2 May 2022

Look instantly chic with this one accessory!

Rails dress | Paris tote | Gucci sandals | Maui Jim sunglasses

Look instantly chic with this one accessory! 🕶

You can look instantly chic with this one accessory … can you guess what it is? Sunglasses, of course! Wearing glamorous sunglasses works wonders, no matter which outfit you’re wearing or what you’re doing. And, you can skip makeup all day and still look and feel really good 😎 From Jackie Onassis to Princess Diana to Anna Wintour, stylish women know sunglasses up the cool factor of whatever they’re wearing — and that they’ll always look sophisticated and mysterious.

I had been excited to try Maui Jim sunnies, and I must say, adding stylish, polarized sunglasses to my collection was long overdue! For starters, they’re recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for eye protection, so they’re legit. And, everything you see looks brighter and more colorful because of the polarized lenses. They really do not disappoint!!

Click here to see a recent IG Reels video where I asked everyone to vote on their favorite pair. Once the results are in, I’ll post them on my IG stories.

The best accessory of all: cute sunnies!

Swimsuit | Hat | Heart bracelet | Maui Jim sunglasses

With so many great options to choose from, Maui Jim makes it easy to love every pair. Not only do I feel confident in my new sunglasses, but my eyes are happy too! Every pair of Maui Jims has patented polarized lens technology which eliminates glare, blocks harmful UV rays, enhances colors, and protects from scratches. This is the best accessory you can own since it completes every single daytime outfit you’ll ever wear!


Maui Jim favorites — I tried them all!

Baby Beach | Waterfront | Violet Lake | Two Steps | Lotus | Kini Kini

My dear friend (who is super picky about everything) was telling me Maui Jims were the first “real” sunglasses she ever owned, and she still loves them. She swears they’re the best driving sunglasses on the market because they’re “crisp and glare free.” Personally, I care more about how they look (hah!), and will be wearing all six favorites above — depending on my outfit, of course!

Anthropologie dress | Rails ecru denim jacket | Loewe tote | YSL sandals | Sunglasses | Hoop earrings | Poppy Finch necklace


Thank you for reading, and thank you to Maui Jim for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own! xx