23 December 2019

The best part about being a blogger

Susie Wright lace Bardot dress

Lace Bardot dress | Aerin plates | Anthropologie glasses | Peepers glasses

Happy Christmas week everyone! Hope you all are hanging in there 😉

I’ve been talking a lot lately about reaching a couple of milestones, one monetary and one strategic, and wanted to express how thankful I am to all of you who have helped me in this process. These were business goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year, and we all know how GOOD it feels to achieve your goals! If you had something in mind for 2019 and were able to attain it, congratulations! 

With all the events I’ve been attending, I’ve gotten to meet and speak with many of you who either read the blog or see me on Instagram. When one of you comes up to me and tells me you’ve been following along and what you like about it, it’s the BEST feeling ever! That is why I’m doing what I’m doing. Yes the numbers are important, but this is what really fills my heart. So, THANK YOU ALL!

It’s been a busy few weeks around here, so in case you missed something, here are some of our favorites!


Room 3 Report

Room 3 report 

Left photo: Alice & Olivia blouse | YSL bag | Mother denim | Prada shoes | Right Photo: Theory trench | coated denim jean | Vince bootie | YSL bag


Room 3 Report: What are you wearing tonight?

I’ve been doing lots of “blog research” lately and in between helping some of my best clients and friends, doing dressing room try-ons and designing my new #instagram office, I have a lot to share! These outfits below can easily be worn to all your events this month. From luncheons to office gatherings to holiday parties, I’ve got you covered!  Click here to keep reading the latest Room 3 Report.




J.Crew hoodie | J.Crew Christmas tree joggers | UGG slippers



Men, women, babies, girlfriends/boyfriends, kids, dads, moms, grandparents — you get the idea. Even celebrities are wearing them. These fuzzy boots are making a comeback – so don’t wait, now is your time to stock up! Click here to keep reading about the one item that will cover everyone on your list.



What to wear? Try these top sellers

Vuori joggers

Black jacket | sunnies | Cashmere sweater | Joggers | Denim jacketsneakers

What to wear? Try these top sellers

This post is a compilation of photos from recent weeks and some of my everyday outfits.  These items are still in stock, and some items are even on sale! Keep reading these top sellers here.


There’s a reason this why this top always sells out!

Paige blouse

Paige blouse

There’s a reason this top always sells out!

Paige Denim is one of those brands that continually amazes me. Best known for jeans that are flattering on everyone, Paige has evolved into a collection that includes super cool and stylish shoes, dresses and gorgeous, sexy tops. The blouse I’m wearing above was a favorite this past spring and sold out quickly … and now it’s back! Here are some other best-sellers and several great new styles just in time for the holidays.  Keep reading and discover why everyone is loving the new collection by Paige!



Time to stock up on these cozy pieces now!

Cozy pj’s

Emily: Velour robe (runs small) | Topshop satin pj’s | Susie: Happy Hour top (linked here too) |Happy Hour pants (and here)

Time to stock up on these cozy pieces now!

I have a thing for loungewear and pjs (and so do many of my friends and clients), so imagine my delight this time of year when the racks are jam-packed with endless new options!  Since my own collection desperately needed an update, I decided to do some “blog research” (i.e. a Room 3 try on) in order to guide us all in the right direction. Continue reading “stock up on these cozy pieces now.”


Thank you for reading, and happy holidays! xoxo