7 August 2022

Your outfits will not work without these 5 items

5 items: Striped tank | Jeans | Sandals | Straw bag | Green sweatshirt | Celine sunglasses | Necklaces: beaded, pavé & Foundrae

Your outfits will not work without these 5 items

I know, I know, that sounds a little dramatic 😂 But, it’s still kind of true! Stylish accessories are the key items that take your outfits to the next level. And here’s the deal: you don’t need a ton of different items. Less is more, and having the key pieces is what counts … trust me. After being in the dressing room for many years, I’ve learned which ones make a real difference!

Today’s post is about the 5 items you absolutely must have for your outfits to work. These are the basic accessories you need to build a beautiful wardrobe that will serve your purposes every single day. They don’t need to be expensive, and remember you can always make substitutions for the designer pieces I often show. I will share how to wear these 5 items and why they’re important, and for each category I’ll offer you ideas for the next level in case you want to splurge a bit. I hope you like the post! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to message me. Cheers!

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Stylish Handbags

Susie’s outfit: Rails shirt | Silver cuff | Style board: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

You all know how I love a good handbag, and I believe they have the ability to completely transform any outfit! We carry them everyday, so make it count. Totes are really practical, and even though I don’t go to an office, I often use one while running errands. Most of the time, my crossbody bag is tucked inside! Start with the basics and then add others you absolutely love!

The basics


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Pretty Scarves

Susie’s outfit: J.Crew cardigan | Allsaints scarf, similar | Coated denim | Balenciaga wallet on chain

Style board: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

A solid black scarf is an item I used to have in every single dressing room — and if I was still there, I would continue to offer this one piece. There is only ONE black scarf I recommend, and it’s this one. Trust me when I recommend it, because it’s a good one! It’s a silk/cashmere blend, and it’s thin yet warm. Perfect in winter with a wool coat, I take mine on every single trip, no matter what time of year! Two other scarves in this category include this Gucci one (love) and this cashmere wrap, also great for the airplane. I’ve tested all these scarves, and these are truly are the best.

Silk scarves have been making their way back in style in recent seasons. This past spring, I purchased this Burberry scarf, and an AllSaints scarf similar to this one. It adds the perfect amount of pattern to every outfit. This year, I have my eye on this Toteme and this Gucci.

The basics

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Special Jewelry

Tips on layering


Left: Vince dress | Vince sandals | Fendi crossbodyNecklaces: beaded Gigi Clozeau, Gorjana pavé & Foundrae protection

Right: Athleta dress | Veja sneakers | Necklaces: beaded Gigi Clozeau, Gorjana pavé & Poppy Finch pearl choker

Adding special jewelry to your collection is a small joy in life, and it’s one of the most important of the 5 items. Necklace stacks are very popular right now, and I rarely take mine off. When they get a bit tangled, it’s a pretty easy fix. I think a cool statement cuff and/or ring go a long way, so check out J.Crew for some great finds!

Dome rings are also cool looking, and I own these in both silver and gold. They look nice stacked together, or layered with dantier rings. For layering ideas, I love either a diamond layer like this, or a pearl or chain necklace mixed in with a longer and shorter pendant necklace. These are pieces that stay in style for years to come, so try and choose wisely!

My necklace & ring collection — collected over years thanks to Nordstrom Notes 😉

Not pictured: Foundrae, Bony Levy pear pendant, Bony Levy chain


Affordable options — I’ve tested all these items



Hats & Sunglasses

Who can live without a hat and sunnies?


Left: Anine Bing tee | Mother Dazzler jeans | YSL bag | Clogs | Right: J.Crew coverup | Straw hat | Sunglasses | YSL sandal

I can’t!! If your hair ever gets out of control (OOC 😂) like mine does, then you likely know the importance of a good hat. In the summer, I switch between this straw hat and this baseball hat. I love the Rag & Bone ones — I have 3 🙂 Bucket hats are also cute, and this one and this one are on my radar. For something a little dressier once the weather changes, Rag & Bone makes the best — and this style is the one everyone is wearing! As for sunnies, not much to say here except having a great pair of sunglasses that you feel really good in is absolute magic. They hide tired eyes, look so chic and prevent sun damage on your eyes. My personal favorites I wear all the time are this and this.

My sunglasses collection

Hat options



Don’t forget belts!

You only need a few

Belts are another category that has the ability to switch up any outfit. This season, chain belts are everywhere and they look incredible with denim or over a dress. For something a little more practical, this Gucci belt with tonal hardware has been amazing. And, so has this Valentino reversible one … and this Madewell one. Two brands I love for affordable belts include B-low the Belt and Rag & Bone — check them out!

The basics

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Thank you for reading xx