of course Balmain is always an inspiration. There are so many this season, including oversized styles like this one and this one; grab a couple because you’ll wear them all the time!

Veronica Beard

Other favorites



#6 Denim favorites


It goes without saying, denim is the starting piece of every outfit! On our San Diego trip, we all agreed the Paige Cindy is a favorite. It fits all sizes and heights, and it’s the perfect higher rise, slim straight jean style. We also love Fidelity Denim and we were SO lucky to have Jason, Fidelity’s Founder and Designer, join us for an entire afternoon! The Cher and Gwen are both styles we love. And, of course, it goes without saying, Mother and Frame are favorites too!


#7 Beautiful Jewelry


Images via Bony Levy 

Besides bracelet bundles which I wrote about above, we’re all about layering necklaces and rings. Bony Levy is a favorite brand, exclusive to Nordstrom, and both Sandy and I wear pieces from the collection all the time. Favorite necklaces include this, this and this, and I just splurged on this ring and this one too. Dana Rebecca is another favorite, and this necklace is a style that’s super easy to layer. Check out a few new cool pieces below!



#8 Silky Slipdresses

Vince slipdress | Loewe bag

We ALL enjoy a good slipdress, and today we happen to be sharing “How to style a slipdress” so be sure and check out my video here! Five out of six of us own the Vince slipdress, and personally I think this is hands down the best one to buy if you’re looking for black or a midnight blue. I also love this green one , and this one by AllSaints, and this one by L’Agence. They’re so versatile, and elegant when worn with a blazer.



#9 Denim jackets

Gucci denim jacket | Gucci sunglasses

We all own and love denim jackets. Last week we did our first “How to style a denim jacket” episode using our favorite Fidelity Denim. Check out this brand new wash — so good for fall! We also LOVE L’Agence and Levi’s.




#10 Baseball hats

Baseball hat | Dress | Clare V. bag | Sandals

While wandering the streets of La Jolla, we stumbled into the Aviator Nation store which was SO cool and completely set up for Instagram photo ops! Danielle, Rose and Sandy all bought baseball hats. You already know how much I love this Yankees hat, but now I have my eye on this green one. The Prada bucket hat is also a favorite, and so is this Burberry style!


My girl gang


Stacey | Danielle | Rose | Jennifer | Sandy | Me



Thank you for reading! xx