27 July 2018

Light and Bright

A few years ago, we did what I call a “forced remodel”.  You know, the kind where your child points out a huge bulge in the ceiling full of water, and before you know it, you’re cooking in your laundry room, eating meals upstairs and washing dishes in the utility sink for a few months.  Those who know me know my dismay over a water leak lasted about 5 minutes.  Then I was jumping for joy at the thought of picking new paint colors, faucets and cabinet hardware!

Thanks to my talented friend Heidi Semler, without whom I can’t make a decorating decision, I ended up with an incredibly beautiful, white, very bright kitchen. Some of my favorite things include this amazing light fixture (a splurge!) by Urban Electric; a handy throw-in-the-wash indoor/outdoor rug by Dash and Albert and, of course, plates, plates and more plates because my plate obsession is real….see my Pinterest plate board for inspiration!




Plates, plates and more plates …




kitchen decor


Photo credit: Carrie Minns Photography

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