8 March 2022

It’s official: These were the hottest items this month!

L’Agence blazer | Gold sandals, similar | Frame trousers | Handbag | White tank

It’s official: These were the hottest items this month!

When I first started this blog a couple of years ago, the initial plan was simply to share street style inspo. I NEVER intended to be pictured in every post! Well, fast forward to now, and it feels like I’m doing my dream job every day 🙂 Turns out my buying skills have actually come in handy; I love scouring the internet and curating what I think are some of the best items you will love. It’s reminiscent of my old Nordstrom buying days, when we would eagerly wait for the numbers, just to see what sold — and we did this every single day. It’s one of the thrills of being a buyer: when you pick right, it feels really good!

So … when I started analyzing what you all loved this month, I decided it was worth sharing. It’s official: these were the hottest pieces this month! The best part? Many of these items are still available, and some are even on sale. My suggestion is that if any of them catch your eye, grab them now. If you wait too long, the best ones will be gone!

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Favorite items under $100

Lately I’ve been posting some exclusive content on LTK, so I thought I’d also share it with you here. One of the regular series on my LTK is “favorites under $100.” I always try to keep an eye on good items, like New Balance sneakers, this tote, this best-selling dress, and more. Check it all out here!


Left board – details here | Right board – details here



#1 Anine Bing

Utility jacket | AGOLDE tank | White denim | Sandals | Balenciaga tote

Anine Bing has been a favorite for several years, and until recently, I had only tried the graphic tees, like this eagle one, this Paris one and this one. So I finally decided to order the utility jacket … I don’t know why I waited so long! I think I wore it three days in a row the first week it came 😂 (For reference, I’m wearing an XS — and I also wear an XS in the t-shirts.) You can find a good selection here and here.



#2 Nadri tennis necklace

Cinq á Sept blazer | ATM tee | Levi’s 724 jeans | YSL sandal | Nadri necklace | Balenciaga tote | Gold herringbone necklace

I think the Nadri tennis necklace is one of the best necklaces I’ve ever seen. It’s a little tricky for me to get it on straight, but when I do, it’s perfect. You can adjust the length, the diamond size is right, and I just love it layered with gold necklaces (even though I don’t usually mix metals). A diamond layer is the trendy piece to own, so do check it out. I also decided to try the tennis bracket, mixed in with this link bracelet.



#3 Gucci everything

Bags: Bucket bag | Camera bag | Jackie shoulder bag

Shoes: Baby Horsebit sandal | Loafer | Blue sandal | Rubber sandals

Accessories: Sunglasses | Card case | Belt

Lately everything Gucci has been flying out the door! I know, it sounds crazy, but when I visited our local Gucci boutique I saw a line waiting to get in. I realize this isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok. But for those of you who do love special items every now and then, I thought I’d share some favorites. I was over the belt with the gold GG’s, so when this tonal one rolled in, I knew it would be a good one. The bags above are perfect everyday styles, and they hold more than you would think. I love this loafer — it’s so so soft, and a shoe you will likely wear every day. The black sandal above is very comfy, and I love the heel shape – so cool. This blue one stopped my in my tracks a few weeks ago – love love!



#4 Alexander McQueen sneakers

Cinq á Sept blazer | Tank | YSL tote | Alexander McQueen sneakers | Mother Hustler jeans

I’ve been looking for new sneakers for quite some time, and since I wear them ALL the time, I figured it was ok to splurge. After all, I’ve worn the Golden Goose for several years — non-stop! These wedge, cool-girl sneakers have been a hot seller, and they kind of update all our casual outfits. If you want an affordable option, look here!



#5 Beis Weekender bag

Cashmere wrap | ATM tee | Crepe pant | Monos luggage | Beis Weekender bag | YSL sandal | Watch | Gucci bucket bag

I ordered this weekender bag a few months ago, and it has now been on several trips already. I am amazed at how much it holds, which can actually make it a little heavy unless you have a wheeled carryon to attach it to — then it’s perfect. It’s ideal for a car trip. The lower part, which is a hard case, unzips and you can use it for shoes or cosmetics and a hair dryer. If you prefer a version that is a little smaller, look at this one. The price is SO reasonable on both!



#6 Oversized shirts

Frank & Eileen “Joedy” shirt | Tank | Mother Dazzler | Sandals | Loewe tote

For the past few years, I’ve been wearing this one white shirt non-stop. It has been a go-to all year round. During the summer I’ve tied it over a slipdress, and in the winter I wear a sweater over it for extra warmth. I’ve been asked for other options, and didn’t have any … until a few weeks ago when the Citizen “Kayla” shirt arrived. I knew it would be one of the top selling items, but until I tried it first hand, I had no idea how good it was. And now, I highly recommend it as well! Oversized poplin shirts are a fashion girl favorite right now, and they’re also comfortable and easy to wear. Pretty much perfect!



#7 Frame flared denim

Veronica Beard blazer – new season one here | Cami | Frame denim | Veronica Beard sandals

Flared denim is the jean to buy this year. Flares are everywhere, and talk about leg-lengthening — if you need it that is! One difference I’ve noticed since the last time we wore them is that the proper length is where you can see a little more of the shoe. The last time around, we had them hemmed to skim the ground. For other flared jean options, I like the Mother Weekender (here and here) and this one by Paige.



#8 J.Crew swim staples

J.Crew coverup | Navy blue swimsuit | Loewe tote | YSL sandals

I think some of the best swimwear items come from J.Crew. I love this one-shoulder suit with a tie (so pretty), this new square neck style (super stylish) and this one shoulder bandeau (so flattering). Of course, if you want something more unique, I’d look at something like this — but for good, solid, reasonably priced basics, J.Crew is the place. This shirt coverup has also been a favorite, I’ve had mine for several years. Go seamlessly from poolside to happy hour — after all, it’s vacation!



#9 Cardigans

Juliette cardigan | Tank | Mother Dazzler | YSL sandals | Loewe tote

There are two hot cardigans right now that everyone is loving! The first is this one above — the Juliette cardigan. It runs roomy so size down at least one size (I’m wearing an XXS). The other cardigan that’s perfect for spring and summer is this linen blend one from Nordstrom. And, it’s $69 — such a great price!



#10 Tank tops

Cinq á Sept blazer | Tank | Balenciaga crossbody | Celine sunglasses | Mother Hustler jeans | Gucci sandals

Tanks seem to be the hot layering piece this year, but finding a slim yet forgiving style can be tricky. This AGOLDE I’m wearing above is a bit challenging to wear in terms of a bra, but I love the color. It might be better for someone with a smaller bra size 😉 This basic white one from Banana Republic has been a favorite, and so has this Good American bodysuit. Find one you love — you’ll wear it all the time.


Thank you for reading! xx