15 March 2020

Staying in and finding comfort in simple things

Madewell denim jacket | Vuori joggers | Veja sneakers | J.crew cashmere | Everlane short sleeve version

Dear friends,

It has been a harrowing and unsettling week for many of us, and we’ve all been affected in one way or another. I think we can all agree this is unlike anything we’ve seen in recent memory. My wish is that everyone stay safe and healthy and work together as we push through this difficult time.

I’ve been struggling with what (and whether) to write because I’m worried too, as we all are. It’s hard to hear about friends and co-workers whose lives are already being impacted. However, I realized this today: I need to make a few personal changes, like continuing to exercise, taking breaks from the news, and providing myself with comforting distractions. Maybe this could help you too? And, it occurred to me that this could be one of the last times that my family of 5 will be living together. Perhaps this is a time for all of us to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

So, the plan is to proceed thoughtfully and carefully, hoping this can be a lighthearted distraction for you. For now, I’ll be focusing here on self-care, beauty, cozy things and some ideas for your homes. I’ll also use this time to work on some exciting blog ideas that have been put aside due to that darned speech class I’ve been taking! 🙂 I hope you all take care of yourselves too, and find time to do things that make you feel good.

If you have any thoughts or comments or anything you’d like to share, please please dm, text, call or email – I’ll always respond. Much love and warmest thoughts to all of you.

xoxo Susie


Simple things that bring joy


#1 Be comfy

Over the last couple of days while preparing for our “homestay,” I’ve been in comfy mode. This means Vuori joggers, Uggs and a cozy sweatshirt during the day, and these favorite pjs at night. Tonight, after receiving an email from Anthropologie explaining that they’ll be closing for a couple of weeks in order to take care of their customers and employees (makes me love them even more), I wanted something comforting and found these super cute pjs and a few other things below!


#2 Lift your spirits

I’ve been wanting to try one of these diffusers, and now just might be the perfect time, along with this “Calm” essential oil that gets a 5 star review! And these lavender silk pillows might be just what we all need to relax — plus, they look so luxurious!


#3 Coffee table books are beautiful

I used to have a friend who would always give me beautiful coffee-table book(s ) for special holidays.  I loved them so much and it inspired my love for beautiful books. The Italy book below is dreamy, and if you’ve had to cancel a vacation recently, you might just forget about it when thumbing through the  pages of beautiful photography. Accompany this with a little glass of prosecco and I guarantee you’ll feel better!


Wash your hands!

Since we’re all washing our hands perhaps a little more than usual, maybe there are a few spots in our homes where we can have a nice hand soap. And, I don’t know about you, but several in my family have very dry hands right now, so don’t forget some hand cream!


Bring the outside in

Flowers and greenery make everything a little more beautiful in our homes. Even simple greens in a pretty vase can add a little touch to every room.  If you really want flowers or branches, Terrain is a beautiful website to peruse, with lots of spring flowers and inspiration.


Thank you for reading! xo