6 June 2021

6 stylish staples that belong in your closet!

Veronica Beard blazer | Mother denim, here and here | Balenciaga bag | Sam Edelman sandals | Cami | Gucci sunglasses

6 stylish staples that belong in your closet!

Recently I decided to dress up a little for work. I grabbed my three favorite pieces, looked in the mirror and thought — I love this outfit! I had 15 extra minutes to spare, so I decided to pop into my closet and quickly make an IG Reels video. Then I posted, raced off to work, met my client and that was that. Fast forward to now and it’s over 100K views — which is crazy and NEVER happens!! Why did I get so many views and dms about these three pieces? I realized you want to know more about the 6 stylish staples that belong in your closet!

It’s actually really simple: We ALL want super easy, stylish, versatile pieces that work well together. After editing a friend’s closet earlier in the week and seeing her missing pieces (several are below), I realized I needed to share this with you. So, today’s post is about two simple outfits, i.e. 6 stylish staples that belong in your closet. Keep reading to see what they are … I think you’ll like them!

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Outfit #1 – Blazer, t-shirt and faded denim

See the Reels video here

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Love this new Veronica Beard blazer SO much — it’s a splurge but it’s worth the investment

Mother denim is always a go-to. I wear this one, this one and this one too! All so so good

The ATM t-shirt is a stylist favorite. We all have it, and we wear it all the time under blazers, with sneakers

These Sam Edelman sandals have been so useful this season, plus I appreciate the extra height while still being comfy!

It took a long time to find the perfect link chain (this one!) where the gold wasn’t too yellow and the price was reasonable

This Tom Ford fragrance, Rose Prick, is a new favorite! It’s not too rose heavy and it smells really delicious!



Veronica Beard blazers are amazing, and the hidden zipper detail and all the dickey options are so cool! But I know they aren’t in everyone’s price range, so I found some other options for you below. Find one you love and you’ll wear it all the time, most seasons of the year.

Veronica Beard


Favorite dickey options


Affordable options



Faded denim

It has been my go-to wash for the past year. I love how it looks with black, navy, basically any color. Here are a few others to consider — all best sellers and good for most everyone!









Having a nice white t-shirt that goes under nicer jackets, as well as all of our casual outfits, is a key piece. Keep in mind — I only own two that I wear regularly — this ATM, and this v-neck by Frame. You don’t need a bunch of t-shirts, just a few nice ones you’ll wear all the time!



Outfit #2 – Cardigan, silk cami and slim black pants

See the Reels video here

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Pretty much the best summer-weight cardigan you can buy – and it’s only $69! I wrote about it here

Cami NYC makes some of the best silk camisoles. I also tried this black one by L’Agence and love

One of the best non-jean alternatives around, this Vince pant is SO slimming!

This Givenchy handbag has been a favorite purchase and it elevates every single outfit



Generally speaking, I believe most cardigans can look a little frumpy — that’s why this $69 one is SO good and I devoted an entire post to it here. Recently I told my friend (who called in a panic) to run into Nordstrom and buy it. I specifically said there’s no need to look at anything else. Well, she didn’t listen 😂  but she bought this one instead (it has pockets) and I really like this one too! So, I learned about a new one myself 😉 I also highly recommend this, this or this, all by J.Crew.



Soft Silk camis

Having a silk cami or two (or three) is so helpful when it comes to making outfits! My suggestion is to make sure you have white or ivory, black, and also a fun color or print. I know the bra is an issue, and ideally a strapless is the one to own. A best-seller is this Wacoal Red Carpet — I’ve been wearing it for years. It stays up!! If you don’t want to deal with a bra, either don’t, and just leave your cardigan or jacket on like I did in this video, OR buy this favorite instead that’s only $49!! You’ll thank me later 🙂





Slim black pants

My number #1 favorite slim pant is this Vince cropped black legging. Except it’s not really a legging (!) and literally everyone who tries it on loves it and takes it home. It’s comfortable, takes 10 pounds off and works with heels, sandals, boots and even sneakers. If you want a longer length full leg, check out this Veronica Beard one. It’s also incredibly slimming, and you’ll feel like your legs go on forever!


Thank you for reading! xx