6 June 2024

3 Color Combos That Make The Coolest Summer Outfits!

Coolest outfits: J.Crew jacket | Wide-leg jeans | Sandals, similar | Red striped tank | Basket bag

3 Color Combos That Make The Coolest Summer Outfits!

On a recent shopping trip to LA while visiting one of my favorite areas (Melrose Place), there were several stores that stood out to me. And, they all had one thing in common: striking color combos that are on-trend and wearable! The Frame store combined faded blues, soft whites and lots of neutrals, which looked great. Similarly, the new J.Crew Summer collection features a similar color palette, but with little pops of red. Trend spotting is one of the reasons I love to travel, and it’s always a thrill (at least it is to me!) to see all the stunning clothes in person.

Today’s post is about all the incredible finds I’ve recently spotted while shopping in-store and online. There are several color combos I think you’ll love, and they make the cutest outfits! In case you’re wondering, they aren’t just black and white 😉 Keep reading for some outfit inspo, as well as the designer bags and shoes (and their affordable cousins) that caught my eye. It’s all so good!

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Susie’s coolest summer outfits


Left: White bomber | Red dress | Sandals | Bag | Middle: Utility shirt | White skirt | Zara bag | Sandals | Right: Frame crop trench | Loewe tank | Black skirt | YSL tote


Color Combo: Faded blue + Soft white + Red

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The latest J.Crew campaign was filmed in St. Tropez, and this dress and striped tank are giving French Girl vibes

These faded Mother jeans are my new favorites, the wash is the shade we’ve all been looking for

Neutral accessories like this sandal and straw bag are so cute, and they complete every summer outfit


Color Combo: Green + White + Pink

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

Check out this new Farm Rio midi dress, it’s the perfect vacation dress, along with this Farm Rio inspired swimsuit

If you’re looking for an affordable basket bag, this one is a great option

Frank & Eileen is an all time favorite, and this button up is a go-to. It also comes in a dress version here


Color Combo: Black + White + Caramel accessories

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I really love this new Rails skirt, and it looks amazing with a simple white tank and these caramel sandals

This season, crochet pieces are everywhere, and look at this new dress — it’s also available in a navy version here

Cotton dresses are another summer basic, and this cute one-shoulder style is a good one. Dress it up or down



Thank you for reading xx