11 March 2020

The stylish staples I always recommend

Vince sweater, similar | Vince skirt, similar | Staud bag | Sandals, similar | Michele watch

This citron color is from last spring, but Vince has made the same skirt in new colors, see here!


The stylish staples I always recommend!

Vince is one of those brands I’ve consistently loved for close to a decade, and trust me, that rarely happens! It’s not often that a brand remains a consistent go-to for such a long period of time. Sure, there have been occasions when some items work better than others, but with Vince you’ll always find super cool and stylish pieces you’ll love and wear over and over again. And this year, there are more than ever!

From the pant everyone loves to the sneakers that work with everything to the brand new silk slip dress and matching cami and skirt, these are stylish staples that always work in all our closets. And it doesn’t stop there … so keep reading and see all the staples you should own right now!

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Three basics that appear in every dressing room

These slim fitting pants are SO good! The fit looks great on everyone. They’re so versatile that blazers, blouses, and denim jackets work perfectly with them, along with every style of shoe from a bootie to a sneaker to a sandal. So, if you don’t already own these, I’ll politely suggest adding them to your wardrobes  🙂 The sneakers also get 5 star reviews, and this silk blouse is a great year-round staple!



The slip dress and skirt to own right now

These Vince pieces have an excellent fit, and are extra flattering due to the weightiness of the silk. They have a nice way of not showing every little lump and bump that some of the other lesser expensive pieces often do, simply because the silk is a little thinner. The silk slip dress, cami and skirt come in navy and black, and you really can’t go wrong with either color choice. And, there are many ways to style a slip dress: try a denim jacket and sneakers, or a blazer and strappy sandals. If you need a cardigan, THIS is the one to try!




Favorite shoes

Every one of these would work with your outfits. Notice the cool tortoiseshell heel on both sandals. Choose one (or a couple), and I’m sure you’ll wear it on repeat!




You can put together many outfits with every one of these pieces!

That’s the beauty of Vince. If you invest in stylish staples in classic colors, you’ll wear them often, AND you’ll easily be able to put together many outfits … all year round!




Thank you for reading! xo

Photography: Carrie Minns Photography