18 November 2020

Affordable cozy basics that are so good

Puffer vest | Pink tee| Hat | Superga sneakers | Leggings



Affordable cozy basics that are so good

This past summer, while visiting my parents in my darling hometown of McMinnville, I found myself … shopping! Hard to believe I know 😉 My mom broke her wrist and needed comfy clothes, and I volunteered to find her some. They shop at Walmart regularly, so I decided to go check it out. You know what? I discovered some cozy basics at crazy good prices — too good for me to pass up, and perfect for the next few months while we hunker down at home. I’m excited to share the best Walmart Fashion pieces with you!

This reminds of me of a time, years ago, when my dad and I ran into one of my friends at a McMinnville coffee shop. Since my dad is proud of his “one and only,” he proceeded to update her on my life in fashion. She immediately asked him “does Susie do all your shopping?” And without missing a beat, he said “no, I get everything at Walmart!” Dad knows what he’s doing  🙂

Every single piece I’m wearing from these Walmart fashion collections is under $50 (with the exception of these Superga sneakers). Everything else is also very affordable but looks like a million bucks!


Style board inspo

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Loving this puffer and black denim — so good!

Since the Beatles remind me of my English parents, I bought this tee 🙂

How cute is this dress?


Champion favorites


Left: Champion sweatshirt | Fleece lined leggings, navy | Champion sweatshirt | Fleece lined leggings, black



I was very excited to see a solid selection of Champion clothing on the Walmart website, and even more pleased when these items arrived on my doorstep. I immediately put on the gray tie-front sweatshirt above, and as soon as Emily saw it she said “I’m stealing that!” These fleece-lined leggings are seriously the coziest pair of pants I’ve ever worn — and this tip came straight from my mom, who couldn’t pass up the $15 price tag (for 2!). After wearing them every night, I can confirm they’re much more comfortable than workout leggings. Trust me on this one: if you’re looking for nice, soft leggings to wear around the house, Walmart Fashion has just the ones for you! A big thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post.

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