26 November 2022

Trust me: these 10 items never get returned!

These never get returned: Nordstrom $69 sweater | Frame coated denim | Gucci sandals

Trust me: these 10 items never get returned!

The other day, I strolled into Nordstrom and noticed that one area that was crazy busy. Then it dawned on me … this happens every single year. Basically, the men’s department goes nuts! Everyone is searching for the right gifts for their guys, and — well — it’s just tricky. Not sure why they’re so hard to buy for, but trust me — they are. We don’t want the same old standards (socks, anyone?), we want things they’ll be psyched to get. After all, if we’re looking good, so should the men in our lives!

So, today’s post is about gifts that work for every single guy. Trust me … these 10 items never get returned. They’re top sellers, get amazing reviews, and fit well. In other words, they’re ‘safe’ 😂 I did a little “blog research” the other day (it sure helps to have trusted resources in the men’s department who know exactly what I’m looking for), and I’m excited to share my picks with you!


#1 AG Everett — a true bestseller

Hands down, this is the top selling jean/pant in the entire men’s department — and has been for several years. It’s a slim, straight jean, and looks good on most every guy who walks in. The “SUD” fabric is a softly sueded stretch twill, and the classic 5 pocket pant will be appreciated by everyone. Then, of course, there’s all the other denim — see all the washes here. You can never go wrong with giving your guy a new pair of jeans!


Left: Vince jacket | Hoodie | AG Everett jeans | Adidas sneakers | Scarf | Candle | Sunglasses | Right: Vince plaid shirt jacket | Rag & Bone henley | AG Everett jeans | Goodman brand sneakers | Carhartt duffle bag | Stanley mugCarhartt beanie



#2 Gadgets and accessories

Guys love their gadgets, and I found several I’m pretty sure they’ll like. Let’s start with the Theragun, which everyone is still talking about. And, it’s not just for the athlete — anyone will benefit from the muscle relaxation and pain relief. It’s perfect for chilling in front of the TV, or after a hard workout. I bought my husband a Solo Stove this past summer, and just the other day, I saw him playing around with it 🙂 I have another friend whose husband is obsessed with Yeti — anything! Below are a few ideas for you,



#3 Canada Goose puffer — the best out there

Canada Goose puffer coats are the hot item every year, and they sell out quickly. Same with Moncler. Why? Because they’re the best puffers out there! The styles below are top sellers, and they’re also the perfect weight — warm but not too warm. Layer over a cashmere hoodie for extra warmth. For a Moncler option, check this one out or this one — both fully in stock as of now. Your guys deserve these! If you don’t want to splurge, check this one out.


Left: Canada Goose vest | Hoodie | AG Everett jeans | Burberry crossbody | Apple Air Tag | New Balance Sneakers | Burberry Pack Right: Canada Goose puffer | AG Everett jeans | ON sneakers | Scarf | Ugg Beanie



#4 Cologne — so your guy can smell good 😊

Most guys like to smell good, and Creed Aventus is SO sexy and SO good. It’s a top-selling luxury fragrance, and it’s actually unisex, so anyone can wear it. Another popular fragrance for men is YSL Y — also a 5 star choice. And of course, there’s Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio, which is the most popular men’s fragrance and has over a thousand almost 5-star reviews. If your guy hasn’t tried wearing cologne before, now is the time 🙂



#5 Shirt jacket — aka “shacket”

Casual shirt jackets are a real thing for guys too! Simple, stylish and easy to wear, a shirt jacket works for all ages. My husband and sons wear shirt jackets often, and they look really nice when they do. These make perfect gifts because they’re easy, comfy, and look great with jeans.


Left: Plaid Shirt Jacket | Hat | AG Everett Cords | Black Tee | TNF Backpack | New Balance Sneakers Right: Tan Shirt Jacket | AG Everett Jean | Vuori Hoodie | Scarf | Fanny Pack | Sorel Boots | Sunglasses



#6 UGG Slippers — the best

I give my boys an UGG slipper refresh every year. Since you can wear them everywhere (out in the dirt, to the mailbox and even to the grocery store), after a year, they get a little ratty. This is why everyone loves new slippers 🙂 As matter of fact, I finally just purchased these for myself (again). Don’t wait, because all sizes sell out every single year!


#7 The amazing Vuori jogger (you’ll never find a better one)

… basically anything Vuori

Yes, yes I know, I’ve talked about the Vuori jogger nonstop for the last couple of years. It’s my go-to comfy pant, and EVERYONE should own a pair or two — including the men in your lives. Last week, I zoomed into Nordstrom to bring home a few (four, lol) Vuori pieces for Jack to use for this photo. Afterwards, I asked which items he wanted to return and he said none! He loves this zip jacket and wears it all the time. College-aged guys definitely wear joggers — I mean, how can you not love buttery soft pants that are also kinda cool? See this recent post with style boards for both. Take my word for it – you can’t go wrong with anything from this brand!


Left: Northface | Scarf | Sweater | Luggage | Travel kit | ON sneakers | Right: Vuori jacket | Scarf | New Balance sneaker | Hydro flask | Beanie | Sweatshirt


#8 Vince sweaters

Vince sweaters are always a top item, year after year, and this wool/cashmere one is a best seller. The bird’s eye weave is subtle but interesting, and it’s luxurious. The perfect gift, this is an item that doesn’t last long on the shelves, so don’t wait!


#9 Key layering items

The Good Man hoodie is a go-to piece for everyone in the men’s department, as well as these henley shirts from Rag & Bone.They’re a little nicer than plain t-shirts, and both the hoodie and the henley work under most jackets. And here’s a cool guy’s t-shirt that’s super comfy too. He’ll never take it off!


#10 Good Man sneakers

These are the sneakers every guy likes to wear, and they’ll never get returned. They’re clean and classic, which makes them pair nicely with most anything they already have in their closet. They’re just a little more polished, that’s all 🙂


Bonus: Em’s picks for the boys


Left: Shirt Jacket | Hoodie | Jeans | Converse | Belt | Bracelet | Beanie | Right: Robe | Joggers | T-Shirt | Slippers | Blanket

Thank you for reading! xx