11 August 2022

Fall 2022 update: what’s the secret to buying jeans?

Read on for the secret: Veronica Beard blazer | White ATM tee | Frame flare denim | L’Agence sandal Necklaces: Diamond layer | Poppy Finch | Herringbone chain| Loeffler Randall bag

Fall 2022 update: what’s the secret to buying jeans?

What’s the secret to buying jeans? Everyone wants to know 😉 Well, for starters, every great outfit begins with a great pair of jeans. This is why it’s SO important to make sure you have several really well-fitting, current styles. I realize buying jeans can be tricky, and even more so online. It’s actually the number one topic I’m asked about here on So Susie! Questions range from “I can’t find a pair I like” to “I can’t wear high-waisted jeans” to “what’s the correct length?” … and so on. My Nordstrom co-workers and I used to joke that it was as bad as trying on swimsuits!! Yes, it can definitely be challenging.

But here’s the truth: it really isn’t THAT hard. I heard these same questions as a Nordstrom stylist, and secretly I’d think … you just need to come in a room with me, and I’ll find you a pair. And I always did! Not one time ever, in 15 years, did someone leave without a pair of jeans. (It helped that, on day one, I started in the denim department!) Back in the dressing room, when I was helping someone that was challenging to fit, we didn’t need to try on dozens and dozens of jeans. In fact, there were usually less than 10 pairs to try before landing on several that worked.

So … what’s the secret? Here it is: stick to the top sellers! If you stick to the top sellers, then you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a pair. Why? Because the top sellers fit most everyone well, they’re on trend, and they get great reviews. And, denim brands do a lot of research, and design their jeans accordingly.

Today’s post is all about denim and which styles to own for Fall 2022. Of course, I don’t know everything — when it comes to length, for example, it’s difficult to put in writing exactly what the right length should be. Most of the time, I just “eyeball” it! But today, I’ll share some secrets about denim, as well as tips I’ve learned after 25+ years of helping women buy jeans. I’ll also show you all the stylish choices to consider for Fall 2022. I hope you enjoy this post, and remember you can reach out with questions — I’m always happy to help!


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#1 Faded and slightly distressed denim


Left: Vince top | Mother denim | Sandals | Pink bag | Poppy Finch necklace | Right: Trench | AGOLDE Riley | Gucci sandals | Dior bag

This is the most important wash to wear all year long: a faded, lighter blue denim works perfectly all year round. My favorite fit that looks good on everyone is a slim straight leg. If you don’t like rips, it’s ok to skip them, and for those of us who do — go for it!

Best selling fits: Mother Dazzler, Hustler, Insider, Paige Cindy, Frame Le High, AG Mari, AGOLDE Riley

Under $100 options: Madewell The Perfect Vintage JeanLevi’s Wedgie Icon in Tango Light wash, and the Whetherly brand.

Current length for straight leg styles: For crop styles, there should be an inch or two gap when wearing a sneaker. It should hit right around or slightly above your ankle.

Hemming tip: Sharp scissors, and watch this video

Rise info: The Mother Hustlers are the highest rise I own, but here’s a secret: sometimes they accentuate your tummy so be careful how you style them! The Frame Le High and Frame Mini Boot feel almost a touch too low for me, but I still wear them and many people love both fits. The Dazzlers 10 1/2″ rise feel perfect to me (washes: Not Guilty, White and Cream Puff).


#2 Black denim: Can’t live without it


Left: Citizen top | Frame mini boot | Paige sandal | Chloe tote | Right: Top, similar | Levi’s 724

Black jeans are a go-to staple all year round. Yes, even in the summer I love them with a pretty black summery top — I just wore mine yesterday! So, in my book, you can’t have too many pairs.

My favorites I own: Levi’s 724, Mother Hustler, Frame mini boot and Mother Dazzler. All are absolute go-to’s!

Best selling jean for under 5’4″: Levi’s 724 with distressing. The crop version is too short for anyone taller, but now there is a longer inseam version that’s perfect.

Washing secret: Try to not wash denim very often, and definitely turn it inside out and hang to dry

Coated denim: A luxe alternative is black coated denim — it often looks like leather, and the contrast of the finish adds a little extra to your outfits. This 7 For All Mankind is a personal favorite. So is this Paige style and this one too.



#3 Denim trend secret: wide-leg jeans are gonna be even bigger this fall

Left: J.Crew sweater | Paige Annessa | Middle: Rebecca Taylor blouse | Paige Genevieve | Right: Fidelity Malibu white jeans

Wide-leg jeans will be everywhere this fall: The other day, I walked into my local Nordstrom, and I couldn’t believe how many wide leg jeans I saw! They can be tricky, which is why I stick to the bestsellers when ordering online 🙂 Just today, I picked up this ankle length pair, and last week I scored a Paige style that comes in petite sizing!

Wide-leg jean best sellers: Paige Leenah, Paige Annessa, Paige Genevieve, AG Alexxis, Fidelity Malibu and Mother Tomcat roller

New trend — long length inseams: This might be my favorite trend because I find this style to be leg lengthening and modern. The style is a mini-boot long inseam. I was gifted this pair by Fidelity and love them, and these by Frame are also amazing. Both of mine needed hemming!



#4 Ecrú denim – a not-so-secret alternative to white


Left: Frame blouse | Frame mini boot and here | Chloe tote | Right: Camel cardigan | Mother Dazzler | Anine Bing tee | YSL puffer bag | Scarf, similar

Do you need both white jeans and ecrú? If you wear jeans all the time, then I say yes, and if you’re trying to stick to a budget, then I say no! Adding a slightly off-white pair of jeans to your denim collection gives you other outfit options, and there is something a little softer about the look. I love it with black, and I also think they work better than white as we head into fall. I know, people say you can wear white all year round, but the truth is I don’t. There is no reason to wear white in the winter when you can grab your favorite black or darker wash jeans!

Best options currently: You’ll love the Mother Dazzlers — I couldn’t resist. The Frame Le Crop Mini Boot I’m wearing above is a slightly lower rise, even though they’re described as a high rise. The Paige Cindy in ecrú has just been re-stocked and I have those too! I have lots and lots of denim 😊

Styling ideas: I think a simple combo of black, caramel and soft white is so chic. The caramel accents take a black and white combo to a whole new level.



#5 Long flared denim … stylish and current


Left: J.Crew Trench | Frame flare jeans | Right: Michael Stars tank | Mother Weekender flare jeans (older wash) | Similar canvas bag

Talk about leg lengthening, a little bit sexy and super stylish this fall … flare jeans are it! They are slightly different than the wide-leg styles because they’re slimmer down to the knee. These newer ones by Frame are slimming, and I feel a little extra when wearing them 😉 The Mother Weekenders I’m wearing on the right are an older wash — I’ve had them for several years, but I used the photo so you can see how they fit.

Hemming tip: They can be a touch shorter than how we hemmed them the last time they were in style. In other words, instead of skimming the ground, have them show a little more of your shoe.

Best sellers: Mother Weekender, Veronica Beard Beverly, and Frame Le High

Shoe options: I love a pointy toe shoe or boots. You can’t go wrong with heeled sandals, and finally, if you’re tall, try a sneaker!



#6 Gray wash denim: a well-kept secret


J.Crew sweater | Fidelity denim | L’Agence sandals | Balenciaga Bistro tote

Since many of us own loads of blue denim (likely too many pairs), then sometimes it’s good to switch things up! Just the other day, I spotted this pair by Paige and I’m in love. While gray isn’t a make or break for your wardrobe, the wash is cool and mixes things up a bit. So, I decided to include a few I love, and you might as well!

Best options currently: Love this one by Paige and this one by Fidelity.

Styling ideas: Anything camel or soft white, black of course and a bright pretty color


Thank you for reading! xx

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