23 October 2022

How to build a modern Winter capsule wardrobe

Build a wardrobe: Sandro pleat back trench | 1.State sweater | Frame mini boot, natural | Gucci sandals | Gucci bag | Foundrae necklace

How to build a modern Winter capsule wardrobe

Now is the perfect time to review your essentials and get your closet organized! A solid wardrobe foundation makes getting dressed easy and effortless, and also helps you be prepared for any occasion. There has been a lot of chatter about capsule wardrobes lately, because if it’s not done right, it can come off a little … boring. This is why I’m going to share my recommendations on how to build a modern, Winter capsule wardrobe. This wardrobe should be comprised of sophisticated, elevated, versatile pieces. When these pieces are combined, they make the most stylish outfits ever!

Throughout my career, I’ve probably helped thousands of women in the dressing room. And you know what? One thing happened over and over again: they often found too many things they loved 😉 Thankfully, I’m pretty good at narrowing down choices. I know that selecting the best pieces that will create many, many different outfits. This is why I’m revisiting my take on a “capsule wardrobe.

A while back, I wrote a post called “Are Capsule Wardrobes Even Worth It?” where I explore the concept that capsule wardrobes can be a little ‘unexciting’ unless you add in some fun stuff. But, the starting point is actually the most important one: you have to make sure you have the correct basic pieces! Hopefully this post with help you with that — I want you to have an amazing assortment of stylish pieces that you’ll enjoy wearing this winter.

Today’s post features the modern, Winter capsule wardrobe I’ve created for you. All these items are proven, meaning they’re best-selling, well-fitting and worth every penny. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to message me ❤️


Susie’s Winter capsule wardrobe

Trust me, it was really hard to narrow this down (!!). But, the pieces below are ones I carefully selected for this capsule. You really have to start with the basics in order to create an amazing wardrobe. Without them, it’s really difficult to create good outfits! Once you have that part covered, you can ask: what’s the best way to keep things fresh and updated? Just add new, stylish and maybe even colorful accessories and your outfits will be complete!

Row 1: Theory jacket | Burberry puffer | Carmel wrap coat | Houndstooth blazer | Black jacket | Fur jacket | Faux leather coat

2: Ivory sweater | Camel sweater | Printed blouse | Bright cardigan | Graphic tee | Festive top | Festive blouse

 3: Ecru denim | Blue Denim | Flare denim | Coated denim | Red denim | Slip dress | Party dress

 4: Ivory handbag | Pom hat | Fun necklace | Burberry scarf | Tote | Black belt | Black Scarf | Festive bag

5: Sneaker | Loafer | Carmel boot | Metallic sandal | Black dressy heel | Casual boot | Dressy boot


All important jackets

One of the main items of every great wardrobe

Row 1: Theory jacket | Burberry puffer | Camel coat | Houndstooth blazer | Black jacket | Fur jacket | Faux leather coat

These stylish jackets will get you through most any social situation. For example, a camel coat looks amazing with denim, but it’s also goes well with many dresses. This double-faced wool jacket by Theory is an all-time favorite, and is available in other colors as well. And, I love the black knit blazer by Rag & Bone, and apparently, so do all of you 😉 In fact, it might be my number one blazer pick for this season! For something different, look at this houndstooth blazer that’s only $113 — deal!

Of course, you can never go wrong with faux leather, and this jacket is in my own shopping bag after borrowing my friend Sandy’s last week. And, if you’re looking for the perfect jacket to go over any dress or pretty top, this is the one to choose — love 🤍 Finally, I couldn’t resist this Burberry puffer. I tried it on last summer, and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since! Layer a hoodie under to give it an update.


Essential layering pieces

You only need a few to update your outfits

Row 2: Ivory sweater | Camel sweater | Leopard blouse | Stripe cardigan | Paris tee | Embellished tee | Feather trim shirt

A few good layering pieces, like tees and sweaters, will cover you for almost all occasions. For example, this new Paris graphic tee is perfect for any time of year. Since we’re coming up to the holidays, I included this best-selling feather shirt and this fun striped cardigan. For basics, try this best-selling cashmere sweater by Vince, and this ivory sweater (available in other colors). After all, these are two of the easiest sweaters to layer under coats and jackets.


Well-fitting bottoms

The starting point of every outfit

Row 3: Ivory jeans | Paige Cindy | Flare jeans | Coated denim | Red jeans | Vince slip dress | Sequin dress

Ideally, owning several pairs of jeans will cover you in the wardrobe department and give you some versatility. The Paige Cindy jean goes with anything else you wear, and a black coated jean is the backbone of every winter outfit. By the way, the Vince slip dress has been a personal favorite purchase — and it looks good on everyone! For something fun and well-priced, try this fun sequined dress — available in black as well.


Stylish accessories

The key to completing your outfits

Row 4: YSL bag | Pom pom hat | Necklace | Burberry scarf | Chloe tote | Gucci belt | Scarf | Metallic clutch

Fun, stylish accessories elevate all your outfits. So, I recommend investing in the best bag you can for your winter wardrobe capsule. For example, this Chloe tote has been my favorite purchase of the year, along with this belt that works with everything. And, scarves always add a little texture to your winter outfits … so having a couple you feel really good in works wonders! I love this Burberry plaid one, the colors are so pretty, and of course a solid black is a must-have.


Shoes, shoes, shoes

Not much to say except, who doesn’t love shoes?

Row 5: Sneaker | Gucci loafer | Loeffler Randall boot | Gold sandal | Gucci sandal | Rover boot | Stuart Weitzman boot

What is my recommendation for most of your outfits? Neutral shoes! For example, caramel loafers or boots are ideal with denim or black, and you’ll wear them all the time. A great sandal, like this gold one or the splurge Gucci one, goes with many winter outfits, from dresses to denim. Finally, black boots are the must-haves for winter, and this everyday one from Rag & Bone is super comfortable. Believe it or not, so is this dressier Stuart Weitzman one!


Theory Clairene jacket


Theory jacket:  Graphic tee | Coated denim | Gucci bag | Gucci Sandal | Earrings | Stripe sweater | Hat | Tote | Boot | Jeans


Anine Bing Dylan coat


Anine Bing coat: Ivory sweater | Denim | Scarf | Gucci bag | Loafer | Leopard blouse | Coated denim | Boot | Clutch | Necklace


BlankNYC Houndstooth Blazer

Houndstooth Blazer: Ivory sweater | Denim | Hat | Tote | Sneaker | Black top | Coated denim | Silver bag | Boot | Earrings


Rag & Bone Slade Blazer


Rag & Bone Slade Blazer: Cardigan | Denim | Black scarf | YSL bag | Boot |Ecru Denim | Cami | Gold bag | Bracelet | Sandal


Lamarque Faux Fur Jacket


Faux Fur Jacket: Paris tee | Denim | YSL bag | Boot | Earrings | Gold dress | Necklace | Black bag | Perfume | Gold Sandal


Faux leather trench


Leather trench (faux):  Lace blouse | Red denim | Gold bag | Sandal | Earrings | Feather top | Gold bag | Denim | White boot


Burberry puffer


Burberry puffer: Sweater | Hat | Tote | Boot | Tee | Jogger pant | Sneaker | Gucci bag


Thank you for reading! xo